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  1. I guess to set up Kaduki battlers would be to first put " <battler name: KadukiName> " into your character's notebox in the Database (change KadukiName to the name of the image the battler uses as his kaduki sprite in battle). Afterwards, go into the Animated Battlers script and go to Line 369 and edit one of the lines in such a way: After that, your battler should be a kaduki inside battle. The script already has default Kaduki poses built in, so you won't have to set up those; just custom actions. Now this is a big guess, because I haven't worked with Kaduki characters at all. I'm just going by what seems to make sense. And by the way, Sprite characters are the RTP(1 frame) and Holders sprites; Charsets are character graphics; and Kaduki battlers are the Kaduki battlers. So you'd have to set the Mode and Action appropriately.
  2. Ashern

    CSCA Achievements

    Yep. I have a bronze, silver, and gold trophy icon, and I just wanted to be able to categorize the achievements based on the type of trophy it is. But since as it currently stands, I could only choose one icon xD.
  3. Ashern

    CSCA Achievements

    I don't know if you missed my request, or not but, but since you seem to be back posting, could you have a look at this casper?
  4. I'm not able to assist with the Kaduki sprites xD. I've never used them, and barely heard of their function. From what I can tell, their entire battle sprite is made up of a (left)-facing graphic, with different hand gestures and what not to make the animation of them in battle a little bit more in-depth than normal charsets...I don't know how to set it up though.
  5. Could you post the section of the code? Since lines can't be distinguished because they get pushed down depending on how many custom settings you've added to the script. For instance, my Line 4291 is: character_exist?(name) ? name : @battler_name So I can't tell where exactly your problem is. I have Animated battlers + Victor's Damage Popup but I haven't had any errors. But just looking at your error message, it would seem to indicate that you added a / (slash) somewhere that it shouldn't be; and that the script is trying to read a / while the script doesn't support any /'s in that particular section. I'm no scripter and I don't know error messages like that, but it's just what I gathered from looking at the "undefined method '/' for nil:NilClass"
  6. Lol ah ok. Well you're welcome. I figured that was a nick name, I was just calling him that by example ;D.
  7. I'm trying to figure out exactly what you're asking, hmm... When the snake dies, do you want it to fall vertically through the ground, fall to the side and disappear, or fall to the side and not disappear? (EDIT) Ohh, I read it a few more times thoroughly; you want the enemy to just die while it's standing still? You don't want it to fall any direction, just die and disappear while standing up? I'm trying to figure out exactly what you're asking, hmm... When the snake dies, do you want it to fall vertically through the ground, fall to the side and disappear, or fall to the side and not disappear? (EDIT) Ohh, I read it a few more times thoroughly; you want the enemy to just die while it's standing still? You don't want it to fall any direction, just die and disappear while standing up? (EDIT once again) Alright, I think I know your problem. I believe if the enemy is tagged as a Sprite, it will automatically die normally. Your issue must be with the battler settings... Open up the Animated Battle script, and go to line 313: I'm not sure if you have all of this configured or not, but it's the default settings for battlers with no specific settings. I have my enemies and actors both set to Charset, so I don't really need to specify settings for them. The default settings that I made are enough. However, if you're using charset actors and sprite enemies, you need to go down to line 360. This section is where you setup specific settings for specific battlers. Now, since Mr Snake is a sprite, and I'm assuming, your other default battlers are charsets, you need to create a new entry in these settings for Mr Snake. I already added the settings under Sample 3. MrSnake is the name of the image used for the battler (not the name of the battler in the database, but the image used). Frames and Rows need to be set to 1, because the RTP sprites only have 1 frame and row. After that, change :mode to :mode :sprite, and then change :action to :action :sprite. Since I already set it up, all you need to do is copy that MrSnake entry over to your project; but I could recommend typing it up yourself by editing one of the entries already there. That way you can learn, and it's really not that hard. After that, the sprite should die correctly. It wouldn't let me use the full editor for some reason, so I couldn't change a few things I would have otherwise.
  8. Ashern

    Auto Removal

    This is very, very odd. First off, I'll say -- I tried the demo, and it worked in there. I copied God Mode and the state to my project, used it, and the effect was removed right after the action. I also made a new project and copied the new script (the one in the demo was different from the first script I put in) and made a buff, and it was removed as expected. Now...with the one skill I'm trying to have this removal apply to, it doesn't work. I copied the skill from my project to a new project, and it didn't remove. So, your script works just fine -- it's something with my one skill...I'll try deleting it and remaking it, maybe that'll work. But regardless, thanks for the script -- it does work . (EDIT Alright, I deleted my original skill and state, and then just remade it. For some reason, it now works. I have literally no idea what the problem was, or how it could be glitched in such a way...
  9. Ashern

    Auto Removal

    Well I have the database editor's removal timing set to None, I tried it with Turn/Action as well, but the note tags still didn't affect it. I also tried it in a new project, with it being the only script, and it behaved the same way...hmm Does it work with you? Maybe I could try to copy your set up and see if it's just something I'm doing wrong.
  10. Ashern

    Auto Removal

    I'm still having trouble understanding how I'm supposed to set it up . See, let me post a picture of how my state looks right now: Those <element strengthen> tags are part of the element increase script I'm using. If you could look over that scene and tell me what settings I'd need to change in order to get it working properly... As you must already know, I'm trying to get it to end right after the actor uses a skill. Should I turn the Auto-Removal Timing to Action and set it to 1 ~ 1? Because I tried that and it ended up removing the state before the damage effect was applied, like normally.
  11. Ashern

    Auto Removal

    Well I put the <remove_type: 3> <remove_time: 1 1> (I also tried <remove_time: 1~1>) tags in the state's note box, and it still didn't affect the state. Let me see if I got this correct: I use a skill that applies to state to the caster, and then have it so that the next skill I use will remove the state. So I would put the tags into the same state, right?
  12. Ashern

    Auto Removal

    I appreciate this greatly! Thanks for taking the time to do this (for me and whoever else that needs it xD). Hmm, the states aren't being removed. If I have it right, am I supposed to put <remove_type: 3> into my state's note box if I want it to end directly after the next skill*? If so, it's not changing the state. It stays applied. Should I change the auto-removal timing in the database to turn/action end or something?
  13. (I think) I figured out how to make them attack properly: you have to create a separate skill for enemies. As in, make a skill called Spear Attack, change it's animation to that of a spear, and set it's attack formula to that of a normal attack (e.g. a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) or whatever you want it's formula to be. Then, in the spear's note box settings, add <action pose: spear>. After that, just put Spear Attack into your enemy's actions instead of Attack. To make it easier, just copy 'Attack' skill and edit it accordingly if you want.
  14. Maybe I just need to make my maps bigger. After looking over my maps, I notice I don't make *big* makes, I make a lot of small maps that make up the whole area. That's probably why it just feels like I'm walking too fast. I'll have to start making them bigger...
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