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  1. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Two new songs: Tien (From scratch) Pepper Shaker (From loops)
  2. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    New looping song: Down the Well
  3. This thread is making my mouth water. I use Mixcraft, too.
  4. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Another simple track made from scratch: WarpLeechGo
  5. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    A new work for you: Spacechip-Dropship
  6. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Another for the boat: Rebuild Wow, these lose a lot of oompf without the right headphones. Except for BlingKong. I made that one without headphones and its better without them....
  7. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Sweet! Thanks!
  8. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Second Releases are here: BlingKong Sidestrolling I need to try my hand more at making custom samples, but here's more I've built from existing ones. I hope you like 'em.
  9. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Thank you! I really your appreciate feedback. That's funny you specifically like Encroachment, it was the one I was worried about most. xD
  10. Turos

    Turos' Musicstuffs

    Here are some tracks for anyone to use if they so desire. Feel free to add to commercial or non-commercial projects, but I require credits in the project and would like a heads up if they actually are ever used in a commercial project. Made entirely from scratch: Living Small Encroachment WarpLeechGo Down the Well Tien Made from pre-made samples: New Town Thoughtfare BlingKong Sidestrolling Rebuild Spacechip-Dropship Pepper Shaker Thanks in advance for any feedback if you have it! Hopefully, I'll be getting a lot better at this stuff soon.
  11. Turos

    Music Showcase

    That piano bit is really cool. The gain on the strings for the first song pop out loudly at a couple spots, pulling away from the overall excellent sound, in my opinion, but I don't have much place to judge as your work is way better than the stuff I make!
  12. Turos

    music academy Music Software Tools

    I use Mixcraft 6. http://www.acoustica.com/ At $74.95, it's not a bad deal for Windows users, and it includes over 6,000 royalty-free samples and a bunch of virtual instruments to make your own.
  13. Turos

    Remove Actor(1)in the battle

    This script is awesome, but how would someone change it to so that the first actor is still visible outside of battles? I guess I could make an event that always flips a switch to reinstate the actor, but could be messy. EDIT: Dang, even that didn't work.
  14. Turos

    Music Loops & BGM Collection - Free Commercial Use

    Top-notch material! Thank you for sharing! Where's your donation button?!? xD
  15. Turos

    Music by Geluf

    I love it! Dark Forest is my favorite so far, Geluf. Keep up the awesome work! please! xD