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  1. That's a bit over complicated for what it's doing. Here's a more simplistic solution... class Game_Follower < Game_Character def actor $game_party.battle_members.keep_if{|actor|actor.alive?}[@member_index] end end class Game_Follower < Game_Character alias zsnip_8305i initialize def initialize(member_index, preceding_character) zsnip_8305i member_index, preceding_character @actor = actor end alias zsnip_4893u update def update update_actor zsnip_4893u end def update_actor if @actor != actor @actor = actor refresh end end end
  2. Zetu

    Minecraftlike splash screens?

    I don't understand the request from the screenshot.
  3. Zetu

    Im having resolution problems!

    You can only do it with a script call... Graphics.resize_screen(X, Y) If it's different from the default size, you can ctrl+shift+F to find "Graphics.resize_screen" to edit how it is handled.
  4. Zetu

    Job Crystal System?

    Crap... I should test these things... on line 26, between "class RPG::BaseItem" and "alias z3classequipand add_note_data", insert this line... attr_reader :class_equip
  5. Zetu

    Job Crystal System?

    Well.. it's an easy one... 32 lines long. Script: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=XwYXkYXh My Core Script: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=EiY1p6U8
  6. Zetu

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Oh, wow... I don't even remember making the original. Well, it was apart of Z2, and I am on Z3. =w=d EDIT: No... wait... this is... Z1 #26... this is really REALLY old, lulz.
  7. Yeah... let's not do that. Two overwritten methods doesn't not need all that. Only from like 1930-1955ish, from what I saw. :/ I has good and bad news. Bad News -> May take a little longer to get next version (irl sucks) Good News -> I have started on, not v1.06, but v3. Complete redo. Taking the best of the old version and making the new one less hard coded, easier flexibility, and much MUCH simpler module setup. After alot of *sigh* debugging it'll be up. <= Worst part of programing
  8. Well... "$game_actors[1].resources[1].value" I am close to finishing v1.06, so expect it soon (:
  9. Zetu

    Simple Steal Command

    Show me how you tagged it, or screen shot your skill.
  10. Alright, let me break it down. Inside the <Game_Actor> class, there is a attr_reader class called @resources, which is a <Game_Resources> class. The access of each resource is in a predefined [] method, as shown here. def [](value) return @resources[value] if value.is_a? Integer return resource_of(value) if value.is_a? String end So @resources[0] will give first resource, and @resources[1] will give the second, or nil if it's nonexistant. If you give a String, aka @resources["Mana"], it will run a different method called resource_of, which will either return the <Game_Resource> class or nil, if you don't have it. If this confuses you, I suggest playing with other scripts. This is not a good script to learn from, due to it's complexity.
  11. Your question makes no sense, but if you just want to access the value of the resources, just use... <Actor>.resources[0].value Also, this is probably something you shouldn't deal with if you just started scripting.
  12. @Bob Greg: In the next version, I'll add :regenoffdmgphy and :regenoffdmgmag for both spell and physical damages. @Dark Horseman: It would be cool if you could do regen on spell use to add extra rage in particular attacks. I'll add it. @SamHain: I would have to add on to it to do that, so I'll add it to the next version. If there are other features anyone wants me to add plz tell me.
  13. The not regening due to :set was a simple problem that I can't believe I didn't see. I'll post v1.06 by the end of today. And I just noticed that the script doesn't use :regenoob/:replenish at all. Must have accidentally removed it, so I'll throw that up too. EDIT: Nevermind, I changed the vocab. It's no longer :depleteoob/:regenoob, but :replenish/:deplete and works fine for me. I promise (in a week or so) that I will do some major work on this system, since I'll have the free time to do so then.
  14. So, everyone is struggling with how the case switch works? I may change the method later, but just so you know, you only need 1 faceset case switch. Within each when inside that, you place a single index case switch. For some reason, I thought people would find that easier, despite not knowing any ruby :/ /me is naive
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