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  1. As the snowflakes fall and the sky disappear, so does my hope of your return... -Lucina Stragose Download Demo V1.2 Click here to download the demo(Does not require RTP).The demo is more of an introduction/premise to the game then a big gameplay demo.It's not that long either.I hope you enjoy it ;w;(My first release of any playable thing... "gulp") Demo Changelog ____________________________________________ •Five playable characters, each having their own unique skill sets and magical spells. •The Familiar system, in which you learn skills for your familiar and summon them in combat to use these abilities. (For those who don't know, a familiar is a pet for wizards and magicians.) •The Cute DS Resource style. •Different Endings to add more replayability to the game •TP will be replaced with RP(or rift points) which will be used to cast Rift Flashes •Rift Flashes, ultimate skills like Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy capable of one-shotting enemies into submission, usable when RP is at the needed amount to use the skill but the more you use the skill the more dangerous enemies will become and this will also effect your ending, be it good or bad, it's up to you •A Unique elemental system that will greatly effect battles: •A humorous story (I don't think my humor is that good though ;w;). If you want to support my game please add this support bar to your signature I would really appreciate it :3 [url=http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/14993-a-girl-and-her-familiarintroductory-demo-release-v12//][img=http://i.imgur.com/RDn36N8.png][/url] Topic Update Log ---------------- *Note: If you are expecting a cute, funny little game, you are surely mistaken. The game does have the look of a cute game and is surely funny game at times but it will have a dark tone to it as it deals with inner conflict within characters and how they deal with it and interact with each other. The sickness mentioned in the synopsis will come into contact with the characters, how it will, I can't say but you'll just have to wait and see!
  2. I want more good TRPGs =/

  3. Derp, I live in South Africa and I'm one of the last people to know about Nelson Mandela's passing. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

  4. Poshul ith badath

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    2. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

      Choco-Elliot Wyvern


      How did you know what I wath thinking?


      Yeth! Rathly ith nith!

    3. Cecillia


      Let me be sir Glenn!

    4. Patrick


      I once watched the LP from lucahjin, and it was hilarious when she read that line out. :D

  5. Vivi will always be one of my favorite characters :3

  6. Gonna be away for a week or two, going for an eye operation tomorrow ;.;

  7. Anyone have any MMORPG recommendations?

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      WOW, not even once

    3. AJNR


      GW is better. It's a one time purchase and is PvP orientated, so if you like that stuff, that's the way to go. WoW looks like crap nowadays, you might as well join a Private Server.

    4. Tigerbite


      Maplestory! hehehehahahha. GW2 is fun IF you have friends to play with.

  8. Persona 5 and a Persona game for 3ds <3

  9. Am I the only one who liked FFT's Spell chants/incantations?

    1. Gump
    2. magic2345


      by that do you mean the systems, or the graphics? or what


      Whichever it is I loved it

  10. The Bravely Default demo is fun :P

  11. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

    DeviantART? :3

    Mine :3 http://choco-elliotwyvern.deviantart.com/ I think I'm already watching you Vivi-Chuu XDD
  12. I'm probably the only person who's half way through SnK now XD

    1. Cadh20000
    2. Cecillia


      Shingeki no Kyoujin

    3. Cecillia


      No worries, my sister is on Episode 7 still xD

  13. Internet broke again, no wi-fi for me anymore :( Just slower internet...

  14. I hate procrastination so much ; _ ;

    1. seriouscat


      Awwww, sometimes it's good to relax though hehe! :)

    2. Artemis_Dreamer


      I know that feel. That's why I'm on here, not adding an event-based relationship system to my game

  15. Gonna attempt my most ambitious piece of art yet... is it normal that I'm a bit nervous XD

  16. Loving Pokemon X/Y's roller skates lol :P

    1. Tigerbite


      I like spinning in circles :D

    2. regendo


      They're so great, it's almost unreal. I only use the bike when going through tall grass, because then I'd loose the skates' speed boost.

  17. Just got Pokemon Y today and I've already got my first ever pokerus pokemon o.O

  18. Pokemon X or Y?

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    2. Rizrazzle


      Well, I won't be joining you anymore for a while. But I previously always drew my conclusions from the completed list of catchability differences. ( Like Weedle vs. Caterpie xD )Yveltal is really 'cool'. But I like the grace of Xerneas.

    3. ShinGamix
    4. Darkanine
  19. It takes so long to find a battle on Pokemon Online -.-

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    2. kayden997


      Arg, I never played it... I don't know what it is about


    3. Darkanine


      Don't see you,just challenge me [bB]Darkster.

    4. Darkanine


      GG,Yanmega is like a little tank that can take anything <3 xD.

  20. To the Moon really is an amazing game

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    2. kayden997


      Let's do it! Deathspark.... Open the kick starter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Deathspark


      =D If we have the cash

    4. kayden997


      Darn it, that's where we get it. All we need is a convincing trailer and maybe an interview to tell about our plans... Also copyright... And actors... Welp, this is more than I thought.

  21. Why does Pokemon X/Y look so good ;w;

    1. Overtime


      At least they made Mewthree and Mewfour (Sort of) real o.o

    2. Rizrazzle


      For the first time ever I thought it didn't. ):

  22. So happy to hear Bravely Default is coming 6 Dec! Been anticipating it for a very long while :D

  23. Monster Hunter is taking over my life ;-;

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    2. Stryke


      Heck,I'm still playing MHP3rd on the psp...

    3. Cecillia


      The one on the psp had no lock on and it was hard haha.

    4. Ritsukou


      i love i psp one much more challenging ^^_.

  24. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

    Forests and World map

    So today I worked on forests XD Won't be that big of an entry, just want to post some forest screens and the world map so everyone can get an idea of the game's location and where it is. Okay here are the images First the world map: And just to get an idea of my progress, here's the world map again but the circled areas are done I still have a lot of work to do ;_; And finally here are the forest maps. I know that I clutter my forests a lot, but there is always a path that the player can take so there's no real reason not to make it cluttered as it's not a small little forest, it's a dense forest that is over a pretty large area. ( I took the images in event mode so you can have a better idea of the forest) (^^Optional boss) I hope I reach my deadline XDD Oh and if anyone is interested in beta testing the game, please let me know I don't think it will be that long, maybe an hour or so, two hours at the most ( I doubt it XD)
  25. Choco-Elliot Wyvern

    Screenshot Critique Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!

    @Cait Haha true lol And your new map looks a lot better! Did you parallax it or make it in the editor? Some new maps from me again lol, a world map and some forests
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