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  1. Did you mean in skill damage formula? If so, then you can check it like this: a.weapons[0].wtype_id #Get weapon 1 type ID a.armors[1].atype_id #Get body armor type ID
  2. You can't access window_message directly from script call. Instead, change it through $game_message. class Game_Message attr_accessor :line_height end class Window_Message < Window_Base def line_height $game_message.line_height ? $game_message.line_height : 24 end end The script call would be: $game_message.line_height = value I didn't test this though
  3. Changin DM3 interface again XD

    1. Wren




      Cool stuff there!

    2. DrDhoom
    3. Removed-


      Impressive :D

  4. What is the full error? Especially the error class.
  5. Can you show me the window class? If you inheritance it from Window_Base, it doesn't have refresh method.
  6. Dungeon Match 3 new look, what did you guys think? http://prntscr.com/6xlpp8 (note: battler sprite just a placeholder)

    1. TBWCS


      It looks awesome. I would love to try it for a mini game or even a full game once it is complete. Or is this something exclusive for your project?

    2. DrDhoom


      It is a full game, kinda like Puzzle RPG. I'm afraid I won't release the source to public :P

      Anyway, you can see it in action here

    3. TBWCS


      Nice. Might as well make something similar as this. Although my idea is Tetris and RPG combined. kinda like one line scored one attack. Nice concept btw.

  7. My project progress, still looks terrible lol

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. richter_h
    3. DrDhoom


      @knight: You notice it eh? XD

      @rich: The fps is terrible, 40 fps max. But it might be just my PC that is too old. ._.

    4. richter_h


      Yet it's playable. As long as it's above 30, it's still playable.

      A reminiscence of older games whose FPSes are limited to 30 due to some reasons.

  8. Considering to make a reqruitment for my Dungeon Match 3 game. Hmm...

    1. Necromedes


      And just what exactly is this Dungeon Match 3?


    2. DrDhoom


      Check it out on my youtube channel, it's an old prototype though.



    3. DrDhoom
  9. DrDhoom

    Regional Spells

    Thanks. if you have any question, don't hestitate to ask
  10. DrDhoom

    Close to Desktop on Command

    Did you mean just exit the game without popup error? If so, change your main with this rgss_main do begin SceneManager.run rescue exit end end
  11. DrDhoom

    An unexpected SyntaxError

    undefined method for nil class ? If so then $game_player isn't defined yet. Where did you put that script? In script editor or in event script call?
  12. DrDhoom

    Khas Awesome Lights Issue

    put a wait before the transfer player, make it the same as the surface duration
  13. DrDhoom

    Khas Awesome Lights Issue

    SS of your events please? I'll try to recreate it
  14. DrDhoom

    Khas Awesome Lights Issue

    Make sure the fade is set to none in transfer player
  15. DrDhoom

    Khas Awesome Lights Issue

    Well, It's okay What do you mean? There's no flash when I tested it, your script call settings maybe?
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