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    WAY_EvalText with YEP_EquipBattleSkills bug

    The bug was fixed with waynee95's help. Update WAY_EvalText.js to v2.4.0 if you still have the bug. This topic may be closed.
  2. Hello! Need some help with plugins I'm using YEP_EquipBattleSkills and I want some dynamic statistics to show up in skill description. So I use WAY_EvalText to calculate skill damage and skill speed and it works just fine, except one piece. When I enter the skill list through empty skill slot the skill speed calculation is bugged: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'speed' of null". However, there's no bug, if I enter the skill list through the slot with equipped skill. Skill speed is calculated by a.agi + skill.speed, so... I suppose the bug is caused with this line in Yanfly's plugin: if (skill === undefined) skill = null; If there's no skill in the slot the skill ID is null, so there's no data to calculate. Well I have no clue how to fix this bug Can anyone help? Screenshots:
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