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  1. Track number two of my retro dungeon series is done! It's ice this time ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/inconveniently-shaped-ice

  2. Anyone fancy a retro fire temple theme? First one of many retro dungeon themes to come: https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/my-left-ear-is-burning-up

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. I found myself bobbing along to the beats. I would be happy to listen to more if you continue that series :3

  3. Anyone ever hear a jazzy battle theme? I'm currently composing one for a client and man, it's FUN! :D

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    2. Kaimen


      Oh, wow! That one's... interesting. XD

      Weird but kinda appealing. I like it.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Persona games, also jazzy pieces are fun indeed

    4. Kayzee


      Oh! How about this:

      Or maybe this:

  4. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    It's time for some more examples of what I can do when I'm promised some money in return! That's right folks, these two songs here are commissions made for a game by Nio Kasgami. Now even with proper album cover and all. :3 This song plays in certain safe areas where you're supposed to save your progress. Will it require a typewriter and ink ribbons? I don't know. I'm just the composer. Anyway, I decided to mainly use "light" instruments in this one. Harp, music box, piano, flute. Add in some choir and you've got yourself a nice lullaby-esque theme. Yes, I know, the pun in the song's title is terrible (that is, if you even get that it's a pun in the first place...) but I couldn't think of a more fitting name for this track. This is the character theme of the Zomposer - a character that's actually based on yours truly. Yes, I'm going to make a cameo in this game and this is gonna be my theme. Gotta say, I consider this one of my best works so far. To make it sound less serious (yes, this song is still in a minor key) I used a technique I call "Kirkhope-izing". What that is, is taking a song and apply the typical Grant Kirkhope features to it like the tuba and marimba in my case. Worked out quite nicely and resulted in a very catchy tune. ^-^
  5. Download my music pack here. Contains 45 tracks for instant use in any RPG Maker engine. Terms of Use are included. Hello again and welcome to my personal music thread where I present to you my original works along with some pieces of information on each tune. Since I'm still kinda new to composing, most of my songs are relatively simplistic. However, I'm happy about every piece of constructive criticism and piece of advice you can offer. I only ask you to be honest about what you think about my music, okay? Alright, so, without further ado, let's get to some of my tunes! "Nightmare" Hard to believe that this song is the result of just me playing around with some synth instruments, huh? Anyway, as the title suggests, this song is about bad dreams. Maybe a dream sequence in a game in a strange and distorted kind of world...? https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/nightmare "Objection!" This one was one of my first pieces I ever (seriously) composed. It was a request from one of my friends who wanted a "Phoenix Wright-style Objection theme". Well, and this is what he got. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/objection-original-tune "Forest Sanctuary" One of my more recent songs. I must say, I'm quite proud of this one. It is very simplistic but I managed to capture what I wanted to capture - a smooth and soothing kind of song. Pan Flutes as leading melody instrument, some French Horns to back that up and a Marimba, a Bassoon and Pizzicato Strings with a repeating pattern in the background. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/forest-sanctuary-original-tune "Machine Gone Mad" The creating process of this one was quite interesting. Originally, I wanted to write a point-and-click-adventure-style riddle theme. Something similar to the puzzle themes of the Professor Layton games. However, I ended up with something completely different. "Machine Gone Mad" is the type of song that plays in some kind of futuristic research facility. At least, that's what I think it sounds like. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/machine-gone-mad-original-tune "Halspark Boss Battle" And this is the corresponding boss theme to "Machine Gone Mad". Basically, this is the gone-mad machine charging at the heroes. This one's also my first boss theme I ever created and it will be featured on a collaborative album with my friend, TheWeirdoMaxim. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/halspark-boss-battle-original-tune "Confronting Evil" I think the name says it all. This one's supposed to be the main theme of a villain. I could also imagine it as some sort of final dungeon theme as well. Basically it's supposed to build up to a final confrontation with the villain. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/confronting-evil-orignal-tune "Fighting Madness" I've made this one just yesterday. I thought I needed a regular battle theme to go with the boss theme I composed. The result was "Fighting Madness" which is still very simplistic but I'm quite fond of it. The only thing I'm not all to happy with is that it loops too soon... https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/fighting-madness-original-tune "Victory!" Don't really have much to say about this one except that it's my first try of combining synth instruments and classic instruments. Other than that it's a pretty simple victory theme to the battle themes I composed so far. https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/victory-original-tune Alright, that's all for now. I will be updating this thread once I've finished some more songs. If you want to use one of my songs for your game or the like, just shoot me a PM and we'll work something out.
  6. Milestone achieved! I just hit 100 followers on Soundcloud! Amazing and motivating! ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/king-madness

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    2. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Welcome to the 100 club.

    3. GoldUniGaming


      Your stuff is excellent!

    4. Kaimen


      Aww, thank you guys so much. ^-^


  7. Well, I managed to finish another song that's gonna be featured in a game. :)https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/theme-of-the-zomposer

  8. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    So... I haven't been very creative lately but I managed to finish at least one song aside from a commission I did. And that song was more of a practice than anything. I was trying out some new modes and scales and discovered harmonic minor. So... I made a desert theme. There you go. To be honest, I'm not quite satisfied with how this song turned out. There's something that still bothers me about it but I don't know what it is. Might be the loop. Might be that I decided against adding choirs. Might be the strings. I dunno. Might rework it in the future.
  9. Harmonic minor experiment was a success. A song has been produced! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/walking-dunes

  10. Bought a midi keyboard a couple of days ago. Am I a musician yet?! XD https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CgxQYoFXEAEw0BU.jpg

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    2. Rezanta


      Well, Midi or not, here I come! (...that sounded a lot better in my head X3)

    3. Kaimen


      @Ragnos I have a few drafts played in already. Maybe I can make one into a battle theme. :D

      @Rezanta That WAS a rather midi-ocre pun, yes. :P

    4. DrassRay-Jacob
  11. Finished another commission - a battle theme this time. ^-^ http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/familiar-fight

    1. Takeo212


      Oooh, I likey. It has a really nice tune to it, but also a modest beat to fight too. Not to upbeat, but not to slow. Sounds great :D

  12. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    Well, it's been some time since I last made a chiptune. Gotta say though, I'm getting good with the chip sounds. But listen for yourselves. Probably my best retro tune so far. However, it is, again, one of the songs I composed without anything particular in mind. I guess it could be a dungeon theme or a villain theme. Maybe even a stage theme for an action/adventure game or a side-scroller.
  13. Just finished another one of my retro tunes. I'm gettin' good with the chip sounds! :Dhttps://soundcloud.com/king-madness/spice-of-malice

  14. Composing a battle theme for a commission and it's hella fun but university constantly keeps me from working on it! D:

  15. Kaimen

    Beginning Musical Artist

    One of the most essential things that would be handy to know is how music actually "works". By that I mean, get to know the essentials of musical theory like scales, modes and the like if you haven't already. If you got a good ear you might be able to bypass that but it's still good to know nonetheless. It sure helped me a lot to know what scale I'm actually composing in. Makes things a lot easier.
  16. Want a little background info about my creative past? Well, here you go. ^-^ http://kaimen-soundtracks.com/composers-note-6

  17. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    Been a while since I last updated this thread. So I guess it's time I posted something here again, huh? Let's do that then. ^-^ Now this one is very special to me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first-ever commission (aka the first song that I got money for). The celesta sets a neat music box mood and is supported by some emulated clock-ticking to make an unnerving intro that makes you feel alone and lonely. I'm especially proud of this one since it carries so much symbolism in it - more than any other song I wrote thus far.
  18. What do you do when you're on a creative hiatus? Exactly, you upload something you only had previews of online. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/confrontation-1

    1. lonequeso


      Lol. Creativity comes and goes as it pleases. It only takes a hiatus when it says so. =D

    2. Rezanta


      Great work :3 besides, mg creativity keeps getting bruised because of my free time shifting and opinions/critic sharks.

  19. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    I hear that rather often. I don't know what is so special that I'm doing that makes my music sound that way but I'm glad it has a distinct and kinda unique sound to it. Could that be because I grew up between the generation of 2D games and the generation of 3D games? I don't know. Could be. Anyway, I'm glad you like it, I'm glad you're using it and thank you for your kind words. I'm definitely partying like it's '99!
  20. Updated my website with a shop page. I guess I'm gonna compose for money now. XD

  21. So... this song was buried beneath some old unfinished projects. XD http://soundcloud.com/king-madness/home-of-the-woodfolk

  22. Kaimen

    music The Mad King's Music Collection

    *does the update dance* Anyway, I've experimented a little and tried to create a futuristic-sounding dungeon theme. Don't know if that worked but I like what I've done here. Let me know what you guyses think. A little experiment with a combination of synth, piano, choir and ominous-sounding percussion. The arpeggiator bass and the synth pads add a sort of futuristic touch to this dungeon theme while the piano keeps up the suspense. The string bass brings seriousness into the piece while the choir is there to contrast exactly that seriousness and suspense.
  23. Experiment finished. IT'S ALIVE! ... Sorta. Futuristic-sounding dungeon theme, go! https://soundcloud.com/king-madness/sinister-whisper