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  1. regendo

    GameOver with choices

    That does sound weird but I think I know the culprit. I'll get back in touch with you when I've worked on this.
  2. So somehow my A-Team Season 2 disc has a whole episode of Knight Rider on it.

  3. regendo

    GameOver with choices

    You can mark a battle as "can be lost" when you create it. That way, losing the battle will return you to the normal map where the battle started (and then you can do some eventing stuff that advances your plot). If this "can_lose" flag is set, my script shouldn't do anything. Edit: You can set this flag in the "Battle Processing" dialogue. I only found a spanish screenshot of this on google but it's the check at the bottom that translates to "continue if the group loses".
  4. It's 6AM but screw that, Legend of Korra is ending.

    1. Knighterius


      It'll never beat The Legend of Aang.

    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      Your bed is crying.

  5. Woo, new avatar image. Pun intended.

    1. Libra724


      Good one, lol!

  6. This day is a rollercoaster. Next Guild Wars 2 story patch not out until Nov 4th? That sucks. But wait a minute. Final season of Korra starting on Oct 4th? Holy kitten this is the best news of the month so far!

    1. regendo


      * October 3rd for Korra, not 4th.

  7. So crunchyroll is removing a bunch of series because their licenses are expiring. Thanks for the really early warning, I've always wanted to watch 80 episodes of different stuff in 3.5 days...

  8. regendo

    Fifth Edition toolbox (work in progress)

    Sorry for the late reply, getting my internet access back took a while. These will be additional scripts added in the Materials section, just like any other script. They will overwrite or add to a lot of the default stuff but I won't replace the default scripts. Once a significant amount is complete, I will upload a demo that contains a working set of the scripts. As for the database, I currently do not intend to modify it in any way and have not read up on how to do so either. Instead, I am going to link stats like Dexterity to the database through notetags. I have not yet decided if I'm going to write my own notetag script eventually; for the time being I'll depend on Mephistox's reader as I have before.
  9. You're right. I haven't used ruby in a while and tried to do it from memory, I should have looked it up on google in the first place. I'll edit the post above.
  10. It should be the same concept. In the method that would equip an item, do something like the following pseudocode: if ( (actor == that actor you want to restrict) && (item == that item you want to restrict)) do if (actor has item xyz equipped) do // you could also check a variable or switch, or check if something is in the inventory equip it else popup window with error message // alternatively, play a buzzer sound or just don't do anything return end else equip it // this is the default case if you don't restrict that item-actor combination end I can't actually code this for you right now because I don't have Ace installed atm and do not have a local copy of these scripts but it shouldn't be too difficult to do so yourself. Since you seem to have a lot of different cases of this, using switch-case constructs would probably make the code easier to read. Something like case actor when $game_actors[0] case item when $game_items[1] // ... when $game_items[54] // ... end when $game_actors[1] case item when $game_items[42] // ... when $game_items[123] // ... end end Edit: If you want to restrict whole categories of weapons (all swords, all greataxes, etc) I believe there is an event command for that.
  11. You'll need to check for that condition before changing equip. Your options are to either check that in the scene you can change equip in (e.g. in your inventory) or directly in the method that changes equip (in Game_Interpreter, you should use an alias here). The second one might break compability with some scripts but is an easier solution if you have multiple scenes in which you can change your equipment. Both will not actually make it impossible for your actor to wear both a sword and that ring - they will just make it impossible to equip the sword when you wear the ring and vice-versa. If for some reason your character ends up wearing both, they will continue to do so until they unequip one of these.
  12. Bloody hell! At home while university's on summer break and of course I send my amazon delivery to the wrong place. Let"s just hope my roommate isn't on vacation or something.

  13. Pssht. Don't tell anyone. That pony unicorn series seems actually really good.

    1. magic2345


      I agree, and your secret's safe with me.

    2. EraYachi


      It's a high quality children's show, but can be loved by anyone. But if I hear one more sing-a-long...*shakes fist*

    3. The Dragon God

      The Dragon God

      MLP FTW!! Brony right here!!

  14. Finally doing some coding again that's not for university. Really refreshing!

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