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    Well, the obvious ones... games, music... a little bit of (voice) acting and comedy. Yes, I aspire to be an entertainer. ;)

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About Me

Well, I make music... You seriously expected more than that? wink.gif

Alright, alright, so... I am an amateur composer specializing, if you want to call it like that, in video game soundtracks, mostly for RPGs. I've only been writing my own music for about a year or so now, so if my music seems to be a bit simple that might be why. For those interested, my knowledge of music theory is limited to what I've learned in music class in school and from playing the saxophone for a couple of years.

In my earlier days of composing I mainly used the synthesizer as means of sound-creating. Recently though, I've changed from synth to "classical" instruments and I've been trying out some different styles.

Other than that, I am, surprise surprise, a video game enthusiast. And yes, I mostly play RPGs and adventures. Most of which actually influence my style and whose soundtracks occasionally are inspiration for some of my pieces. Concerning my favourite composers, well, there are many. And most of them are actually Japanese. XD

I also do some voice stuff from time to time, so if your game needs voice acting, I'm your guy. Just remember that English is not my primary language. However, I've always been told that there is little to no accent in my speaking. And once an acquaintance of mine who didn't know where I live guessed my accent was Scottish. Impressive for a German, huh? smile.gif


Okay, I suppose that's it. If you want to know anything, just ask. ^_^