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  1. Gadwin

    Radar Chart for Stats

    Hi Guys! I would like to know if there somebody is willing to create ta radar chart for the stats probably in the status screen. Reference can be found in blackmornings script below. http://bmscripts.weebly.com/basic-status.html#.VoVFAfl96M8
  2. Gadwin

    How can I rotate a bitmap?

    I want to try to rotate the bitmap that i have created using the rotate command but it seems it nothing is happening. is there any wrong with my setup? this.background = new Sprite(); this.background.bitmap = ImageManager.loadSystem($.Param.background); this.background.x = 50; this.background.y = 400; this.background.bitmap.rotate = 26;
  3. Hi All, I am currently working on an analog touch pad, but it seems i hit a dead end. I hope you guys can scan my code and help me finish it. Currently I was able to move the stick inside the circle pad, but the i drag the cursor out the circle it got stuck. I tried getting the closest point within the circlepad with respect to the pointer outside the circle pad, but it didnt work the way expected it to work.
  4. Something diabolic ^^

  5. Something diabolic ^^

  6. Gadwin

    Parameter Levels

    ok, thanks then i will just wait for the stack actor and class modification
  7. Gadwin

    Parameter Levels

    So does that it could stacked with the current script? is it also possible for it not to be random but with a customization? for example atk will increate by 5 every level and then it will increase by 15 every 5 levels?
  8. Gadwin

    Parameter Levels

    So it cant be stacked? average sum means class hp + actor hp / 2 right? T_T and i will have to set every growth rate.
  9. Gadwin

    Parameter Levels

    Do you mean that if I have applied growth rates on actor and class, the actor will overwrite the grow rates of the class? Is it possible for it to work together? because i have a change job script and i want to have the growth rate of the actor to be random and then the growth rate of the class to be custom.
  10. Updated: Added a background for each actor rect. It should look like STR33g1_Battle Status if proper image files are used. It should be more compatible with the custom battle system made by others. PS: sorry if the image sucks ~_~
  11. isnt pressing the cancel button erases the letter. Thanks anyways.
  12. Gadwin

    Game Log

    is it possible to see the kill count and the death count of a character? and is it also possible to view the death count of a specific monster?
  13. Gadwin

    VX Ace drawing random square in text

    can you list all the scripts that you have so that we can breakdown the conflicts
  14. Gadwin

    VX Ace drawing random square in text

    i exp. that when i inserted a text cache or cache optimization script.... try commenting out the scripts that affects the text.
  15. Gadwin

    Elemental Modifiers

    I have a question what will be the damage calculation if the defender has a - 100% resistance to ice while the attack has a 100% ice?
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