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  1. LBQ

    Shop Upgrade

    VERY COOL!!!!!! Always love your scripts!
  2. LBQ

    XS - Journal

    Really Really ... Really cool Never seen such quest system. I really love the way you display the rewards!
  3. Two questions EDIT: Three now The first one is about a command window. I created a subclass of window_command and I call it in a scene. I then set handlers to the window. The choices are all enable. My question is: How do I disable the choice during the scene? The next question. I can use the method in Game Battler Base to add params to an actor. But this only includes the basic params such as atk, def and so on. And the thing, xparam, such as hit rate, critical rate and so on, I cannot find a method to change it. My question is: How can I get the xparams and increase them? by attributing accessor ? Maybe this is a stupid question. Edit: are all the instance variables in game_ actors wrote into save file in default? If not, how can i edit the script in order to save it?
  4. LBQ

    XS - History Book

    Maybe I will just use it as a simple book system. Thanks!
  5. LBQ

    VTS-Nova Battle Display

    I love that your big changes. Though, Yanfly's article once said that it will be easier for the player to look when it is organized horizontally instead of vertically. Anyway, looks cool. But it looks strange in the last screenshot. There seems to be too much space above "Eric". Ps: it looks strange when you put the enemies the way they were in the default system. Maybe you should change a little bit in the screenshots. Anyway, this is not the problem.
  6. @eshra. Thank you for the first question. But maybe I didn't explain the second question well. What I meant is when you set the move routes in the left side of the event page. (not the event command page). Something like random move or follow. (what is it called in English ?..........) When you execute the things you set in the event command page, it will automatically stop executing what you set for the move routs which is located in the left of the event command page and the right to the charset. I use the move route as a special page of events which runs parallel to the event commands. Therefore, it cannot easily be replaced by using "move route" event command. (always hard to explain what I want to say ) Here is an example for what I am saying: An event was designed to move randomly and when the event was executed, the event stopped move randomly. What I want is to let it keep what it is doing, keep moving randomly. Then I realized there should be a place in the scripts which must includes a script that disables the move routes which is set between the charset and the event command page when the event is executed. So what I want to do is to find the method of event moving and find the place which checks whether to move or not and then edit it so that it could be controlled by a switch.
  7. Here are 2 questions: the first one is quite simple. How can I get the event id when using the scripts within an event? (hard to describe ) the second one is a harder question: I noticed that when you execute an event. It will automatically stop the move routes you set. Is there a way to disable this function by a switch?
  8. Very cool. Discovering skills will be much better than just learn skills by level up.
  9. So would it be hard to translate something like English to Japanese?
  10. ã‚ã‚ŠãŒã¨ã€‚(thank you) I was looking for the vxa version for a long time.
  11. LBQ

    Script: Equip Upgrade

    Author: wyongcan Terms of use: did not mentioned (Here is the difference!) according to the basic terms of use on 66rpg, you can: Use it in any project and do credit the author Reproduce it after you mentioned the author and 66rpg. Features: Upgrade your equipment Have a small random equip system Link: http://bbs.66rpg.com/thread-220914-1-1.html
  12. Welcome to my blog! First, I'd like to introduce myself. I am Chinese so I am here to introduce some Chinese rm culture and scripts. Then, I would like to talk about where my scripts come from. It all came from 66rpg. Here is a link: http://bbs.66rpg.com In 66rpg, it is very different from here. You can see it yourself if you want to.
  13. LBQ


    Looking for this since last year! Although I have already created one by events, I decide to use yours!
  14. The reason I said the skills vision problem is because that in XAS, the 8-dir skills (such as all direction fireballs), can be automatically set to a direction of 45°. When I see the video, what I saw was The fireball did not change the direction to 45° but the normal way of VXA diagonal movement ( maybe I did not explain well). It looks strange that way and I do not think there is a way to make it move like what XAS's way of displaying a all direction skill. You can also do some improvement how the damage displays (people like eye candies!). If you can add a effect that you can destroy everything, that would be great! Anyway, like how you set states and the way of buffs and finally, I can create some party battles!
  15. I love this! The only question I want to ask is that is there any way to improve the skills? (I think the skills are not good as XAS, especially in vision) Glad that you made a useful boomerang because in XAS, boomerang is useless...