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  1. Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢]

    Hello community!

    Welcome to the forum, mate. May you find many friends and great RPGs.
  2. Info: Just a dev blog for my upcoming title, The Alchemist's Brother. In this blog I'll post what I'm doing/have done in the project and what will be coming up next. What I've been doing: Been messing around with the Tankentai SBS, trying to get it working properly with my Kaduki battlers. Seeing as how it's all in Japanese, it's kinda annoying. Working on the Alchemy system. You get to level up your alchemy and the higher the level, the better the craft. What I plan on doing: I plan on completing the Alchemy system today, if possible. Then I plan on moving back to working on the Tankentai scripts. ---------------------------------- Edit: Parallaxing is such a bitch. :/ I just spent about 1.5 hours making just the ceiling/wall for one room. I know I can do it faster once I get better, but man!
  3. Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢]

    Guess what, another new person!

    Welcome to the forums, mate. From what I see, people here are friendly and will help you if you do the same. Enjoy your time here.
  4. Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢]

    Event Position: Fine Tuning

    This should hopefully do the trick for what I'm working on. It's a great script nonetheless and I laughed at a few of those screens. Nice work mate. Edit: I was right. It does the trick quite nicely. I really only needed the @shakechar but I'm sure that hue, mirror and rotation will come in handy as well!
  5. Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢]

    Bassfire: EDM Producer/Game Creator

    Hey guys, what's up? I'm Bassfire. Or, Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢] as I'm known in the ElectronicElements room on Plug.dj (http://www.plug.dj/electronic-elementz-1/) I'm a huge fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and video games. I've decided I want to learn to produce EDM (Drumstep, DnB) and I'm learning that right now. I've been a huge fan of gaming since I was 4 years old. I've gotten a fairly nice idea for a game and I'm gonna bring it to life with RMVX Ace and the help of resources. Be sure to check out my soundcloud (bassfireofficial) for when I post tracks, as well as my resource topic when I create one. I hope to become a part of the RMVX Ace community and I hope to be as helpful as possible here. Thanks for reading. - Bá´€ssÒ“ire [â—£ â—¢]