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  1. I have been testing this system for a while now and everything seems alright. It works with most scripts and he beauty of this system is that its so simple and clean that you can just ad other scripts on top of it. I believe this is really great and allows you to customize the system to your needs. So far ive only found one bug, it only happened once and i haven't been able to recreate it. When you reach the part where you need to lite up some candles with the fire spell, if i tried to save and afterwards try to use the spell, sometimes it would only shoot one ball. I would encourage everyone to test the system with different scripts and/or try to make your own ad-ons for it.
  2. I used pixel movement to test it with your super awesome system, thats all . I am testing different scripts to see what works and what doesnt. Thanks for the info, i dled it and got the script from the master demo and it works well with this system! All i need now is to figure out how to increase the frames of the animation of the characters and ill be set to using this system!
  3. It is very compatible with anything since i didnt hard code any existing methods There is no way you can have lag with pearl abs since it has refresh only when needed and also an antilag is provided, but if you install another script such as 8 dir movement witch overwrrtite something may alter the refreshing methods. Try moghunters 8 dir movement instead Yes you can use bigger characters but you have to suit the sprites given to the height of you characters or create your own. Later im going to give a bigger character preset I searched for moghunters 8 dir movement, but it seems there isn't one available for vx ace yet ( i even checked his website). In addition, i tested the Pixel Movement - Khas Arcthunder and it works well, but only on the first map, if you go to another, it doesn't work any longer.
  4. How compatible is this with other scripts? i ask because i tried 8-Dir Movement by JV Master with this engine and it starts lagging. Also, would this engine allow bigger frames for characters? Thanks in advance!