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  1. Mister Zeno

    Moonfall - Complete Demo (6-10 hours of gameplay)

    Please feel free to comment and leave input on opinions or any issues you may find. Here's one of my favorite parts of this demo, what's yours?
  2. WARNING: This demo is pretty big, and has about 6 to 10 hours worth of content. If you happen to make it to the end, please let me know. Click Here For The Demo
  3. Thanks a million for the input, Plainview! As of right now I'm focusing on fixing all the issues addressed in the demo before extending it, new versions will be released eventually. I'll be going over everything you've brought up, it all sounds like some great ideas. For real, though. That input goes a long way, thanks.
  4. Hey, Plainview. Thanks for showing interest, I really appreciate the feedback. The pauses in the dialog and the sluggish moving cut scenes have been mentioned before, and I do intend to change them eventually. I originally started on this game about a good 3 years ago, back then I thought it was a good idea to make it paced like that but it seems I was wrong. Never heard the one about the dash, though. I guess I just put so much work into the scenery that I didn't want the zones to just be sprinted past. If I could I'd do away with the sprint entirely, I'll look into changing it as you've mentioned. And having to hit enter for every period is a problem that used to be everywhere, I've been taking them out gradually but I've overlooked a few, those should be gone soon. It's a pretty long demo, you've only just scratched the surface, please stick around and let me know what you think further into the demo! Thanks!
  5. The demo has been updated, here's what it all includes now; A different sound effects to each individual enemy now plays at battle start. Changed Kali's class to an 'Apprentice'. Altered Kali's stats and skills and also added a new ability called 'MP Absorb'. New title screen. Changed the level of the 'Green Herb' in the initial scavenging quest from 3 to 2. Demo now includes the full area, the 'Peaking Pass'. Added small dialog to characters that used to be speechless. A handful of other graphical glitches. Please enjoy the demo, and don't forget to leave feedback!
  6. Thanks for the comment! I've decided that this weekend I'll be releasing the final version of the demo that includes the full mountain pass. Once I'm done putting the final touches it'll be uploaded. Please let me knew what you think.
  7. That's weird, I can't seem to recreate that one, I'll keep looking into it, though.
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. It really helps to know people are out there checking it out!
  9. Mister Zeno

    Skill types icons?

    Nevermind, I think I might have figured it out.
  10. ATTENTION! I've put a lot of work into this project and it's only a one man operation, so please check out this game and PLEASE leave feedback! Honestly, the feedback is what drives me to continue! A complete epic fantasy story crafted from beyond the time of Izschar, the mother planet of two moons; Trizia and Khil. Genre: Fantasy Average Demo Time: 4-5 Hours Game Progression: Introduction has been completed, as well as the beginning of the sub-plot. Expect to see Moonfall released early 2016 Recruitment: Closed Screenshots Story Greetings! The story of Moonfall is what makes it really special! Over the past 7 years, the story has been edited and tweaked to make it completely awesome! I've worked so hard to make the story incredible and it's just about reached that point! Hundreds of years have passed since the great war of Trizia and Khil. Over the decades following the war of the once allied moons, the crystals which once gave life to Trizia and Khil shattered, causing the moons to die. Shards from each moon fell to the surface of Izschar, disrupting the balance of life and causing once docile creatures to become hostile. These shards still contained small fragments of life from the two moons, which interrupted the climate and atmosphere of Izschar. Inhabitants of Izschar refer to this day as "The Fall," which eventually once again became the normal way of life. Until a group of scientists discover the potential of what little life was still contained in these shards, soon earning the title of "Flow," now the evil forces whom once dwelled in the shadows of Izschar, have come forth seeking this power. A story woven of deceit and plot twists, soon Eren is twisted and mixed into the amazing darkness that is The Fall. Characters Eren: A young man from the town of Azuel, desperate on becoming Izschar's best fighter. He knows little The Fall, but soon gets wrapped up with it's darkness. Kali: A skilled Black Mage from the town of Kaja, she desperately seeks the Black Flames searching for information on her father. Only two characters included in this demo, however, Moonfall has a wide variety of actors that can be switched out on the fly, as well as 3 different classes for each character! With over 12 story characters and 10 secret unlockable characters! Credits Thereisnoname Moghunter Victor Sant Khas Arcthunder Falcao Woratana Modern Algebra Yanfly Khas Nicke Galv Yami *Many many thanks to these guys, it would have been hard getting this far without you!* Features New Game + Several optional high level dungeons available after the main story 12 Main characters, 10 secret characters Party Switching to play with your favorite cast Complicated class/job combination system Over 35 unique classes and jobs Secret Classes/jobs Over 150 side quests already designed Awesome crafting and scavenging system Rare weapon smithing Over 1000 items already designed Current design supports 50+ hours gameplay (Not including New Game +) Designed for amazing replayability Moonfall supports a player housing system that evolves with the player, later on adding a party swapping crystal, class changing crystal a stash and much more! This first demo introduces the character and the world among with a small piece of the plot. It's mainly for feedback and testing. Nowhere near the final product, much of this is not final and will be changed. Feedback and comments are MUCH appreciated. Demo WARNING! This demo is LARGE, on average it's consumed 4-5 hours of gameplay. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3eg89w9d1tqkrdh/Moonfall_(Demo).exe * Updated Please don't forget the feedback! It goes a long way! Known Issues: Several bugs have been pointed out in the Peeking Pass, in the demo the Peaking Pass is really a rough copy, it's just there so the player can experience it, many changes are coming to it.
  11. Thanks, Festy. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your input. I really want to make Moonfall great and it helps with an actual players input. Unfortunately, not many people chime in with their two cents so I am taking a short break from working on it right now as I hoped in that time more people would check it out, I plan on releasing an updated, extended version soon and your input will definitely be examined again before that happens.
  12. I am really excited for the recent changes that have been made to Moonfall. - I've finished Longreach and all of the Longreach sidequests. - I've finished the events in Graymont where the story progresses quite a bit. - The second character has joined the group and I'm very pleased on how she turned out. - The first subclass has been introduced to the hero and it adds a different style of gameplay. - The heroes initial class has been changed to Freelancer, which implies it's a little more temporary. - I'm now designing the Mountain Pass, once it's finished It'll be uploaded and available for play! It's coming along nicely! Please stay tuned!
  13. I've decided not to release a new update just yet, I'm going to finish putting the finishing touches on the content I have so far and add some more. I hope people will continue to check out the demo. Please stay tuned and also, please leave feedback! Let me know what you think, if you think something is missing or something needs to be taken out. Please help me shape Moonfall to be awesome!