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  1. @Tsarmina Thank you for pointing that out, I decided to change the waterfall tiles because they did look quite out of place, and now to better matches the surrounding frozen water tiles and the other cave tiles. But it is all static, because the water is completely frozen. @Bauwnjorrno I agree, I do need to add more details on the floor, no cave is as clean as that haha
  2. @Jonnie91 The house is adorable! I love it. The only thing that looks off to me is the porch looks like it's going underneath the house and lifting it up like it's on a foundation. @randomstranger The island looks so cool, I love all the little random vegetation. This image is from a frozen over cave in my game, it kinda wraps around down to the lake. I may have gone overboard with rocks though haha
  3. Hello, my name is MrEvilPumpkin, but my real name is Dylan so you can call either if you'd like. I've been playing rpg maker games since 2006 starting with the one on the PS1, and have been a part of different online communities since about 2008. I like doing the map design parts a lot, though I'm really not the best at it haha. I also really like doing database stuff like making weapons and items. I've been a member here since late 2012, but only am now starting to be a part of the forums and community. I really like drawing; people, objects, different things. I am a huge fan of rpg's obviously, haha. Dark Souls being one of my favorites. It's not easy for me to describe myself heh, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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