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Status Updates posted by Jonnie91

  1. I have the bug... for game making. it's been a very. very. long time...*reinstalls RPG Maker MV*

    1. Knighterius


      This happened to me recently too

  2. Something a little bit different from me (only the sibelius sounds so far) https://soundcloud.com/jonnie91/cafe-theme-sibelius

    1. Rikifive


      Simple, but very good! I liked it ~ it's kinda funny-nice-to-hear =)

    2. Chaosian


      Kinda reminded of some kind of school theme. It's got that RPG wholesome feel to it.

  3. So Windows 10 is installed...Could be much worse!

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    2. Jonnie91


      It is free forever.

    3. Mooglehugs


      then i'm going to try it. -keep's windows 7 iso in my back pocket just incase-

    4. Jonnie91


      I got more news, if you don't like it for the first month, then you can go back to your previous version of windows :D

  4. I've got a new competition, if you're interested in winning a free comp visit my commissions thread: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/13353-reopened-jstewartmusic-commisisons/page-4#entry224048

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    2. Knighterius


      Even for Jonnie commissions are daunting.

    3. sateda


      It sounds quite remarkable really. Takes me back to my final fantasy 8 days of Waltz for the Moon :)

    4. Jonnie91


      @sateda: Ironically that is one of the original pieces I listened to to help inspire me :D

      @Knight: Yup, more often than you'd think :D

  5. Okay. after two days, I've nearly finished installing my new Instruments...I'll get to play them soon!

    1. Cadh20000


      Have fun with them!

    2. When Bugs Roam Ur House

      When Bugs Roam Ur House

      Sounds like fun Jonnie :D

    3. Nestat


      I'm sure you feel like a kid unpacking his birthday present!

  6. So many unfinished tracks...I could make a resource pack of them all...that many :x

    1. Nestat


      Ok, then make one ;)

  7. If you don't have the Steam copy of VXAce than you can now download the VXAN Map Pack here: http://1drv.ms/1AU6GnO

    1. Otaku-kun


      The maps look awesome and your songs are incredible but for some reason, i cant download the pack on steam... :(

    2. Jonnie91


      Do you own RPG Maker on Steam? If so that's wierd, however if you don't own it on steam, I'll be uploading it to here soon, just gotta make a few changes first :)

    3. Otaku-kun


      Oh so the reason i cant download ressource packs and stuff like that on steam is because i bought RM on rpgmakerweb? Well thats unpleasant... -_- I guess ill have to wait until you upload it here. Thanks for replying to my comment. :)

  8. wow...this months restaff is going to be HUGE :D get your Hard drive's ready for this one!

  9. ....2am. I never thought I'd see you again...Blame Galv ^_^

    1. Knighterius


      *blames Galv* :3

    2. Jonnie91


      ...and maybe a little of FFXIV

  10. Looking for someone who is fluent in Japanese to proofread some text for me! Contact via PM for more details!

  11. I'm remaking one of my favourite oldest piecesl; one that was actually created for this site :D Anyone remember it, and can they tell me what it is :D

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    2. Jonnie91


      We're going older than that ^_^ although Manipulative Talker, WOULD be a good one to remaster :D

    3. yoda


      why galery still dosent work?


    4. Jonnie91
  12. I've updated my commissions thread with some new work I've written, come and let me know what you think: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/13353-reopened-jstewartmusic-commisisons/

  13. *dance* I'm back..back again...with a new and improved PC ^_^

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    2. Tsarmina


      Congrats Jonnie :D What we've been waiting for!

    3. AlliedG


      Welcome back Jonnie :)

    4. Nekotori


      I didn't noticed that you where gone... O_O *puts finger on top of the ninja alert button

  14. Fancy getting a new free track all you gotta do is give me feedback here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22089-music-feedback-thread/page-2#entry174910 and then it'll be amazing and FREEE!

  15. Hello again Windows 7 I've missed you!

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    2. Cadh20000


      And can't forget the way it does updates restarts by default. It tells you they are coming with a banner across the middle of the screen that you can't click off of to get to what you were doing, and if you tell it to close that banner so you can get to stuff it still restarts a few minutes later with no more warnings. There is no way to tell it to "Remind me later" except to completely customize settings, it just does it on its own instead.

    3. Euphoria


      That sounds horrifying :o

    4. Cadh20000


      It was...Until I customized every setting anyway. Now it is just mildly irritating.

  16. Remaking and adding full music for one of my first ever songs I wrote...it's so long since I've last looked at these lyrics. How things have changed :o

    1. Cadh20000


      Having fun with it?


      Not tempted to rewrite/edit it?

    2. TheoAllen


      ^ Editing your first music is like a hell. You need to change most of part which there is a possibility had a lot of fail melodies. I prefer remake / remix xD

    3. Jonnie91


      See, I was lucky enough that it was just guitar chords originally and the vocals were my own, so in some respects it's more of a "remake" :D Although the lyrical line is a bit simple to say the least. But I'm not much of a singer :D I'm definitely editing it and updating it with new instruments to make it sound prettier that's for sure ^_^

  17. A secret competition has started...see if you can figure it out :D

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    2. Allusion


      Gabldfedndinff. Hagrid is so cute!! <333

    3. Nekotori


      Now HP fans shall unite ♥~♥


    4. sokita


      ah, I want to be dementor, but dementor don't say any words, LOL


    1. Euphoria


      Now I really wish I could have helped you out with some resources, since I'll be taking some of yours :P

  18. Something a little bit different I wrote for Blindga: https://soundcloud.com/jonnie91/coffee-with-cream

    1. Allusion


      Ooo~ Nice! It makes me feel like I need a black beret, a tall latte, and a poem. =w=

  19. I've been busy...including the release of my new resource pack wanna know more check out this thread: http://tinyurl.com/l2zygfp