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  1. Synopsis Very simple plugin that allows armor to have the ability to passively heal a party member while walking. Requested by a user. Plugin: Download RegenerativeArmor.js How to Use: In your Armor notetag add <Regen:x> where x is true or false, if x is true then when this armor is equipped it will passively heal while the actor is walking next add <RegenSteps:x> where x is the amount of steps needed for the armor to heal. i.e. if x is 10 when the player walks 10 steps they will heal. finally, add <RegenAmount:x> where x is the amount of healing that will be done after the RegenSteps amount is met Example screenshot: Parameters: None Free to use in commercial and not commercial projects, credit is not necessary but appreciated.
  2. Going to play some games without any reviews.

  3. Synopsis Dungeon Dodgers is a unique RPG Maker Game being created in RPG Maker VX Ace. The player assembles their team of characters and conquers dungeons. The players compete against other players around the world in leagues to become the top dungeon dodger. Features Leagues Bazaar (Global Shopping System) Immersive battles Much Much more... Current Team Dungeon Creators (0/6) Writers (0/3) Artists (0/4) Testers (0/16) - Testers will have access to the first release of the game and will be able to play on the beta server. Once the actual game goes live all tester data will be cleared. News & Progress Currently all networking and online features are complete. Progress until tester release: 37%
  4. 36,000+ lines of code, turns out my client can't afford the product.

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      Ah! What was it for?

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      Woah!! Golly! 36k+?! That's enough to make my brain explode and break my fingers...

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      So, what, are you just going to trash it and let all that time go to waste? See this is one more reason why programmers should be paid for the work they do, not the "product" they make.

  5. How to do arrays?

    Well I wrote out a long explanatory answer but the site went awol so anyway $game_variables[7] = [0, 0, 0] In MV is $gameVariables.setValue(7, [0, 0, 0]); There are many ways to define an array in MV (JavaScript) var myArray = [0, 0, 0] $gameVariables.setValue(7, myArray); var myArray = new Array() myArray.push(0); myArray.push(0); myArray.push(0); $gameVariables.setValue(7, myArray); var myArray = new Array(0, 0, 0); $gameVariables.setValue(7, myArray); All these methods should work.
  6. rmmv Timed Trial

    Synopsis A while ago, I created something like this for Ace. Here's the MV port, with more features. Very simple plugin that lets the player play for a limited amount of time, then closes the game. With parameters for customization. Useful for demos and such Updates: Plugin: Download TimedTrial.js How to Use: Plug N' Play, Paramaters: Play time, Specify the amount of time the player can play in minutes. DisplayMessageEnd, Set to true or false, if true it will display a message when the trial is over. TrialBeginMessage, Specify the message given on the start of the game. TrialEndMessage, Specify the message given at the end of the trial. RunCommonEventOnEnd, Set to true or false, if true allows a common event to run after the trial is over. Common Event, Specify the id of the Common Event you want to run. Usage Feel free to use in commercial or non-commercial credit is appreciated but not necessary.
  7. Detect User Environment

    Even thought this has nothing to do with this topic, http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/38424-mute-bg-on-window-minimize/
  8. Synopsis Someone requested this, @Rikifive? idk. Very simple plugin that mutes the BGM on window minimize and plays the music when window is reopened. Updates: Plugin: Download MuteMinimize.js How to Use: Plug N' Play, 1 Parameter, BGM Fade out frames. Usage Feel free to use in commercial or non-commercial credit is appreciated but not necessary.
  9. Synopsis I made this because I needed this. This snippet gives functions to detect the user's browser or operating system. Detectable Browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Detectable Operating systems are Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac How does it work? Detect the browser by calling the function Detect.browser() This function will return one the following as a string: "Google Chrome", "Mozilla Firefox", "Internet Explorer", "Microsoft Edge", "Safari" If you have a browser that you would like added please tell me and a I will add it if deemed necessary. Detect the operating system by calling the function Detect.OS() This function will return one of the following as a string: "Windows", "Mac OS", "Unix", Linux Code: Download detect.js var Detect = { browser: function() { var n = navigator.userAgent.indexOf(" Edge/") >= 0, e = !!window.opera || navigator.userAgent.indexOf(" OPR/") >= 0, o = "undefined" != typeof InstallTrigger, r = (Object.prototype.toString.call(window.HTMLElement).indexOf("Constructor") > 0, !!window.chrome && !e && !n), i = !!document.documentMode; return 1 == e ? "Opera" : 1 == o ? "Mozilla Firefox" : 1 == r ? "Google Chrome" : 1 == i ? "Internet Explorer" : 1 == n ? "Microsoft Edge" : void 0 }, OS: function() { var n = "Unknown OS"; return -1 != navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Win") && (n = "Windows"), -1 != navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Mac") && (n = "MacOS"), -1 != navigator.appVersion.indexOf("X11") && (n = "UNIX"), -1 != navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Linux") && (n = "Linux"), n } }; I recommend that you place this in the libs/ folder instead of the plugins folder to make the Detect function universal for all plugins. Usage Feel free to use in commercial or non-commercial credit is appreciated but not necessary.
  10. I created a Robot

    Awh, I could've gotten ideas! But Thank you! At the moment he cannot take heavy processing as he has to read 60000+ lines of code.
  11. I created a Robot

    I've created an Open-Source AI his name is Craig (Computer Response Artificial Intelligence Genie), He was created using JavaScript, and RiveScript. there are many, MANY bugs already known but you can check him out here: http://craig.bitballoon.com/ and the source is here: http://github.com/Cleomedes/Craig feel free to contribute. It is certainly possible to incorporate him into MV, if anyone is interested in seeing that, I would be happy to work on that.
  12. how about switching pdr with base_pdr
  13. Name Generator By Yuuta Kirishima When it comes to HTML I am a complete noob, so in order to hone my HTML skills I decided to make a name generator. Simple open source bleh Generated some pretty cool names & town names. Instructions: Unzip file Open namegenerator.html Click Generate Have fun. Download: Github Terms of Use This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  14. How to get the class id?