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  1. Nate The Great

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    Wow. Completely brilliant! One of the most stunning releases to date. My hat is off to you sir... and I will be testing this ...(eventually) as a temporary battle system for a large scale "war" ... very exciting. Keep up the great work!
  2. Hahah! Okay! That's funny stuff. Back when I was in high-school I programmed a custom version of Sim Pimp for the Ti-83.... it was for the shock value I was a hero in math class for a while...heh. Well, I now know... if I want to use this script... no porno rpg haha
  3. Nate The Great

    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Robert: This was explained in previous posts, but I will attempt to help you out quickly... Conditional Branch: GameTime::hour? < 21 and GameTime::hour? > 7 Transfer Player Else (Nothing) End Linally: I'm using Moghunter's animated title and the blurb removed the clock on startup. Is the Madoka version very different from MOG's animated title?
  4. Very original idea estriole! Not certain if I'll be able to squeeze it in my game or not... but nonetheless very impressive. You mention "the one project with pornography." Lol. Someone is making a porn RPG?? Hahaha
  5. Nate The Great

    Crystal Engine - Licence Board

    I am very excited about this. Will be testing out shortly.
  6. Nate The Great

    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Perfect! I had just switched to using an opening story that you read and ran into the same problem! Thanks for the fix!
  7. Nate The Great

    Visual Novel Choices

    Indeed this is a must have. Bunni nailed it with the emotional response system. I love it!
  8. Nate The Great

    Dashing Afterimage

    I am using Victor's Battle Engine... along with his map battle system. Don't feel pressured to make a compatiblitiy script! It would be an awesome feature, but it is a wonderful script as it is
  9. Nate The Great

    XS - Teleport

    Amazing niclas! I haven't even gotten to the time travel part of my game. But now I know how I'm doing it! Simply amazing!
  10. Nate The Great

    Dashing Afterimage

    That was what I figured. Once those features you listed are added... I believe this will work beautifully in my project. Thank you again for your contribution. Hopefully one day you can make it work with battle systems... as that would be one hell of a cool effect during limit breaker attacks!
  11. Nate The Great

    XS - Message System

    Well thank you Cris. Without that bug report I wouldn't have seen this script. Beautiful work niclas!
  12. Nate The Great

    Dashing Afterimage

    A beautiful idea. I do agree with Hyde and tsukihimi... those additional features would make this accessible to more users. Will this effect work when moving in battle? For example: using victors side view battle. When actors attack and run over to hit an enemy... will this effect trigger? Or does it only work on maps? Might be a very cool battle effect when used with certain skills.
  13. Nate The Great

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Hehe no problem! After a bit of tinkering with scripts...you'll catch these little things. Have fun!
  14. Nate The Great

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Download the demo. You need to copy over the files from the demo to your project along with the script. The lantern light effect is not built in to rpgmaker. Naturally you want to copy to graphics/lights folder and all its contents.
  15. Nate The Great

    Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    Haha. Nice idea... I like that. Probably a pretty big add on considering the GUI required