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  1. Hey man, happy birthday, hope u are doing great

  2. Note to self: advertising yourself as someone who understands the fine details of Victor's Animated Battlers script results in a metric shit-ton of PMs asking for help. :/

  3. Maybe I worded it wrong, but we're saying the same thing. The point I was trying to get across is, as long as it looks like you put at least a half ass worth of effort into it, it's not a waste of time, yours or mine. This goes for both professional and home brew, but I'd have to say it rings more true for home brew developers because they're home brew developers. There isn't anyone forcing them to make a game, they're doing it because they want to. So my point stands: if you're not going to put any effort into it, why waster your time or mine. That's all I was saying.
  4. Well, if my title came off as pretentious, I apologize. I assure you that wasn't the intent. I am curious as to what you look for in a title, though. Not singling anyone out in particular, but just look through any project development thread on any RPG Maker forum and you'll see multitudes on uninspired titles. I can think of a handful right here on this forum. Now, I can understand where you're coming from. Perfectly. Someone comes up with a really grand sounding name, throws something decent looking together in RPG Maker (enough to make a topic), and goes all "Hey, look at my topic! I'm a really good game designer!" And in most, if not all cases, that is true. I can't say that know the going success rate from project conception to completed game, but I'm willing to bet it's astronomically low. I'd like to think of Project titles the same way I think of the title of any soon to be released product. You think the new Playstation 4 is going to be called "Orbis"? No, the odds are good that it's just going to be called Playstation 4. The difference between Sony and us home brew game developers is that we can't say "Here's my project, 'Project 1'", or "Here's my project, 'Revolutionary'". For a good many of the RPG Maker community that just use the engine as a hobby, they don't have any financial investment in their project. Their only investment is their dedication and the interest of those whom they can sway with a really good title and a really well presented topic. I might be the only one who thinks this way. Am I set on Whispers of Eternity being the final game title? Of course not. Is it tied to the story? Yes. If it would serve purpose, I can easily go back and edit my topic to say "[Project Development]Codenamed: Whispers of Eternity", but...isn't that asking a little much? I suppose I'm being hypocritical for pointing out my issues about your issues in a topic that I made specifically so people can talk about their issues, but I just see things differently. I'm not saying don't look at people with glorified titles as trying to sound pretentious. I'm just saying that maybe they gave it a glorified title so that they can garner support from the community. To be honest, I would think you should have more issues with titles such as "Final Fantasy VII mark 2.5: The Secret of the Ancients" Just my two cents.
  5. I personally had no clue that custom algorithms we're...well, that customizable. *blinks* I both love and hate that you've opened my eyes to this. I love it because I realize the versatility that this now provides, and I equally hate it because now I have to go back and reconfigure just about every algorithm I've established. Oy vey....
  6. Lyson

    Message Window SEs

    To FenixFyre, or anyone else who might know the answer, If I planned on having voice overs in my project, would this be a good script to use? I've downloaded and played with it, and I know how it works, but I'm not sure how I would go about using this with Voice SEs. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  7. Hello to all! I'm sure many of you have seen my name floating around the forum over the past couple of days now (I tend to post a lot >.>), but I haven't formally introduced myself yet. Well, today that changes. My name is Kyle, or if you prefer to refer to me by my forum handle, you may continue to do so. I have been an avid fan of RPG Maker since one of it's earliest inceptions, RPG Maker 95. (I'm 27, I suppose that makes me an old fart around here...) My very first RPG Maker project was a simple 4 or 5 screen forest map, complete with boss battle at the end. I can't recall the name of it looking back now, but that project was my first foray into game development, and I've been hooked ever since. When RPG Maker 2000 came around, and I saw what was possible with it, (there was an RPG Maker 2000 game called .."Kindred something or other", very Final Fantasy-7ish, complete with sideview battle, unheard of at that time), I realized that I wanted to become that: the creator of a well made RPG Maker game that was lauded and loved by the community. I frequented an RPG Maker 2000 forum named "Arramon's Domain" or something like that, for quite a while, and I began work on a doomed from the beginning RPG Maker game known as "Revelations". I can't recall the plot at this time, but I remember it had something to do with Angels and Demons (a subject I'm still very much interested in today, which I suppose explains my love for Supernatural). I never really got into RPG Maker 2k3 much. I recall it having a built in side view battle system. I managed to create a project that encompassed about 15 fairly large maps, complete with world map. Again, I can't recall the story at this time, nor even it's name, but I do recall having a bad-ass old man character that joined your team to Frog's Theme from CT. I remember thinking that was so epic at the time.... And finally, I moved on to RPG Maker XP, where my most recent (prior to Ace) project resided. With XP, I resurrected my old concept for Revelations, and modified it (with the extra years of knowledge under my belt), and managed to make a demo. The demo covered (I think) about 20 maps, and ended with a boss battle. This version of Revelations was heavily inspired by the world of Ivalice. Ancient creatures known as "Isperras" had been discovered, trapped forever inside of crystal cages. The game began with the untimely release of the Isperra named Alastor, hell bent on destruction and chaos. Lack of support (or really lack of motivation - I was in my late teens at the time, and had other...more pressing issues...to be concerned with) resulted in putting Revelations (v2) in the storage locker, never to see light of day again. A couple of years later (my first few years of college), I picked up RMXP again. I decided to take a different approach and create a less serious game. The result was "Unlikely Hero", the tale of a fisherman's son, ironically named Hero, who just wanted to sell fish, but outside forces kept pulling him into these crazy situations. I was really pleased with myself with my zany cast of characters, who included: Damselynne Distresse, the ditzy and lovable love interest, who somehow managed to always find trouble.. Roq Harde, Hero's lifelong friend, who spent a little bit too much time lifting weights, and a too little time lifting a book Token Blunts, The hometown medicine man. He sometimes felt he was treated different because of the color of his skin, but the townspeople really liked his herbal medicines. Ellie Mental, A powerful spell caster with a severe mental disorder, Tourette's Syndrome. Her disability resulted in her spurting magical incantations at inopportune times. She also liked to curse. King Natso Evil, and his son, Iamso Evil. Natso wanted to rule peacefully, but Iamso had other plans... General Lee Stubborne, the General of the Evil Empire who relentlessly pursued the heroes and refused to listen to reason.. And many, many more. Unlikely Hero was well praised for it's creativity and humor, and unfortunately I never got around to completing it. It's a shame, really....that project had so much potential... The release of VX came about, and I frankly couldn't have cared less about it. When I saw that removed the versatility of the tilesets that were present in XP, I was turned off. It seemed to me that they were taking a step in the wrong direction, and I never messed with it. And that brings us to present day. I'm older, wiser, more financially stable, and currently working on a project, Whispers of Eternity, the concept of which is influenced by such light-hearted PS1 era RPGs, like Grandia, Lunar, etc. This is also the first project that I am financially invested in, and will be the first project I see to completion. Since I've begun work on it, I have invested upwards of 9-10 hours a day on it, and have outsourced to various individuals for resources that I cannot provide for myself. If anything, I ask that you, the community, continue to motivate me to get this game released. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with the end result. So please show your support! With that said, my name is Kyle, and I'm very proud to be a member of the RPGMakerVXAce community! If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask!
  8. Lyson

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Nelderson, is it possible to create a stat that governs player movement in battle? In the battle system I'm trying to put together for my project, I would like to have a stat (like Move) that determines how far an enemy or player can move across the screen. I don't even know if this is possible to do. I am also using Victor's Animated Battles. For reference, the inspiration from my battle system comes from the Lunar series, of course with my own modifications and tweaks to it.
  9. Lyson

    VE - Animated Battle

    Well, since we're discussing the uses of victor's script, I do have a question that I've been dying to ask on his forum, but haven't for fear of him chastising me for not reading the user manual (I have, I just have trouble understand the broken english, and what I'm looking for isn't really discussed) Basically, I want to remove the "return to original position" from all attacks and special abilities. I plan on using Yanfly's Targeting Parameters and Area of Effect scripts in my battle system, but it's pretty pointless to do that when enemies and actors essentially have a static position on the field. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, so I can't pull up the program, but I've tried messing around with it to no avail. Do I need to removes the action that governs return to original position from all action pose sets? (default, sprite, and kaduki?) For reference, I'm trying to make a system similar to Lunar's battle system (feel free to look up videos of combat), with some of my own tweaks to it. I've gotten everything for it done so far other than the part where when you move on the field you stay where you went. I hope I've been clear enough, please feel free to ask me to elaborate more, I'd be glad to do so.
  10. Lyson

    Transformation States

    Forgive my scripting ignorance, but where do I need to place this in the script? Do I replace the class Game_Actor > Game_Battler in the script with the one you posted above? When I tried that I got a script error message. I appreciate you taking the time to address this and your patience.
  11. Lyson

    Transformation States

    Fomar, how hard would it be to have this script to change the class of an actor based on each individual actor's id? Here's why I ask: I'm trying to implement a system in combination with Yanfly's State Field Effects. The mage casts a spell which applies a state to the entire field. In my system, as long as the state is in effect, the skills of other party members "transform" into another version of themselves which relates to that effect. For example: Mage casts a wind spell, and the Warrior's "Thrust" skill becomes "Wind Thrust", etc. etc. for each actor. Using your Transformation script, I can get Field State Effects to change class, but it applies it to all actors that have the effect. Is it possible to set it up so that it changes each class on an individual basis? Hopefully this can be done(it seems possible in my head), as it will fix the problem I'm having with Kread-Ex's Skill Fusion that I'm currently using. It works, but not as how I need it to. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  12. Lyson

    VE - Animated Battle

    Editted: I was retarded. Problem solved.
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