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    music academy Music Software Tools

    Music Software Tools Something I've not actually written up about yet is tools that are useful for you to use when writing and creating music for RPG Maker. Some of these pieces of software are free other aren't. If you have any other useful stuff that you'd suggest any budding musician to use than reply below and I'll add them on DAW: Digital Audio Workstations DAW's is the MUST HAVE software for musicians. If you are wanting to take Music Production seriously then you need to invest/use one of these babies, with it you can create almost ANYTHING that your heart can have. Avid ProTools: Description: An Expensive Audio Production Center for Windows and Mac. I will openly admit knowing FA about Price: £550.80+ Cubase Description: A industry Standard DAW for Mac and Windows Only however, due to this is rather pricy... Price: £244 Apple Logic Pro: Description: The MOTHER of all DAW's only available for mac sadly, I personally don't like it as much, but it's what most modern day producers use. Price: $199.99+ FL Studio Description: A DAW that I know a little about, and is actually used by quite a few of the other RPG Maker Musicians! Price: From $99- $299 (Not including VAT) Sonar X3: Description: Another DAW in the countless end of DAW studio, is good for a medium sized budget, has a larger feature set than Reaper and LMMS and is what I currently am using now. Comes in three different flavours: Standard, Studio and Producer, each offers more effects/instruments etc for use in your tracks. You can also get it on Steam...if that floats your boat Price: From £119-499 (direct from Cakewalk) LMMS Description: A freeware DAW designed for simple day to day use with VST Instrument support available on ALL platforms Price: Free Reaper: Description: A GREAT value for money piece of software that is as quality as EVERY OTHER SINGLE DAW but is at a fraction of a price. You can download a DRM free trial version, (you are asked to purchase a licence after 60 days though) Price: Personal/Small Business Licence: $60,Large Business Licence: $225 Propellerhead's Reason: Desciption: I once again no very little about this software, it's not bad, but for me abit restricive, and the price tag is pretty high but provides a good amount of "Rack's" which have instruments bundled in on them. Not bad DAW. Price: $400 Finale Notepad Description: Powerful notation software that will, essentially, get your ideas onto actual sheet music that you can print out. The samples that come with it aren't the best, but I find it can be more useful than a DAW at times. Price: Free (there are paid options available if you need more powerful features! VST's (Virtual Studio Technology) Instruments and Sample Libraries Once you've finally got yourself one of the DAW's up there you'll have access to a wide variety of expensive and not so expensive VST Plugins. These work alongside your DAW's and are key for Music Production. Most DAW's come with their own VST instruments and samples but these give you more alternative choices. DSKMusic I love their series, and without them I wouldn't be able to have got this far, all of their VST instruments are FREE for commercial and Non Commercial use, and some of my earlier pieces used all of DSK instruments, you can get everything from Piano's to Choirs and then to Classical Guitars and even Sitar and Tablas. Price: FREE! Cakewalk Dimension Pro Description: A recent, accidental purchase of mine, and I really don't regret it. Over 3.5GB of instruments are located in this beautiful VST. Everything from Ghost Pianos to full Orchestral Ensembles. I don't normally sing the praises of more expensive VST's but this is BRILLIANT value for money, and it actually comes with three free expansion packs! I wasn't complaining that's for sure. Price: £69.00 EWQL Description: Oh holy hell. this is the BEST of the best, It is used by the best Music Producers in the industry, If you can afford it. GET IT. It's ridiculously HQ and sounds EPIC. Price: $199+ (that is it in it's current sale price ) LA Scoring Strings Description: Another one of the beautiful string libraries out there, it's also quite pricey too, if you afford it it's another one you could get Price: $999.00 Vienna Symphonic Library Description: Another library that is similar to EWQL, but is argued to be better uses Kontakt as well. Price: Varies SSO Description: Is EWQL too expensive for you? Then this sample library is beautiful enough to create some pretty damn good music with, i use it myself and it can sound amazing! Price: Free Kontakt 5 Description: Kontakt 5 is a VST that is, for the most part, extremely powerful in its versatility. It offers several articulations for a wide variety of instruments and styles, ranging from orchestral to band to full-blown choirs. One of the biggest issues I have with it is its... Price: $399. I have purchased this myself Also, there are discounts available for you if you purchase a Kontakt Player instrument LUMINA A sample library from Project Sam in their Symphobia series. I cannot say enough good things about this library, the newest in my collection. The expressive possibilities, the articulations...it's all first rate. This library is particularly suited for writing fantasy type game music. You've got pretty much everything you'll need for that in one library! Price: $699 (Current Price direct from ProjectSam) 8dio Description: They have everything you could think of in their beautiful VERY detailed libraries. However personally, they're useful once you've got the basics cause they really are very detailed and useful in certain situations unlike things like Kontakt, EWQL and others. Price: Various Orangetree Description: Value for money, but beautifully sampled instruments, I love their Angelic Harp! Price: Various SYNTHESIZERS: Massive Pretty much everyone's favourite commercial synth, this baby has three oscillators, two multimode filters, mappable modulations and various modulation types (from envelopes to LFOs to direct control via MIDI CC or velocity, or even macros within the VST). It can make some great leads, basses, and everything in-between, but its interface is not very beginner-friendly despite how sleek it is. Oh, and it has some nice in-built effects, though the EQ is kind of crap because it only has 3 bands and you can't control where they lay and what their width is. Price: $199, but you save a lot of money getting it in Komplete, which I recommend doing as I believe this synth is a tad overpriced compared to some other offerings which have similar capabilities. FM8 An FM synth with a lot of character, it has 6 normal operators, a filter, and a noise generator. Loads of other parameters and built-in effects make up the rest of this almost modular synth but it is NOT beginner-friendly AT ALL. However, once you learn how to use it, you'll be making everything from classic PC-8801 sounds to modern dance basses or chord pads. A lot of people dig this synth and I love it too, but it takes a while to learn how to use it, and even veterans will have to put up with a little bit of a learning curve. It comes with an insert effect version that you can use to process other sounds, but I don't really use that. Price: $199, but I believe it comes with Komplete so you'll save money just getting that bundle to get these synths, Kontakt, and the next entry in this list. Reaktor 5 Not really a synth so much as a somewhat simplified software synth development tool and runtime environment. Synths made with Reaktor 5 can only be used by other users with Reaktor 5, and making your own synth is a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, Reaktor 5 comes with a decent lineup of great user-made synths and Lazerbass, which is fantastic. Some of NI's other synths require Reaktor, or come with an install of the free Reaktor 5 player, which allows you to play Reaktor synths but not modify them or make your own. Price: $399. Get Komplete instead and save the money, because in my opinion this VST is only really worth it for a few of the synths that come with it (particularly Lazerbass) but they don't add up in value to $400 for me personally. So getting it in a bundle with a bunch of other stuff would be a better idea. Absynth 5 A semi-modular synth I haven't used much. Has some nice in-built effects and comes with an insert effect version you can drop into your mixer, but I don't really use that. Has some great presets and a soft, configurable randomizer you can use to give yourself a slightly weirder variant of any sound you pick or make yourself. Price: $199. Get this with Komplete. Z3ta+ 2 A hell of a powerful synth with 6 oscillators, two multimode filters, loads of mappable envelopes and LFOs, waveshaping, built-in effects, a huge modulation matrix that allows you to map envelopes, LFOs, MIDI controls, and more to either parameters or functions in varying ranges, and visual representations of just about every main part of the synth. The GUI is great, the presets are good, and there's so many options that you can make pretty much any sound you can think of. There's loads of included waveforms and you can even use your own! This is my personal choice for a commercial synth—there's so much you can do with it you'll be able to use this baby in most situations. Oh, and the built-in EQ is actually very good, as it shows you at least which frequency band you're affecting and it has multiple modes. Price: $99. A pittance compared to other commercial virtual synths, and for how much it does it is very cheap. DRUM SAMPLERS: Battery 4 A very good drum sampler which has built-in effects and an internal mixer. You can map drums to external outs as well if you'd rather mix them in your DAW instead. The included kits are varied and extensive, and mapping is very simple and logical. The interface is also very intuitive. It's my personal choice for a drum sampler, but it's probably because I've only used FPC and Drumaxx before and am not a fan of those as compared to this. Price: $199. In my opinion, worth it on its own but if you want to get other NI stuff, get it in Komplete. Geist Looks good, though I don't have experience with this one. A bit flashy for my tastes and a little pricey, but it does have time manipulation effects, envelopes, multi-output internal mixer buses, and a sample browser... much like Battery. Price: $249 FREEBIES: Synth1 I haven't used it before but I've heard good things and pretty much everyone loves it. For a free synth (or for a synth in general) it's quite powerful, and includes a few mappable LFOs as well. The GUI is cluttered and dated, though. Crystal The other free synth by which all free synths are measured. This thing is... really complicated. However, if you can master it, it's very good for making all kinds of noises, right up to absynth-style soundscapes. This is because it includes built-in effects and practically anything can be modulated, directly from the synth itself. The GUI is not the best, but it's intuitive enough and things are organized into tabs and the like. You could say this is like Absynth's free (possibly older? No idea) cousin, and it's certainly as capable. You might like it more! Other Useful Software Audacity: Freeware Audio Editing Software, also useful for looping OGG Files TinyWav Editor Useful for looping WAV files for IG Maker If you have any others that you find useful then add them below using this format:
  2. Screenshot Critique Thread Welcome to the Official Screenshot Thread. Here you can post any screenshots related to maps, battles, title pages, anything in-game related you believe needs advice. Also, to ensure that you'll get the correct feedback include information regarding what the screenshot is about. Rules: You must leave critique on ANY previous screenshot. It DOES NOT have to be the last one you see. If you have already left feedback on a previous post, but then post your own image to critique. You are STILL required to give feedback to a DIFFERENT screenshot. (I cannot stress this enough ~kayden997) This is simply due to respect for other developers. It's not exactly hard to leave some advice on a previous post. It is common courtesy. We are all here to help each other, as is the point of this thread. Basically, to avoid any problems. just leave Critique on a screenshot in the SAME post as your thread. If you want to leave additional Feedback, without screenshots that is brilliant, however you are STILL required to post more if you post a different screenshot. No random Chit-Chat. A Screenshot isn't required but discussions between two members should be done via PM Spoiler Large Images. Wait 30 posts until you repost the same Screenshot. Do not double post. If no one has replied edit your current post and replace the screenshot All other Global Rules Apply If you have any other questions then feel free to PM @Jonnie91 or @kayden997 So I guess I'll go first: This is a screenshot from mine and Shaddows second game Lullaby. This is a Decision system. The mapping is only a placeholder. It will NOT look like that....Any feedback? Edit 7/2/13: If you have a series of screenshots you would like critiqued at once (3 or more screenshots), you may create your own topic in this forum and post them there instead of posting them to this thread. If you have less than 3 screenshots ready to be critiqued, then you would continue to use this thread.
  3. I have the bug... for game making. it's been a very. very. long time...*reinstalls RPG Maker MV*

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      This happened to me recently too

  4. Welcome to this month's restaff, this months theme was modern and futuristic, we've got some new users joining us as part of the guest release this month! Thanks so much guys! If you wanna join in with next months ReStaff send me a PM to find out the theme! Click here to download Guest Artists: TheoAllen First up this month, we've got a script from TheoAllen, fancy hearing a typing sound after every letter, well his script will do just that (Available from Zip File) Game Creations Game Creations joins us with some fully custom resources that work perfectly with the RTP! Spectre Another selection of custom characters, SUCH PRETTINESS much modern-ness Resource Team Tsarmina Got another beautiful CG from Tsarmina also a beautiful Game Over screen as well (shown above) Allusion In addition to last months Sci-Fi Characters Allusion has come back with another three! On top of some beautiful Icons as well! WBRUH We've got Cars and Cars and more cars! from Bugs this month! Beautiful work as always! Charlesthehurst Space the final frontier... Some spac-y backgrounds from Charles this month! Jonnie91 The mysterious ones, a sci-fi modern feeling track, which goes well with RPG Maker as well! Enjoy Thats all for this month, let us know what you liked what you want to see more of, and let us know what themes you'd like to see in the coming months!
  5. This month we let the ReStaffers out to play gave em the opportunity to do anything they want and this is what we've got this month! You can download the full rar set here Resource Team Tsarmina Some beautiful garden CGs for the summery games that appear at this time of year WBRUH We've got 3 beautiful 18-wheelers and also a chain-link fence to go with it! Jonnie91 This month I went for a more darker piece designed to make you feel rather uncomfortable quite similar to some of my older pieces, I give you the Gypsy Curse! Warning Dissonance is use in this piece, so it may hurt some ears Allusion Why yess Allusion has given us a BEAUTIFUL selection of stunning resources Including Busts and also a Windowskin! Simply marvelous! OneCutStudio Some DnD inspired resouces from OCS this month! Included is a static battler and sprite combi!
  6. Jonnie91

    Resource Feedback Thread

    Hey guys, so I swear we used to have one of these up originally but it appears not, So I'm opening one up now! This thread is for Art only! (ie Character Art and Sprites) If you are looking to get feedback on anything else then you can visit the following links: Screenshot Critique Thread (For Mapping, and UI Design) Music Feedback Thread Please remember the following rules: 1. Constructive Criticism not being rude! equally very minimal effort answers like: "Yeah looks good" is equally unhelpful! 2. Please give feedback on other peoples work where possible! Even if it's not in an area you aren't confident in, it's polite and helpful to give feedback 3. All other Forum Rules apply
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    anime ~The Anime Sprite Resource Well~

    Moved back to VX Ace Resources, as per request
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    Upgrade Issue Thread

    @Lord Vectra It'll be because we need to upgrade the Awards plugin
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    [SOLVED] WASD controlls / turning your character

    Closed as requested
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    Music Feedback Thread

    Hey all this is a place for all of you to ask and give feedback on tracks you might be working on! As the title stipulates, this is for WIP Music only, this includes SE and ME as well as standard music tracks. Any music that is posted here, can be WIP or something you've just finished and want feedback, please note that all work here is to be thought of not as free resources and you are NOT to use any music that is posted here, unless the creator says otherwise! I hope I don't need to say this, but please be constructive! Also, it would be appreciated if you comment on someone elses post before posting your own! it's only polite! I'll start us off: I'd really quite like some critique on these pieces that I've just written: JSM Party Pack
  11. Jonnie91

    Music Feedback Thread

    @Tuckie, it's still nice to share feedback on other's pieces, even if it has been a while, it might bring forth more conversation and learning for others this way. With regards to your track, it's certainly got a rather original sound to say the least, the use of various phone samples is pretty cool. Although it might be a little to far for me to handle, If this is looped as a track, it could start to fatigue listeners ears. I'm not sure whether you used a compressor on this piece, but it feels a little "pumped" that could just be me.
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    Lowering the timer

    Galv's Variable Timer is one of the best timer scripts that I've used, it's something that I've used in my time based project. It provides all the functions needed, and more
  13. For those of you who couldn't figure it out by the end, this month we held a "Avatar competition" in which your task was to work out the theme, and then create an avatar in that style, well done to everyone who has done so, and worked out the code and the theme, which was Harry Potter....so carrying on with the Fantasy and Magical realms ReStaff has continued this on with this months theme... You can download it all here Guest Contributors GameCreations Some beautiful tilesets in keeping with the RTP! Yummy and smexy stuff with animated magic-y things too! Bootiful. Spectre Bunding the laws of nature here, the Spectre has created some more smexy content this month. Including the above Earth Bender! Kotori-Chan Some Harry Potter related joys from Kotori-Chan, including a brilliant Hogwarts Uniform base for all you spriters! Woop Woop! Resource Team Tsarmina Our resident Red Head (as she likes to be called) has created some beautiful CG's of a castle, which has no resemblance to Hogwarts at all... -ehem- OneCutStudio Animations are on the agenda for Mr OCS this month, some beautiful fantasy related animations, and also includes some helpful instructions too How lovely Allusion Allusion and Spectre have come together to create a complete character set for Cassia! Charlesthehurst Charles has come forward with some icons and also the above "Dumbledore" styled sprite! Jonnie91 I've got another one coming shortly, but a few issues with my computer will mean that I'll be adding it in at a later date! Theo Allen and finally we've got a lovely script above from Theo Allen!
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    Young Prodigy's Music Thread

    I've merged your threads together, please only have ONE thread, for all of your music.
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    Greetings guys!

    If you message the creators I'm sure that they'll let you know either way, what their terms are, I'll take a peek at the ReStaff folder and try and see if I can find the TOU for the others.
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    Music Feedback Thread

    Question, can cover/arrangement music counts as well, or only originals? Provided you leave feedback on others work as well, of course you can
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    Noyemi K. Music

    Unlocked at OP's Request
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    NPC is not moving

    I'm gonna jump in here just to say, that event was co-created by Phillip (from RRR) he's still around in the community so do try to credit him, as well as Shaddow
  19. Jonnie91

    Advertising Section

    Yup, this is pretty much correct Adding a link that is useful to the post (such as a request for free resources meaning a link to someone's resource website) that's fine, we don't mind that. Coming over and making one single topic saying something like: This is the most frustrating, and disappointing thing to see on the site, as I said before, this is a place to make a community, and (as someone who runs an RM related business) I get that advertising on forums is great and useful, that's fine. But at least make some effort, don't just swan in making one post, to advertise your work and then bump your post every three days going: "I'm still available for commissions/art/ to join my site, come to my website" It certainly doesn't persuade people to come to your site, make yourself known in the community, make at least some form of effort, if you can't do that, and make a thread worth looking at. then just put it in your signature and hope for the best.
  20. Jonnie91

    Music Feedback Thread

    To be honest, that's far from awful, it sounds really awesome. It's catch bouncy, and the notes compliment each other with none (if limited) dissonance. It's a great start, and the tune doesn't get boring, which is brilliant! Great work on that considering that it's your first 8bit song! As a battle theme it is slightly lacking in the power behind it, at the beginning, I'd suggest adding an octave below bass note in the piano. In the main section, I'd suggest adding 2 lower octaves on the main piano section, to give it body, and depth, I'd suggest with your strings if possible, adding some variations in the dynamics, to give it a little more life to the strings, as they feel a little flat and lack life, and are giving a "shotgun effect". Changing the velocities should help slightly. I've got a little WIP that I've been working on recently. it originally was going to be a Café theme, but now I'm beginning to think it's a more VN school theme.
  21. Jonnie91

    Music Feedback Thread

    You are required, to leave feedback to other pieces, before posting your own. This is about helping others just as much as receiving help. Before re-adding attachment, please edit your previous message with feedback. (You can re-attach it by using the Full Editor)
  22. Jonnie91

    Advertising Section

    In the simplest of terms, this place isn't an advert board. There is difficulties enough with members signing up just to post one link, to send you off site to some other forum/place. We're creating a community, where people can create games and make friends. not sell/advertise their own forums/websites etc etc. Signatures are actually a great to advertise I use my signature to advertise my website and thanks to the addition to my signature the majority of links to my own website makes up a good portion of my websites' traffic. Although, you may not look at the signatures quite a few others do!
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    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    They normally have great discounts throughout the year, that cut it down VERY nicely
  24. Something a little bit different from me (only the sibelius sounds so far) https://soundcloud.com/jonnie91/cafe-theme-sibelius

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      Simple, but very good! I liked it ~ it's kinda funny-nice-to-hear =)

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      Kinda reminded of some kind of school theme. It's got that RPG wholesome feel to it.