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  1. Going on hiatus due to health reasons.I'll be out for quite some time:(

    1. Wren


      Get better soon!

  2. Me: I have money! Life:No you don't!

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    2. UberMedic7


      Reality: You never will have any!

    3. Thereisnoname


      "Throws 1€ at Stryke."

      "Reality: That`s impossible he will never have any."

    4. Stryke
  3. Vacation = Anime Marathon

    1. Nekotori
    2. Powtley


      No Game No Life.

  4. Stryke

    Your RPG main character.

    This topic looks interesting so I might as well show my main character for my project(Although my project will be put on hold while I join Ace Academy). Name: Adam Helix Faceset (Drawn by me): Cut-in image(concept art-also drawn by me): Spritesheet(Not drawn by me,used the in-app generator): Weapon: Avenger - a bastard sword Character Type: Anti-Hero Combat Style: Variable, default is Damage Dealer/Dark Magic user RPG Class: Variable, default is Dark Knight Special traits/abilities: His curse.(Allows the curse to consume part of his soul for immense combat strength) and use of Chaos mana,which is a non-elemental mana. Short Bio: A young man set out on a mission of revenge for an incident in his past.The incident caused him to bind his soul with a cursed entity of destruction.Because of his past, he is distant towards others.He hates the organisation that protects the land, the Guardians because of said incident.He made a vow to himself that he will take down those responsible before the curse completely takes over his soul..
  5. Needed to stay awake for my last paper.Didn't sleep well last night.Had canned coffee,M&M's and red bull for breakfast.Lost the ability to blink.

  6. I am now in the process of cleaning my computer...I realize now that I keep a lot of junk in here...

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    2. Abscond


      You and I both....

    3. Heartfeltcurse


      You people actually clean out your computers? I can't, throwing away an entire week like that would kill me.

    4. Brackev


      Every once in a while I'll do it, but I feel like a hoarder and don't want to give much up.

  7. After not opening my project for a while, I found out that I lost some data...this is a setback.

    1. Cadh20000


      "lost some data"? That isn't good!

      Any idea how it happened?

    2. Stryke



    3. TheoAllen


      Always tink possitive. It's probably if you do it again, it could be better

  8. my health is deteriorating...

  9. I wonder how people start their own gaming studio?

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    2. Stryke


      I see,so it looks like I may need a bit more time before starting my own,huh?

    3. Brackev


      They built it from the bottom up. We have an (next to free compared to $100,000) engine to start off with. I wouldn't dedicate 3 years of full time work to my game, but some would.

    4. Stryke


      I still haven't finished my degree,so I can't spend 100% of my time on my project...but I wish I could.

  10. I have successfully conquered my childhood trauma concerning Lego.I can build stuff again!

  11. Stryke

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! Unfortunately your magic carpet cannot hold the weight of two,so you fall off while flying and leaving bugs to ride alone. I wish I had a bag of doritos.
  12. Stryke

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! But you lost all your money the next day after falling for an obvious internet scam about buying a condo on the moon (Not even ground floor). I wish I had my characters' powers and abilities.
  13. Stryke

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! He's now not dead.He is now in a state of permanent stasis. I wish I had the ability to control other people's minds.
  14. Great,I moved on from one card game to another.There goes my money...

  15. Stryke

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! The previous wish was mystically transported to the abyss...along with you. I wish that I had awesome reflexes.
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