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  1. grassknot

    How to avoid "spam attack" battles?

    Ah yes, good ideas, everyone! I'll add two more of my own: - Make unique skills that fun to use. Sort of like the move Endeavor from Pokemon, where the lower the HP of the user is the higher the damage. It was always satisfying to turn the tables of the battle using that one special move. Another example would be Grassknot, which is my favorite pokemon move (and my username.) Grassknot's damage is stronger when the enemy is heavy. - Make the regular attack weak. I remember when I played Persona, I rarely used the default attacks because they do pretty low damage compared to the skills.
  2. I have two alternative ways you can do this. 1) Put one route on each event tile. Set them to parallel processing. It should work if the routing is done correctly, and the speeds are the same. 2) Set all four event tiles to only activate when a switch is on. Put one route on each of the four event tiles. Then turn the switch on and voila! Edit: Never mind, I just realized those weren't event tiles. I thought you had four events, and each event was a fan wing.... >__<
  3. Hello, I read a few reviews on RPG maker games, and I noticed a repeating complaint: All the battles can be won by using the basic attack over and over. Thus, I created this topic, so we can discuss specific ways to prevent spam attacking. I understand in turn based RPGs, it can't be avoided all together, but it can be minimized. I'll start with one mediocre idea: - Penalize the player for randomly attacking by giving the enemy "paralysis armor." In other words, if the actor attacks the monster, it will induce paralysis on the actor. Thus, the actor won't be able to spam anymore! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! . . . I'd like to hear some ideas from you guys. ^__^
  4. grassknot

    Actor Voices in Battle

    Thank you, DP3! You update very quickly.
  5. grassknot

    Random Battle Victory Fanfare

    Thanks for that! It works like a charm.
  6. grassknot

    Actor Voices in Battle

    Woo! This is great! I'll definitely use this script. Is is possible to add actor voices for when they level up?
  7. grassknot

    Color edit to menu HP, MP, TP bars

    Yes, that worked perfectly! Thank you! Here's a like.
  8. grassknot

    Color edit to menu HP, MP, TP bars

    Thanks, that does work well, but I'd like to keep the regular bar format. Is there anyway to edit the original game system's script to adjust the colors? Well, I guess I'm just being too picky. Thanks for helping.
  9. grassknot

    Yanfly's Battle Engine and Mog's Battler Motions

    It's fixed now! Thank you so much! I can't believe it was something so simple.
  10. grassknot

    Change game icon

    Thanks! It seems that it could work, but for some reason when I replaced all the different icons, only one of them was changed. O.o For example, if I changed the view of the icon from small to large it would revert back to the dragon even though I did put in a large icon as well... That being said, it's probably better that I don't change the icon since they don't allow it. (I just found out about that. >_<) I have an alternative method that is good enough...: 1) Create a folder around all of the game's files. 2) Outside of this folder, create a shortcut to the Game.exe file. 3) Change the icon and name of the shortcut to whatever I want. 4) Voila! Hooray! xD Thanks again for replying, Llamanator!
  11. grassknot

    Change game icon

    I'm also curious about how to change the game's red dragon icon. I think the OP is talking about this: Does anyone know how to change it?
  12. grassknot

    Whips and chains attack all enemies

    Wow! Thank you! That was a really fast response. P.S. I see you helping out a lot around here. You're awesome Galv!
  13. grassknot

    Yanfly's Visual Battler Script Modification

    It's been a few days, so I'll bump this topic. I'll only bump this once, I promise.
  14. grassknot

    Hue and color changes when TP = 100

    What I did was edit the Yanfly script to induce a state when TP=100, so it's noticeable that something changed. Nothing dramatic, but it's noticeable. You can find out more about it here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8233-induce-a-state-when-tp-is-100/#entry65522
  15. grassknot

    Hue and color changes when TP = 100

    Thanks for the help guys, but I figured out a different way to make the visuals change when TP = 100. So....should I ask a moderator to close this topic? Or should I leave it in case anyone else is interested?
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