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  1. Where do you even get the battle royale script
  2. I was thinking about something like this. And HERE it is. damn EDIT: I also suggest you do what Sixth suggested and scan your computer. Because I aint risking breaking my computer.
  3. Help. This randomly began turning up. It was working before. Edit: Tsukihime's scene interpreter was the cause of this. fixed now.
  4. Eurgh

    Auction System

    I think the problem is a line break issue. Since the 2nd line is too long, it creates a new line for it. I'll get a script that stops linebreaking and get back to you with the results.
  5. Eurgh

    DisturbedInside's Party Manager

    I don't think he even cares that it isn't working. The script is confusing as hell, he says that the instructions are in the script, but i've read over it several times and it doesn't really explain anything, if anything he just babbles on about random parts of the script. Nowhere in that script is there any noticable way to set other characters to not be able to be removed/deleted, other than the 2nd actor in the database which can't be removed either. He also hasn't replied to this thread for months now, what's the point in bringing out a script if it's frustratingly put together and masked with a facade of information.
  6. Eurgh

    Auction System

    How would i go about using alternate currency? I.E. items/weapons/armour? I've used the script call with the start auction script, then used it seperated. I get "Script 'game_interpreter' line 1414: ArgumentError occured. wrong number in arguments (0 for 1)" can you please screenshot how i would put it into the event?
  7. Script 'Land Vehicles' line 66: SyntaxError occured. unexpected ';', expecting ')' check_passage(x, y, (1 << (d / 2 - 1)) & 0x0f) any suggestions?
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