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  1. Track number two of my retro dungeon series is done! It's ice this time ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/inconveniently-shaped-ice

  2. Anyone fancy a retro fire temple theme? First one of many retro dungeon themes to come: https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/my-left-ear-is-burning-up

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. I found myself bobbing along to the beats. I would be happy to listen to more if you continue that series :3

  3. Anyone ever hear a jazzy battle theme? I'm currently composing one for a client and man, it's FUN! :D

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    2. Kaimen


      Oh, wow! That one's... interesting. XD

      Weird but kinda appealing. I like it.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Persona games, also jazzy pieces are fun indeed

    4. Kayzee


      Oh! How about this:

      Or maybe this:

  4. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    It's time for some more examples of what I can do when I'm promised some money in return! That's right folks, these two songs here are commissions made for a game by Nio Kasgami. Now even with proper album cover and all. :3 This song plays in certain safe areas where you're supposed to save your progress. Will it require a typewriter and ink ribbons? I don't know. I'm just the composer. Anyway, I decided to mainly use "light" instruments in this one. Harp, music box, piano, flute. Add in some choir and you've got yourself a nice lullaby-esque theme. Yes, I know, the pun in the song's title is terrible (that is, if you even get that it's a pun in the first place...) but I couldn't think of a more fitting name for this track. This is the character theme of the Zomposer - a character that's actually based on yours truly. Yes, I'm going to make a cameo in this game and this is gonna be my theme. Gotta say, I consider this one of my best works so far. To make it sound less serious (yes, this song is still in a minor key) I used a technique I call "Kirkhope-izing". What that is, is taking a song and apply the typical Grant Kirkhope features to it like the tuba and marimba in my case. Worked out quite nicely and resulted in a very catchy tune. ^-^
  5. Milestone achieved! I just hit 100 followers on Soundcloud! Amazing and motivating! ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness

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    2. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Welcome to the 100 club.

    3. GoldUniGaming


      Your stuff is excellent!

    4. Kaimen


      Aww, thank you guys so much. ^-^


  6. Well, I managed to finish another song that's gonna be featured in a game. :)https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/theme-of-the-zomposer

  7. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    So... I haven't been very creative lately but I managed to finish at least one song aside from a commission I did. And that song was more of a practice than anything. I was trying out some new modes and scales and discovered harmonic minor. So... I made a desert theme. There you go. To be honest, I'm not quite satisfied with how this song turned out. There's something that still bothers me about it but I don't know what it is. Might be the loop. Might be that I decided against adding choirs. Might be the strings. I dunno. Might rework it in the future.
  8. Harmonic minor experiment was a success. A song has been produced! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/walking-dunes

  9. Bought a midi keyboard a couple of days ago. Am I a musician yet?! XD https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CgxQYoFXEAEw0BU.jpg

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    2. Rezanta


      Well, Midi or not, here I come! (...that sounded a lot better in my head X3)

    3. Kaimen


      @Ragnos I have a few drafts played in already. Maybe I can make one into a battle theme. :D

      @Rezanta That WAS a rather midi-ocre pun, yes. :P

    4. DrassRay-Jacob
  10. Finished another commission - a battle theme this time. ^-^ http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/familiar-fight

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. It has a really nice tune to it, but also a modest beat to fight too. Not to upbeat, but not to slow. Sounds great :D

  11. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    Well, it's been some time since I last made a chiptune. Gotta say though, I'm getting good with the chip sounds. But listen for yourselves. Probably my best retro tune so far. However, it is, again, one of the songs I composed without anything particular in mind. I guess it could be a dungeon theme or a villain theme. Maybe even a stage theme for an action/adventure game or a side-scroller.
  12. Just finished another one of my retro tunes. I'm gettin' good with the chip sounds! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/spice-of-malice

  13. Composing a battle theme for a commission and it's hella fun but university constantly keeps me from working on it! D:

  14. Kaimen

    Beginning Musical Artist

    One of the most essential things that would be handy to know is how music actually "works". By that I mean, get to know the essentials of musical theory like scales, modes and the like if you haven't already. If you got a good ear you might be able to bypass that but it's still good to know nonetheless. It sure helped me a lot to know what scale I'm actually composing in. Makes things a lot easier.