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    New, Noob, Hey :D

    Haha...ha...ha I can relate to that, maybe a bit too much ^^ Don't be afraid to browse the tutorials or to make threads if you need some help, this is what the forums are for after all. Oh and welcome to the forum.
  2. Your events are all over the place ^^ looks very funny tho, I tried to figure it out but it is tricky to understand while jumping between pictures. You can use switches, and self switches (who work only inside one event) instead of variables and jump between event pages that way. See the "new page event" and the conditions up there? this is what they are for. It will read the last page (the one with the biggest number) first. So instead of making him disappear with set move route you can just use a empty graphic. (there was this tutorial game made by someone here about switches... but im too tired right now) I also this just takes up extra time but if you like to do it that way, more power to you! PS: there is no (wait) on the set move route in the fifth and sixth condition for the father, maybe this is it.
  3. I see you updated the wiki page so everyone can see ^^., will you add Gx75 image to the wiki page and perhaps a screenshot of the finished maps? Oh and to everyone involved in bug hunting, please post the glitches there so that it's easier for others to avoid them and more organized. I second what joe shadow said; I am unable to see the full description of some of the moves and scrolling text or multiple pages would do the trick. Sleep/healing in your own bed would be different... not sure if a good thing, but interesting at least. Okay... so... I played through the whole East part I think found most of what there is to find as bugs, and posted it there. Sadly we can't access the university due to a bug but since the other version seems to be functional there is no hurry. ^ I don't think I got a chance to say it yet, so there it is.
  4. Blu

    Halloween Bash

    Don't worry about it ^^, I'll be more careful from now on in the game production threads. Hum, so I started playing and I have to say it looks very... dark pink, or is it called violet?
  5. Oh, barely noticed that a wiki had been added ^^ I'm eagerly waiting for the new release to post all the bugs there... Since I don't want to lose my previous saves and I want to replay from the start, is it possible to make several saves, or to enable this for the unfinished versions? Otherwise I can just edit the ini file.
  6. Blu

    Halloween Bash

    lol, you are supposed to write this before the spoiler, although I can only blame myself for clicking every spoiler in sight. Going to try this out... sometime in the future.
  7. Blu

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    You're welcome
  8. Blu

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    What exactly is the problem?
  9. Blu

    How to make spikes kill only when not hidden?

    You can fix this by making 2 pages. Should work.
  10. Well, seems like it's over on east for now. gertje1: Can you tell me what your pokemon team looks like? I have Frilish 18 Wingman 17 Mareep 12 and Skitty 10 and that egg thing.
  11. Please do, I'll work extra hard to find all the bugs in the upcoming versions. I got the two badges for the East Version so I think I'm through for now... this being said, it's been a while since I played pokemon but it seems that the poison acts a bit too quickly, I rarely have time to heal them if I'm out of anti-dote and didn't the poison states sometimes disappear?
  12. this is just too funny I know I did something wrong by succeeding in that test, even tho I expected to fail... I personally enjoyed the entrance exam... just so you know before removing it.
  13. Blu

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    Haha I'm not going to do your game for you ^^. So you want the easy way out? Fair enough, I can do that too. ( it's possible to share event files separately? ) I thought you knew how to make the flower pot fall down when the player touches it, if not I highly recommend you go check out one of the many tutorials about eventing, so that you are able to do things like that yourself. I put out the longer version so that you understood what I said and so that you are able to modify it at will; What I'll be showing you is how to make the ghost chase you: Trap event(calls common event): Ghost event(2 pages, dont forget to make the switch, in the custom movement route I just put "move towards player" and only checked repeating): Common event (dont worry about the comments and take out the message I wrote): - to make it "game over" just make the trigger on the ghost event, "event contact" and then select game over in the event commands (third page) - to make him slow down for a set period of time, jump backwards or only slow him down while he is on the tiles you use need to understand how the other method works that I explained... (you can do all that with a parallel event or directly in the common event ) hope this helps.
  14. Blu

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    Did you do it like it's on the screenshots? it works fine for me.
  15. I don't suppose you have a screenshot of this? I'm not sure where this would be. I think I know what they mean. There's a Hiker on the first route you get to and once he's challenging you he blocks the one spot that you need to go that way... It's still possible to go the other way though... There is a small lake and two ledges I think IF it is the same guy we are talking about, he moved after a little bit of time (or maybe if you change maps?)
  16. Blu

    How to make an interactive chase scene?

    Do you want the flower pot to move with the player as he runs? If not you can make a flower pot event that when the player interacts or touches it falls down Simply event the page with the pot (that's already on the ground) to activate on event contact. Oh wait sorry ^^, you need to get the coordinates of the ghost into a variable and the coordinates of the fallen pot into a variable. Now if the X and Y coordinates of the ghost and the flowers are the same then the event will happen. if the ghost goes on the tile with fallen flower pot his speed gets reduced (define movement route and then change movement speed) Btw don't ask me why I used bold, I just felt like it. ... Or simply use regionID but I have no Idea how to use them. Phew, hope that helps.
  17. There should be two functioning gyms in East Godra as of now... I think. Can you make it to Willow City? Oh, you could do that? I didnt think you could go since I tried and the officier warned me and he was still there afterwards so I though nothing changed... bug: If you talk to him after being able to pass you are trapped inside a loop where he says "hello there. stay safe."
  18. Oh A day night system that changes with your time, that's pretty cool. No need to update the ipoké right now, it's not something important. I don't need to listen to the same bgm over and over while I grind anymore, plus by chance I found out that you can add your own music Now that's something. Actually I think it is way easier if you don't pick a grass/water type at the beginning. I started off with Frillish and it was sooo hard to do damage, my absorb and bubble attacks didnt do anything and I had to wait 'til I ran out of PP... playing on the weakness of the pokemons is more effective. For the save: I think that doing it will only work with a new game. Nvm I got it ^^ Do you still want me to report bugs for the East Version since you have said yourself that there are lots of holes perhaps I should wait until you develop it a bit. (There are police officers on 2 routes and the it's not possible to take the next class... did I beat the game? )
  19. OP on the first post it would be useful if you could make a "known issues for the current version" part and update it so that to know if a bug has already been reported ^^. Question: Is the librarian (still in east version) supposed to tell me where the books are? Because I keep getting a message where she tells "if you have any questions please see me" but there is only that default message and I can't ask her anything. Somehow since I am in Holly City after I took professor Oak's class I am stuck in night mode, I changed maps, but nothing happened. Music: I've noticed that you can chose which song to play (it's awesome btw) and it changes the music back to the music of the new map when I quit a map. The bug is that it acts differently for different titles, for some it resets once I quit a house or I start a fight, and with others it stays even during a fight or if I enter a house until I change to another song. Perhaps there could be a feature where you can listen to music without it changing and another one where it automatically changes back?
  20. Okay this is definitely a bug, I'm playing on East Version and I got a map of the West at first, which was a bit confusing but okay. Now I just defeated the first gym leader and the map changed! Now it's showing the East cities. Edit: found something, if I am outside of the (Holly city) gym it shows East and if I am inside of the gym it shows West.. or any house
  21. Woa this thread is spreading like wildfire! Not sure if it's a bug or not, when I go take a look at the map half the names are shown but the names for the east are not displayed.
  22. Blu

    10 Minute Infinite

    Phew! Finally finished playing this game and I have to say you did an awesome job. After 6-8 attempts and fails to reach the top level I gave it one last try and succeeded, I thought I needed level 99 in order to beat him and didn't dare to adventure further... should have read Tsev's post earlier ^^. Little did I know the game is not that short! The gameplay was great and the character were fun, along with the level up missions, some aspects I didn't enjoy as much were the repetitive music and the lack of guidance in the chicken maze. I was really confused at first so it took me a while to figure out what I had to do after I visited each area several times, I even started to think that I had forgotten to pick up certain key items in town, necessary to reach the next level. The saving points (clock and cristal) led me to think that I could die there, which confused me a little.The other part of the timeless realm was more enjoyable and easier. Yeah good work on this, I enjoyed it.
  23. This weather simulation looked so impressive, I'm interested to see what else you will do. So far this looks very good.
  24. Blu

    Most EXCELLENT Discovery!

    Aha! Awesome that you figured it out, I always thought there was something more to it and now I feel stupid.