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  1. Black Mage

    Greetings, I'm Jishaku Man!

    Welcome to the club, Jishaku Man!
  2. Black Mage

    My crafting script is not working... help pls

    Based on error, and looking at the script, I believe you did something wrong on the Disciplines hash on the module, or you're trying to access an undefined/unregistered Discipline. However this is just a mere speculation. You might want to put a demo where the error can be replicated so it can be investigated further.
  3. Black Mage

    Taiwan New Comer Here !

    Welcome to the club!
  4. Black Mage

    Text Reader

    What do you meant with loading file problem over specific size? If it's about the delay, I believe it's caused by the amount of the lines instead of the file size. It's true that more lines you have means more size; However, two files with same line but different size should have the same loading time, as most file reader reads the file line by line. Because this is an engine limitation oh how fast they can run a large number of loop, there's no way to improve this unless we're changing (to be exact, "improving") the algorithm on how we read the files. As far as I know, I haven't seen/heard anyone attempt to do this yet. For your information, I have a file such that each lines fit about more than half of the width of the game window. The size is 259KB and there's over 8K lines inside the file. It took the game about 3 to 7 seconds to load all those lines. I doubt there's a lot of game that'll need an information of 8K lines presented in a single window (Imagine how long it'll take to scroll them all up). Edit: I'm using my own text reader thought. It can load more than 1K lines under 1 second. EST Notebook scripts might have longer delay due to it have more customization (so it needs to run more script lines for a single text line) compared to what mine's have (almost no customization/options). I believe you could disable all those option on EST Notebook to make the loading faster.
  5. Falcao's website didn't have a direct source for the code either. https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/category/pearl-abs-liquid/ I believe you need to take it directly from the demo.
  6. Black Mage

    In need of script edit.

    I believe you need to edit the actual draw_item method instead the alias one (the one that you posted).
  7. Black Mage

    Please Help! Unwanted BG

    The default background is black. The transparent menu that you're talking about is actually done by taking a screenshot of the map (via scripting, obviously. There's a command for it IIRC) before transitioning, then call it back as a background on the upcoming menu.
  8. Black Mage

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    Glad that you got it worked out. Anyway, for studying purposes:
  9. Black Mage

    Khas Light Effects with Yanfly Fog and Overlay?

    Wait a minute... You said you use Yanfly's, but this is Victor's script inside the demo... Ahem, Victor's script are known to be incompatible with a lot of script and no support for them because devs/scripters doesn't want to mingle with his codes for various reasons. Anyway, since we've got this far, I'll see what I could do with it. But don't hope too much, since it's a Victor's script that we're talking about. EDIT Ah, I see the problem now. There's no conflict between these two script. In fact, changing the viewport is working. The problem lies on the light graphic from Khas (Also it's not entirely Khas's fault. It's how the "overlay" work in general that this is happened). You need to make the appropriate graphic for Khas's script to get your desired effect. Try the "ld" as a light and you'll see what I meant. Hope this help.
  10. Black Mage

    Khas Light Effects with Yanfly Fog and Overlay?

    I see... Can you set and upload a demo in a fresh project with those two script and replicate the problem?
  11. Black Mage

    Khas Light Effects with Yanfly Fog and Overlay?

    I'm sure that you need to change the viewport for each script. Find a way to put khas's light viewport above yanfly's fog viewport and I'm sure that your problem is solved.
  12. Black Mage

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    Your file got taken down, it seems. Perhaps next time you upload the essential project, you should obscure the filename into something weird or unreadable at all. The color list is on Window Base if you search it on a fresh project.
  13. Black Mage

    Commenting on Key Items

    Try this: Hope this solve your problem.
  14. Black Mage

    rpg maker xp RPG Maker XP What Are These Color Codes?

    My bad, the window picture that I mentioned don't exist on XP, it seems. The one in XP didn't have those color inside them. So, instead of referencing to the window picture, they have the color list listed inside the script. Here's the color list: case n when 0 return Color.new(255, 255, 255, 255) when 1 return Color.new(128, 128, 255, 255) when 2 return Color.new(255, 128, 128, 255) when 3 return Color.new(128, 255, 128, 255) when 4 return Color.new(128, 255, 255, 255) when 5 return Color.new(255, 128, 255, 255) when 6 return Color.new(255, 255, 128, 255) when 7 return Color.new(192, 192, 192, 255) else normal_color end The color is the one inside the brackets, with RGBT format, with T for transparency. "n" is the one that you put in the bracket, \c[n]. "normal_color" is white, I believe. (I might wrong like the last time, though) I'm sure you could just expand those value and add your desired color in. BTW, I also took a look at the script. The "color" stuff you mentioned above is used on getSkinColor method, but the method is not used anywhere inside the script that you gave. Are you sure that's the whole script?
  15. Black Mage

    Need help for Yanfly Ace Message System

    I believe this should to fine: \n<\fn[font_name]actor_name> YEA has an error on this though. Sometimes the escape character width are calculated as a string, thus an error happened. If by chance you stumbled upon this error, change this line (if it's the one that cause the error): dw += calculate_size(text.slice!(0, 1), text) until text.empty? into dw += calculate_size(text.slice!(0, 1), text).to_i until text.empty? Hope this solve your problem.