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  1. Track number two of my retro dungeon series is done! It's ice this time ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/inconveniently-shaped-ice

  2. Anyone fancy a retro fire temple theme? First one of many retro dungeon themes to come: https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/my-left-ear-is-burning-up

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. I found myself bobbing along to the beats. I would be happy to listen to more if you continue that series :3

  3. Anyone ever hear a jazzy battle theme? I'm currently composing one for a client and man, it's FUN! :D

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    2. Kaimen


      Oh, wow! That one's... interesting. XD

      Weird but kinda appealing. I like it.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Persona games, also jazzy pieces are fun indeed

    4. Kayzee


      Oh! How about this:

      Or maybe this:

  4. Milestone achieved! I just hit 100 followers on Soundcloud! Amazing and motivating! ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness

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    2. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Welcome to the 100 club.

    3. GoldUniGaming


      Your stuff is excellent!

    4. Kaimen


      Aww, thank you guys so much. ^-^


  5. Well, I managed to finish another song that's gonna be featured in a game. :)https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/theme-of-the-zomposer

  6. Harmonic minor experiment was a success. A song has been produced! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/walking-dunes

  7. Bought a midi keyboard a couple of days ago. Am I a musician yet?! XD https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CgxQYoFXEAEw0BU.jpg

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    2. Rezanta


      Well, Midi or not, here I come! (...that sounded a lot better in my head X3)

    3. Kaimen


      @Ragnos I have a few drafts played in already. Maybe I can make one into a battle theme. :D

      @Rezanta That WAS a rather midi-ocre pun, yes. :P

    4. DrassRay-Jacob
  8. Finished another commission - a battle theme this time. ^-^ http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/familiar-fight

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. It has a really nice tune to it, but also a modest beat to fight too. Not to upbeat, but not to slow. Sounds great :D

  9. Just finished another one of my retro tunes. I'm gettin' good with the chip sounds! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/spice-of-malice

  10. Composing a battle theme for a commission and it's hella fun but university constantly keeps me from working on it! D:

  11. Want a little background info about my creative past? Well, here you go. ^-^ http://kaimen-soundtracks.com/composers-note-6

  12. What do you do when you're on a creative hiatus? Exactly, you upload something you only had previews of online. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/confrontation-1

    1. lonequeso


      Lol. Creativity comes and goes as it pleases. It only takes a hiatus when it says so. =D

    2. Rezanta


      Great work :3 besides, mg creativity keeps getting bruised because of my free time shifting and opinions/critic sharks.

  13. Updated my website with a shop page. I guess I'm gonna compose for money now. XD

  14. So... this song was buried beneath some old unfinished projects. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/home-of-the-woodfolk

  15. Experiment finished. IT'S ALIVE! ... Sorta. Futuristic-sounding dungeon theme, go! https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/sinister-whisper

  16. Remember that 8-bit battle theme I made? ... Yeah, me neither. But I went ahead and made a non-chiptune version of it. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/byte-buster-digital

    1. magic2345


      Sounds like something from a megaman stage! Nice!

  17. Anyone up for some 8-bit battle music? I sure am! :Dhttp://soundcloud.com/king-madness/byte-buster

  18. Kaimen Soundtracks - now with 100% more epic drums! XD http://i.imgur.com/42DCBX6.png

  19. I really love making chiptunes now. Here's my second one: http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/a-tower-full-of-monsters

    1. Rikifive


      Chiptunes are great! =3

  20. I made a chiptune. And I think I did well. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/operating-in-the-dark

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    2. Jason_Greene


      Of course! Why not compliment those who are superior at creation? :P. I love your work, though. Have a great day! :P

    3. lonequeso


      Very nice! It;s reminiscent of an overworld theme from Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Double nostalgia points!

      It sounds amazing.

    4. Kaimen


      Thanks dude. I'm trying to capture the nostalgia while at the same time retaining my composing style. Quite tough but doable. :D

  21. Gonna be working on some chiptunes for a while. I want to get a feel for them and make some retro music. :D