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  1. Noyemi K's Mack-sized characters

    Mack sized, free use graphics for your games.
  2. Noyemi K. Music

    Thank you Cerephoros! I've been doing some stuff for an album of mucking around: https://soundcloud.com/mishkahd/shes-on-the-case-2016-ver
  3. Noyemi K. Music

    Space Station!
  4. Noyemi K. Music

    I have a new chiptune for a new Amihailu game I've worked on sporadically for a few months:
  5. Noyemi K. Music

    This month I've done some more covers! Here's one:
  6. Noyemi K. Music

    I made a quickie for creative commons (noncommercial) work following the completion of a jam.
  7. music The Mad King's Music Collection

    I like the Kaimen Retro stuff so far; can't wait to recommend it for some developers after it's done. A good general-use retro pack is surprisingly hard to come by.
  8. Noyemi K. Music

    Hello Mastermind! Unfortunately, I am not doing any unpaid work at this time.
  9. Noyemi K. Music

    Hmm, the thread's been very quiet for a while, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm even welcome here anymore. At any rate, I've done a film-style early 70s jazz track to round out the Heister set: https://soundcloud.com/mishkahd/the-soldier
  10. How to start writing VG music?

    A lot of the time inspiration for my chip tracks comes from some of my favourite funk, RnB, and jazz pieces. I'll incorporate compositional elements from those into new MML programs in my free time and wind up with something I like!
  11. Noyemi K. Music

    I covered my second favourite track from Legend of Mana for YM2608 and YMF288:
  12. Noyemi K. Music

    I have some new YM2203 stuff for you all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waHQhxocGF4
  13. Noyemi K. Music

    Hey folks, I'm back from a bit of a communication/self-improvement Hiatus I began in June. Since then I've actually picked up some professional music work and learned a bit of new (old!) tech for making chiptunes. For my PC-88/98 stuff, I now use the PMD drivers, which will actually function on the real hardware. At any rate, check out the new stuff: https://soundcloud.com/mishkahd/locked-souls-ost-bgm05-unused-variant https://soundcloud.com/mishkahd/locked-souls-special-track-x Some music for Hell Diary, written and compiled to PMD format.
  14. Noyemi K. Music

    This is a comparison video of Nightmare Castle's version of the Meadow World theme, to the Amihailu in Dreamland version.