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  1. HumanNinja

    Job Skills for a Medieval-style RPG

    I don't see Bard or any magic user types on your list yet.
  2. I really like your character quotes. Sounds like you're a good writer. This is the first I've heard of your project/game but, just after reading the quotes, I'm interested in it.
  3. Judging by what you wrote in the OP, it sounds like you've already got a good reason: he was selfish. Sometimes a person's selfishness is the only reason why they betrayed or hurt someone else. People are naturally self-absorbed and selfish so it's not difficult to pass that off as a reason. Also, we can all relate to being selfish at some point or another. If you're looking for a deeper reason for the selfishness, maybe the character has a personality disorder and s/he just doesn't have it within themselves to care for people or to concern themselves with the consequences of their actions when it comes to affecting others. Most serial killers always seem like the 'nice guy' until they get caught. I'm not saying to make the character a serial killer but, maybe you could have them suffer from a psychological disorder. This could be the internal struggle they are dealing with. Anyway, good luck!
  4. HumanNinja

    Player can side with the "Bad Guys"

    Of course the idea of being able to shape the game world, as the player, is an awesome idea. Although, we all have heard people moan and complain about lots of games that have 'mass effect' like features of choosing between good, evil, and neutral situations that don't have too much of an effect on the game. Also, it's a lot of extra work to branch a story off in enough directions so that the player feels like their decisions have actually had an impact. My suggestion is to just focus on creating a really good game. Sometimes that means having a linear story.
  5. HumanNinja

    Adventurer: Who signs up for this?

    Maybe just a mercenary who good at killing monsters and wants some extra loot? Is that a loot-hound?
  6. Yeah thanks. Once I was able to look at what you gave me and what I had, I was able to see what was missing from mine. Thanks again
  7. HumanNinja

    Please help me with this...

    If you use the 'Quick Event: Chest', the event will use a self switch to make the chest appear open after you have taken the item. What you want is to reset the chest after something has happened. So instead of using a self switch, have the event trigger a regular switch. On the page that normally uses 'Self Switch A = ON', instead have the requirement to be Switch (X) = ON. Then when the player has completed some task, have an event that turns that Switch (X) OFF, so when the player returns to the chest, it will appear fresh and new again. If you want the chest to contain different loot, you will have to use more switches or variables in combination with conditional branches to change the loot inside the chest.
  8. @vFoggy: Thanks for explaining it to me. I'm a coding newbie. I understand what you mean, thanks. @lonequeso: That works only for changing the amount of damage dealt if the state (8) is already applied to the target. I'm wanting to add another state if the state (8) is applied. @Xypher: Thanks for giving me the formula that does what it wants. After seeing it and getting the explanation from vFoggy, I'm a bit more clear as to what I'm doing.
  9. HumanNinja

    Paladin/Cleric Argument

    I think you've done a good job in differentiating them. However, I will still offer my own thoughts. In my mind: Paladin's are about buffing themselves only, healing themselves only, and using skills that absorb damage being directed to the other, more squishy, characters. It seems like you have all that. The only thing I would change is the Paladin's abilities that focus on dealing damage to the enemy. I personally would only make offensive skills that 'provoke' the target and do little damage. Also in my mind: Clerics focus on curing status ailments, healing the party, and minor buffs. An interesting way to spin it would be to make the clerics spells ineffective on himself. Anyway, seems like you got most of that down as well. The only suggestion I'd offer is to make the buffs not as strong if they are group buffs and let another character have really strong, single-target buffs.
  10. HumanNinja

    How can I make a passive ability?

    [Quasi] Passive Skills Lune Passive Skills Gamibit Skill Features Here's a few more. If you go the 'Completed Scripts' portion of the forum, you search for "passive skills" and you will find a bunch of scripts that deal with passive skills. If any of the scripts have a required script that goes with it, the OP will most usually contain the link.
  11. Awesome, thanks
  12. So I'm trying to make a formula that checks if a state is applied to the target. If it is, then the attack will add another state. If it's not, then the skill will not. This is what I came up with: b.state?(x)? r = b.add_state(y) ; a.atk * 2.75 : r = a.atk * 2.75 ; r - b.def * 1.25 It throws me error starting with the ; after the b.add_state(y) I'm not sure how else to write it though. Any suggestions on the correct way to do this? EDIT: I also tried this one: r = a.atk*2.75 - b.def * 1.25 ; if b.state?(x)?; c = b.add_state(y); c; end; c = c I get the same kind of error though. I guess I just don't know where to place all the ;
  13. HumanNinja

    Best practices for balancing one's game?

    Allow them to be avoided, not heat seeking mob bombs. It's kinda the point event-touch battles.
  14. HumanNinja

    Off to the races

    How do you plan on implementing this idea of monster races? Script? Or event system?
  15. HumanNinja

    How can I make a passive ability?

    The only way to create passive skills is to use a script. There are a couple of them to choose from.
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