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  1. Belzark

    What are you working on?

    Puzzles and end game content are always a huge extra to a game. If you include enough well-implemented puzzles I'm sure your gameplay will be a lot less basic. I'm working on a new project at the moment, in which I decided to draw everything by hand (except for animations I guess, I have close to none experience with those...). I have been drawing like crazy for the last few weeks, and I've finished the first town, characters and enemies now. My story is a little bit basic (evil man takes over and the party must stop him yadayada) but I hope original level designs, puzzles, flexibility in character development and the fact that everything fits together art wise will still make the game enjoyable.
  2. Hey guys, I've been troubled by this a while now, and I've had enough of it. I feel like some cutscenes feel a little monotone and boring when the same music plays all the time. However, I have a hard time in fixing this. The change seems unnatural, or out of place. How do you change music in / between cutscenes? Do you fade out the old music and fade the new music in during a black screen? Do you directly fade out the old music and fade in the new track while the scene is playing or do you keep a brief moment of silence in between? Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions, I hope this will help me make better games!
  3. Belzark

    RPG Questionnaire

    Thank you both for replying! And good idea to make the questions bold / italic, it's easier to read that way.
  4. Belzark

    RPG Questionnaire

    I'll post an example. Personal Questions How old are you? 17 years old. What is your gender? Male SInce when do you play videogames? As long as I can remember. How much time do you play games on average every week? I play videogames around 15-20 hours a week. What genres do you mostly play? RPG's, platformers, RTS, TCG's. Please name some of your favourite games. Pokémon, FF, MMBN, Golden Sun, LoL, Hearthstone, MTG, Dragon Quest. RPG's What is the most important thing in an RPG for you? (Art, Storyline, Originality, etc.) I love good graphics. That doesn't mean HD however. Games such as Pokémon Fire Red and MMBN have beautiful graphics as well in my opinion. Do you like Side Quests, and if so, do you like games as TES5: Skyrim where most of the available quests are Side Quests? Yes, I love to complete Side Quests and obtain bonus content by doing so. Do you prefer Real Time Battle or Turn-Based? Turn-Based. Do you prefer Tilesets or hand-drawn scenery? (Pokémon games and Final Fantasy VII for example) Depends on the art style of the game. Whichever fits most I guess. Do you like a large (optional) lore or don't you really care? (You read every book in Skyrim and talk to every NPC or just rush through the game) I love large lore, but I don't read every book in Skyrim. It's just too time consuming for me. I prefer completing Side Quests to learn new lore. World Building Do you prefer a "unique" universe over a more simple one? (Zendikar from MTG, Spira from FF X, etc. are more unique worlds due to the strange creatures living there and weird geological locations. A world like Golden Sun's where you can battle normal bears and spiders are somewhat more simple.) Unique worlds. Do you like original, made-up languages or do they just confuse you? I like them, but they have to be consistent and well thought out. Do you like it when a game has multiple different endings or is one solid ending good enough? One ending is enough for me.
  5. Belzark

    RPG Questionnaire

    Hey guys, A friend of mine wants to start working full-time on a game soon. He already has some ideas, and is currently working on the plot and a storyboard. However, he realized he knows what he wants in the game, but he doesn't know what others want in the game. So he asked me, a student in Analysis and Development, if I could help him discover what people exactly want in their games. Because of this, I created the questionnaire you can find below and ask of you to fill it in. That way you'll help my friend a lot, and since the results are public you may even discover some things yourself. You don't have to fill in a question if it either does not apply to you or if you do not feel comfortable answering it. Questionnaire: Thank you so much for answering, this information is really useful and will help him create something amazing.
  6. I'm glad to hear that! I hope they'll prove useful in your game. So, how are the battlers I requested coming? I have finished Water, Fire and Wind as I showed you, however I still don't have anything for Earth. Tried it trice so far, but it just didn't look natural or fitting. When it's finished I'll let you know, but I don't expect that to be in the near future. Sorry.
  7. I'm glad to hear that! I hope they'll prove useful in your game.
  8. Editted Characters to make them a little more original and (hopefully) a little bit more likeable.
  9. Looks awesome! I can't download the demo atm but I'm gonna try it when I'm home. I've got one tip however; you posted a screenshot of a forest, but it looked kinda unnatural. Maybe by adding a few open spots it will look more foresty.
  10. Converge Converge (not the definitive title) is an RPG about multiple worlds getting connected with each other, and the chaos this brings. It is not mainly focussed on the main story (although plots will be twisted), but more on the lore behind everything and the great worlds you can explore. Genre Converge will be a medieval fantasy RPG (wow!) with 6 different themed worlds. Apart from the main story, you can do a lot of backtracking and exploring. There are 6 party members, each with 3 classes. This allows the player to have 729 different party combinations to choose from. There will also be an alchemy system (see screenshots) and a blacksmithing system. Progression Currently the story is completely finished (all of it has been written, but is still subject to change). I still need some graphics but I can and probably will make those myself (mostly facesets so characters don't get too repetative). I've got some animations, some skills, most of the non key items and a few legendary artifacts (special equipment). I still do need to set stats however. When those are balanced out, I will put a demo up. Story You play as Gale, a young boy training to be a smith. Your small village, Arrandar, has everything it needs. Water, food, ore from the mines, it's all there. You spend your time crafting equipment, hanging around with your friends and wondering if there is anything besides your little village. One day, when asked to get some ores from the mines, you and friends return to a devastated town. No life was spared, no building left standing. The demons who did it slowly walk towards you. There's no escape, besides the mines... You and your party flees from the horde of beasts into the dark shafts, although you already know there are no hiding places in the mines. Or are there? You suddenly discover a small crack in the wall and driving by panic you squeeze your bodies through it. At the other side stands a small sanctum, a strange circle in the middle. Is it safe to enter? You must choose between a mysterious portal and a horde of savage devils. Easy choice, isn't it? You and your friends step onto the circle, and get warped to the Great Sanctum, a special place connecting the worlds. Still afraid the demons might catch up, you and your friends run into one of the portals, and end up in a strange world. Without parents, without money, without hope. But with a burning desire to unravel what caused the demons to attack your world. And that desire is more than enough for you to keep going. Characters Gale A young smith with the mastery over Fire and Earth. He likes to laugh, but is serious most of the time. He has the blessing Raguul, God of the Forge and can choose between the Forgemaster (Fire), Paladin (Holy) and Barbarian (Earth) classes. Fights with Hammers and Broadswords. Estria The daughter of a writer, she reads a lot. Her mother died when she was young and she finds solace in practicing the same art as her mother; the mastery of the arcane. She has the blessing of Osnan, God of Storms and can choose between the Battle Mage (Physical and Magical damage), Aeromancer (Thunder/Wind) and Aquamancer (Water/Ice) classes. Fights with chakrams or a wand. Zaera Quick and agile, Zaera is always the first one in line. He is small in posture, but large in words. He has the blessing of Dongar, God of Balance and can choose between the Tactician (Debuff & Status Ailments), Assassin (Dark) and Specialist (Weapons) classes. Fights with a dagger or knife. Ystar Smart and powerful, he mostly keeps his thoughts to himself. He has a secret desire for immense power, but isn't sure which God he should ask for help. He has the blessing of Chenros, God of Panic and can choose between the Death Knight (Dark), Templar (Holy) and Guardian (Tank) classes. Fights with a longsword or shield. Anya A somewhat strange girl from Anghor. One moment she's extremely happy, the next she's as depressed as someone can get. She has the blessing of Escar, God of Life and can choose between the Shaman (Heal & buff), Earthcaller (Earth & Plant) and Beast (Immense damage and tank, but unable to cast Spells or equip non-accessory items) classes. Fights with beads or charms. Ghaan A joyous hunter from Anghor. He loves nature and tracking into the forests, but he hates to be alone. As a result, he often comforts himself with different animals nearby. He has the blessing of Hainda, God of Nature, and can choose between the Sniper (damage overload), Ranger (Damage, Buffs and Plant) and Beastmaster (Various Elemental attacks) classes. Fights with a bow or crossbow. The first mentioned Class can equip the first mentioned weapon, the second mentioned class can equip both types, and the third mentioned can equip the last mentioned weapon. Classes aren't sealed (you will probably be able to collect 7-8 Devotion Points in the game. Each point unlocks a skill in one of the three Skill trees. Completing one grants buffs to stats (2 stats will get a 10% boost) and may lock equipment. You can repick once per character, per save file. Credits Credits so far: Enterbrain: Engine, art Belzark: Story, some of the art, the game itself SpiritofLight: Leaf1, Vines2 Screenshots Classes Characters Alchemy Map of the first town Features Alchemy system - Ingredients refresh after a certain time. Experiments may fail and succesful ones are saved for quick future use. Smithing system - Find designs, ores and other useful tools to craft powerful weapons using ore, monster loot and more! Lot of backtracking - The game will be harder based on how much you backtracked. Aditional areas will be revealed when you complete certain events on other worlds. Do you want to finish the game in a few hours? No problem. You want to get to the maximum level, collect all loot, craft everything and complete every side quest? The boss just got a lot more HP and powerful new attacks. Good luck. Tons of classes - As mentioned before, over 700 party combinations. That's a lot. Custom made resources - A lot self made / editted resources. Flexible class system - Like two classes? You can obtain 5 skillpoints while playing the storyline, and another 3 when exploring a little. For each skillpoint you will have to fight bosses with various strength. Each class has 5 unlockable skills, but you're not bound in any way. Feel free to get the first 4 skills of the Forgemaster, 2 skills of the Paladin and 2 of the Barbarian.
  11. I make my own enemies out of parts of other enemies. I just take some flames from a fire spirit, put them around the blade of a soldier and boom- fire soldier. You can try it yourself with programs such as GIMP; free, easy and excellent for pixelated stuff like battlers and sprites. If you mean drawing your own battlers, I would suggest buying a drawing tablet or scanner.
  12. Mmm... Not sure how or if I can make that work, but I'll try to make them for you. You can expect them this week. Great! This is what I got for the water spirit. Might edit her a little in the future. As dor the other 3, I don't know if I will be able to edit them. Earth and fire look directly into the camera, and wind has a lot of details, which can make her look unnatural when editted. I'll keep you updated with the process. I can wait. And the water spirit looks cool. Fire spirit. I had to make the head myself since there were none from VX Ace that fit. I'm glad you like water ^^
  13. Mmm... Not sure how or if I can make that work, but I'll try to make them for you. You can expect them this week. Great! This is what I got for the water spirit. Might edit her a little in the future. As for the other 3, I don't know if I will be able to edit them. Earth and fire look directly into the camera, and wind has a lot of details, which can make her look unnatural when editted. I'll keep you updated with the process.
  14. Mmm... Not sure how or if I can make that work, but I'll try to make them for you. You can expect them this week.
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