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    @shin - calm the f**** down​ as Touch said, he has his blog and if any one, who is any one knows how to use google im sure he wont be hard to find, as he pops up on the first two search results.
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    WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?!!!!!!! /crys into pillow
  3. Boy Kissing Love Afair

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    Greetings, Earthlings!

    I love Emily Autumn - welcome
  5. I don't know of there is need to do gold or stats. Is every one else wanting that?
  6. I've seen in other scripts and was told by other scriptors I don't have to do that oO
  7. Script is updated to version 1.1 Feature request has been met. If you have any questions please ask. you have any more feature requests please be detailed in your response.
  8. deeply. what I am saying is that if you need 50xp to advance to level 2. and your current xp is 0 and you call, through an event: change entire party level: 1 thus meaning your current xp is now 50, your next level is what ever it is you need to get level 3 and your level is 2 everything is normal. HOWEVER if you change the level + 1 in that method I showed to +2 thus now meaning you need 162 xp and you call that method to change the level of every one in the the party to 2, you do not gain a level.
  9. I will get to work on this right away. Your code my be implemented as is (with credits) after changes and tests. I have a few other ideas. if any one else has any other features please request.
  10. I see some people are having some issues: Game_Enemy from my understanding is for one enemy. so my stat changer changes the stats of that enemy not of that troop. Could you clarify this? I might be able to incorporate it. if you guys have any other features you would like to see incorporated please list them in detail.
  11. this has been bothering me. I like to experiment with scripts and what have you how ever this method is odd: def next_level_exp exp_for_level(@level + 1) end iets assume you need 50xp for the next level, if I change that +1 to a +2 you now need:162xp. how ever if i triger an event which increases the level by 1 then my current xp is 50 and my next is 162-50 = 112. so my question is: (note: you never gain your level) If I am to change this value in some script some where what else must I change to make sure that if I use an event to auto increae the characters level by 1 or x that they not only increase properly but that the xp is repersented properly as well?
  12. ill do it asap and post the results Feature request fulfilled see OP. if you any questions please post. if you have any feature requests please post. if you have any script suggestions please pm me.
  13. If you want I can make it open and close with a switch. But it always stays on the map.