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  1. I've reuploaded the images. Also I've updated the version of the script on pastebin as the old one was pretty broken. (not saying this new version doesn't have its problems too, but if it does I haven't found them yet)
  2. Sorry about that. It's a mistake I made while adding the script's namebox feature. A feature that only works when Yanfly's Message System script is used. When adding this I forgot to do testing without Yanfly's Message System so I didn't notice any bugs that happen when that script isn't present. I've fixed the error you encountered and updated the script on pastebin (I've just edited the script on pastebin though since the cause of the error was easy to see. I still haven't actually done any testing in RPG maker so there might still be other bugs which I have to fix. So if there are other bugs you encounter you can either wait until I get around to fixing it (shouldn't take too long) or start using Yanfly's Message System script, which you will have to do anyway if you want to use nameboxes)
  3. Sry for taking so long to update. Was fixing the bugs I knew of but got a bit stuck on two of them. One was the no text problem on normal messages and the other was a minor visual bug. I've fixed the invisible text problem but the visual bug I haven't been able to fix yet. The error roninator2 got should not happen anymore Script on pastebin has been updated (http://pastebin.com/PikZKRRz) The incompatability has nothing to do with the the bug. (the bug was that when swapping between pop messages that use and don't use a name box, some messages that weren't supposed to have name boxes ended up with a name box. That is fixed now) My script has it's own system for automatically placing nameboxes (using the NAMES hashmap in the script's config area and the tags <bt:x> and <btt:x>) which should be what is causing this incompatability.
  4. Quack

    Text Dialogue Priority

    when you do the $game_message.press_to_kill = true you also need to $game_message.switch_index = INSERT_SWITCH_NUMBER_HERE where you replace the 'INSERT_SWITCH_NUMBER_HERE' with the number of the switch you want to use to trigger the intro to skip. The reason it crashes is because switch_index has no set value so it tries to set the switch with the index 'nil' to true.
  5. Yes appearantly I made a little boo boo. I've updated the script and the bug should be fixed. However, I've noticed another bug related to using nameboxes. (just a minor one which probably won't occur in any game using this script since the conditions for it to occur are a bit special) I don't have time to fix it right now but I'll do it soon. And yes, it seems I wrote the filenames wrong on the images when uploading them, my bad.
  6. Because this is my problem with this script. I would like to use it. Can you tell me how you made yours like you have shown? I have updated the script. It now better supports nameboxes and face graphics. (not perfect, but those weren't features I was personally interested in when writing this script so I don't really want to spend too much time on that) This should fix the messy look when showing choices with face graphics. And since I had earlier added the possibility of using a tag to identify which character/event the messagebox is attached to I decided to add a feature where you can associate a namebox to a tag as well which is done like what I added for window tones and text sounds before. Also if you would still prefer that the question options are not inside the messagebox and centered like in that screenshot you can paste this below my script in the script editor: class Window_Message < Window_Base # overwrite def adjust_pop_message(text = " ") #return unless SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) unless @event_pop_id if $imported["YEA-MessageSystem"] #adjust_message_window_size end return end n_line = cal_number_line(text) n_line = YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_line] if YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_line] > 0 && cal_number_line(text) > YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_line] @real_lines = n_line self.height = fitting_height(n_line) self.height += @msg_size_y self.width = cal_width_line(text) + 10 self.width += @msg_size_x self.width += new_line_x if self.width > YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_width] && YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_width] > 0 self.width = YSE::POP_MESSAGE::LIMIT[:limit_width] end # If a chatter message with face graphic, force height to be at least big enough to show the face. if chatter? && !source.face_name.empty? self.height = [self.height, 86].max end create_contents update_placement end # overwrite def input_choice chatter_msg_input_choice end end class Window_ChoiceList < Window_Command # overwrite def update_placement chatter_msg_update_placement if @message_window.pop_message? self.opacity = 255 self.x = Graphics.width / 2 - self.width / 2 self.y = Graphics.height - [200, self.height].max end end end
  7. Quack

    Optimized Way to Draw Text

    If you only need this for your options menu I would recommend just giving this up and use draw_text like normal since the option screen is likely to not have enough going on to cause a drop in fps even if you use draw_text once or twice per frame, and even if there is a little fps drop that only happens while editing values in options then that doesn't really matter much anyway. (a user will be unlikely to spend more than a few seconds changing those values throughout their whole playthrough and a lot of users might never change those settings at all) However if you need this for other parts in the game like during gameplay where the fps dropping is more of a problem I would suggest following Shiggy's suggestion (which I believe you have misunderstood. He didn't intend for you to make a sprite for every number from 0 to 100. He meant for you to make a bitmap with numbers 0 to 9 as well as the percent character and then use these to draw the value you want, so if the number you wanna draw is '57%' you first draw the '5', '7' and '%' in order)
  8. Oh dear, I hope I haven't got viruses on my laptop. If anythings infected in the file it would be the game.exe or the rgss dll so I removed those and reuploaded it: msgtest (you will have to add game.exe and place rgss dll in the system folder yourself to test it). If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me what software is saying my file has viruses in it and what kind of virus does it say it is? Oh and pop messages should mostly work like without my addon, I've pretty much only made additions to it's functionality (might be some alteration but can't think of any at the moment). \bm[x] should still work exactly like before. Nope, as I mentioned in the reply I made to your first post I updated the pastebin scripts with what I had on my laptop. So either you didn't swap to the updated versions or you were using a different version of pop messages than the one linked in my script.
  9. To make sure I tested it in a new project and seems to work ok for me, so I guess you are doing something wrong. I've uploaded the project so you can take a look for yourself: msgtest
  10. I updated the scripts on my pastebin to the ones I have on my computer. Try using them instead, I think it might solve the problem.
  11. Quack

    Summons and passives skills.

    I don't recall seeing a summon script that replaces the actor with the summon, but I do think I've seen a script that lets an actor shapeshift into another actor written by Tsukihime for his Effect manager. As for the passive you speak of, I think you could accomplish it by using Yami's aura states script and Yanfly's Lunatic Parameters script. (make an aura state and write a lunatic parameter effect for it that adds 20% def if it's a skeleton) Finally, making a state increase the chance a state is inflicted shouldn't be too hard. Just create a state and add a 'state rate' effect to it for the state which you want to increase the chance of being inflicted and set it to 150% if you wanted to increase the chance of it being inflicted by 50% (will increase the chance by 50% relative to what the chance was before. So if a skill had 50% chance of inflicting the state before the amplification state was added, it would become 75% chance once that amplification state is in effect).
  12. Quack

    Change font in main menu only?

    Try this:
  13. I figured it looked good with the choices indented like that. But if you want to adjust their position look up this part of the code: alias chatter_msg_update_placement update_placement def update_placement if @message_window.pop_message? self.opacity = 0 self.width = @message_window.width-26 + padding * 2 self.width = [width, Graphics.width].min self.height = fitting_height($game_message.choices.size) self.x = @message_window.x self.y = @message_window.y+@message_window.height-self.height+6 else self.opacity = 255 chatter_msg_update_placement end end you can change the position of the choices by adjusting self.x and self.y. As for the other thing it'll have to wait. I'm gonna release a new version soon and I'll add in the ability for the user to choose whether the messagebox should have the final size immediately or grow as the text finishes then along with my other changes. (and no, of course I'm not really mad)
  14. Quack

    Window.contents.text_size inconsistency

    Ah don't apologize, I wasn't actually being serious about that. It was more meant as a joke. Sorry if it made you feel bad. My conduct on the internet is often a bit too casual and I don't really consider how others might interpret my posts. If I did dislike someone and for some reason actually wanted to tell them about it I would voice my dislike for them or their actions in a more well mannered, direct way that made my distaste clear and couldn't possibly be misunderstood or misintepreted in any way.