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  1. djDarkX

    Character Effects

    For anyone that needs them, here are the tileset's with transparency for Galv's Character Effects (Water Reflection). Quick Note: The only ones included are the RTP Dungeon_A1, Inside_A1, Outside_A1 and a modified version of Outside_A1 named Outside2_A1. That one replaces the snow grass lake with normal grass lake with deep water since the deep water tiles automatically go transparent and still show the rocks from the original grass lake autotiles. Also included are the source PSD files I worked with. They have the transparent water and surrounding ground tiles separated so people can set their own transparency if they wish. Water tiles are currently at 40% opacity. Enjoy and thanks again to Galv for this awesome script. I'm enjoying it a lot. http://www.mediafire.com/?7xac681isc5ppr7
  2. djDarkX

    Character Effects

    Well, I found that the deep water autotiles still overlap with the rock water tiles in Outside_A1 (programmed that way I assumed?) and can't get that to work the way I was hoping, but I just need to transparent the beach/sandy water tiles and they'll be ready for release to be used with your script. EDIT: Quick edit. Recently, I've been getting an interpreter error. It keeps saying "nil can't be coerced into Fixnum" even though nothing has really changed, sans autotiles, starting player position and text changes on various NPC's. Even when nothing is changed, it will do that as well even if it worked before. It can happen when running water reflection, all options correctly input and either when they are on a teleport event or on a parallel event that erases after running. Here's my script call: : char_effects(0,true) : char_effects(1,2,3,false) : reflect(:all,true) : reflect_options(1) Any ideas? EDIT #2: Nevermind. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to keep calling the reflect calls and instead just recall char_effects. Fixed it on my own. Aside from that, fantastic script! I fixed the "issue" with the autotiles. I just reverted the new "deep water" tiles back to normal and replaced the snow water tiles with the green grass instead. It works perfectly that way and the original can be used and a copied version of "Exterior" with the new one can be used in a map that doesn't use snow. Will release very soon since the beach tiles are ready as well.
  3. djDarkX

    Character Effects

    Love this. I have almost every default water tileset ready. The only ones not made transparent is world ocean water and the desert water from the exterior. I may end up finishing them for anyone that wants them so it'll be easier, along with the PSD Photoshop files in case they want to change the opacity to something else. The only bad thing is the non-rocky water tiles in exterior because they were made to be on top of the rocky tiles, thus you still see the rocks. I may end up just making a copy of the rocky tiles, putting the non-rocky on top of them and cutting out the rocks to make them seamless. Who knows. But yeah, this script is awesome. The shadows were too laggy for my PC< but not the reflections, so I'll use that instead. Works well with Khas's light effects!
  4. djDarkX

    Dynamic change of max party members.

    Yanfly's Party System http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/party-system/ It does include an option in configuration that allows you to set a variable ID so you can dynamically change the number of party members in your group at any point in the game. Hope this helps!
  5. djDarkX

    JANK's music studio

    Hahaa, not cliche at all. It works. Also, don't sell yourself short on it. Takes talent to compose your own pieces. I wish I could compose better pieces than I currently have, but with some practice, I know I will. Keep it up bro.
  6. djDarkX

    How do I do this?

    Ah, thanks Victor. So there you go. It's Control Variable but the reason for the screenshot showing Variable Operation is for the reason stated by Victor. Hope this helps.
  7. djDarkX

    JANK's music studio

    Yep, links in that section are working now. Hehee, I kinda chuckled as I listened to the soundeffects. I don't know why. Also, your new piece is also very nice. Sounds appropriate. :]
  8. djDarkX

    How do I do this?

    It's just "Control Variables...". I don't know why is shows Variable Operation, but perhaps a different version of Ace?
  9. djDarkX

    JANK's music studio

    Yeah, the sound effects section didn't work. Went to a page saying that they could not be found. Also, there was on piece I wanted to touch on. That "Market Town" piece. I feel you went a little heavy on the sitar, but other than that, it was great! Also, really loved your Emperor's Glory and Peaceful Town pieces. They were really nice. Wasn't feeling the metal in the Battle Theme 01, but you might have meant something else entirely than what I had in mind. lol Loving your stuff JANK. Very nice work! Keep it up!
  10. djDarkX

    i need battle system like this. Please help me :(

    I can't, I'm not a scripter, but perhaps now someone else who can make something like this will have all the details they need. Just figured I'd translate what you were looking for. Hope someone can help you out soon! Good luck!
  11. djDarkX

    This Yangly Equip Script isn't working for me

    Actually, they could just set it to be General Armor or a type of armor already established by them or an accessory. I would assume the relics you have in your game are an accessory. I split them up into their own categories for better organization, but in reality, you can set them to be accessories and it'll have the same effect. If you can see the "Relic" in the Armor or Accessory menu's on the Actors tab, then they should be able to equip it. Yanfly's Equip Engine still requires equipment to actually be equippable by actors/classes based on their features.
  12. djDarkX

    Skill Purchase

    Ah, I get ya. You could do an event shop that would make it so that once you buy the item, it can't be sold again until sold (by checking for the item/skill in inventory/on the actors). Of course, a script to do this would be easier, but you'd have to find someone that can do that. If I was a decent coder, I'd look into it, but I'm not that skilled in the use of Ruby just yet. lol
  13. djDarkX

    Ra TBS

    Okay, please pardon my language, but that kicks so much ass! I'll wait for the final version, but it's also because I have so much on my plate at the moment. Still, this opens up new possibilities for games made with RMVX Ace. VERY nice and keep up the great work!
  14. djDarkX

    Skill Purchase

    @estriole on #2, that or you could use the XaiL Class Item Restriction script to make it so that only certain classes can learn/equip certain skills/items. In my game, I have it where I have a magic shop and you can buy the skills, but only the Sorcerer in the group can learn them and his two class branches. I plan to expand that to other skills as well. If that's not what you're looking for, check the Master Script List. It may have what you need. By the way, it's compatible with Yanfly's scripts and the version I have doesn't require the XaiL Core to work.
  15. djDarkX

    XS - Menu

    lookerup, that's for his Menu Delux script. This is his other Menu script. @Nicke, I'm having the same issues others are having with the menus not showing, but I know where the bug lies. When MENU_CUSTOM is set to false, the menu item will show up on the list, but trying to go into them shows nothing. It does go into the respective menus, but they are invisible. If MENU_CUSTOM is set to true and the menu items are added manually, THEN they work as intended. Hope this helps to get that option fixed. I'll just add them manually until it's done.