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  1. I have a small trouble, I'm using a script lets me to use damage formula for regen and poison HP/MP/TP, I tried something for this, but it didn't work b.mmp * (0.05 + (b.luk/1000)) Basically, the idea is the target recovers 5% of his Max MP and an extra 1% for each 10 of Luck it has (for this reason i divided it into 1000, for example 80/1000 = 0.08 = 8% Does someone know what is wrong with this one? Thank you Fixed, as simple as that: b.mmp * (0.05 + (b.luk.to_f/1000))
  2. I guess I will participate: Almagest: A powerful holy attack hits 3 times to all the group, there is a 15% of chance this attack can make 9999 of damage with each hit, this 9999 hit is not-elemental. If the player is protected against mortal blows (checked as a state) this attack won't have a chance to make 9999 of damage. Distorsion void: Reverses target's buff and debuffs. Twilight aurora: Groupal damage and can insta-kill if the target is under the "sleep" state, this attack can ignore the inmunity to instant death. Autumm leaves: A magical single-target attack can cause unfocus (it's like blind but for magical attacks) can make a critical hit.
  3. Mmmm I see, thanks a lot I might stay with Yanfly's ATB after this, has more configuration options and it's compatible with your FF Battlelog style
  4. I tried to upload the whole folder, but I can put a .zip/.rar file there for some reason, I'll put the necesary files, just put them in a folder called Schala_ATB and put this folder in the Graphics folder of the project to make it work Edit: They need to be renamed, in order, the name for thos files are: ATB_Layout, Actor_ATB and Enemy_ATB, sorry by making it of this way but, well, I couldn't put them in a ZIP file for some reason
  5. I'll put them as .txt file, I didn't remove the headers of those scripts MOG ATB.txtSchala ATB Gauge.txt I'm sorry if it's not proper put them of this way, but I tried to put them via spoiler and the lag didn't let me to make this post, so I opted by this alternative
  6. No, I mean the skill name is not showed, and it's not a skill is in the list where the skill name display is blocked Any skill's name is not showed, but that only happens when I have those scripts Sorry by not being clear with the problem
  7. It's me again lol, I had another doubt What if I want to make this: If state 24 is applied, the magic presition will be of 20% (as was the last time I asked) but if it has another state (let's say state 60) it'll be of 40%? I guess it'd be something like: CUSTOM_M_HIT_FORMULA = "a.state?(24) ? 0.2 : (a.state?(40) ? 04 : 1)" But not sure at all
  8. Ohh sorry... Yeah, the name is not showed, maybe it's something of one of those scripts who hides the battle log I don't know exactly how to look at that so I don't know how to fix it
  9. I'm using this script with MOG's ATB system (http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT02.html) and Schala AT Gauge (http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT24.html) and it doesn't show the name, is there a way to fix this?
  10. Piers

    "Curse element" trouble

    Hi! sorry by loong delay, but I have another question, is there a way to make a portion of the damage formula ignores the guard command and the variance percent of the formula?
  11. It does! thanks But... Do you know how to make the 9999 of damage ignore the formula's variance and the guard command?
  12. Hello, I have a doubt (again, lol) I want to make certain group of attacks called "cursed attacks", they'll have a chance to make 9999 of damage, at least the target of this attack has a curse protection (passive stat) I was testing it with this formula, this attack does 500 of damage, but it has a 50% of chance to make 9999 of damage, if the target has certain state, it'll nulify the posibility to make 9999 of damage (in other words it'll make just 500 of damage) if b.state?(40); 500; else (rand(100) <= 50 ; 500 ; 9999); end The problem is it just makes the 9999 of damage thing, it looks like it ignores the rand command, does someone know how to fix that? Also... Is there a way to make the 9999 of damage ignores the Guard command and the variance percent in the damage formula? Edit: @Xypher Apologize my manners, the add_action command works perfectly, thanks a lot
  13. Piers

    Help with Yanfly's message system script

    Actually I tried that before and it didn't work Edit: Apparently if I put this font as the ONLY font in this line, it works, I put this font AND the default ones the script bring with itself, thanks by the help... If any admin see that, you can close this topic
  14. No, I want if it has this state, it makes the normal attack which makes 500 of damage and THEN it makes this move with the force action command, otherwhise it'll just make 500 of damage