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  1. MP display error

    Do you have any script installed? If yes, maybe one of them is the culprit.
  2. Scripted effects list?

    puts statlist will print all state id contained inside it to the console. And yes you can use each_with index too, like this: statlist.each_with_index do |value, index| puts "#{index}: #{value}" end It will print all state id contained inside statlist; along with its index to the console.
  3. Yes. I'll save you some trouble. module YEA module MENU COMMANDS =[ :item, # Opens up the item menu. Default menu item. :skill, # Opens up the skill menu. Default menu item. :equip, # Opens up the equip menu. Default menu item. :runes, :class, # Requires YEA - Class System. :status, # Opens up the status menu. Default menu item. :formation, # Lets player manage party. Default menu item. # :event_1, # Launches Common Event 1. Common Event Command. # :event_2, # Launches Common Event 2. Common Event Command. # :debug, # Opens up debug menu. Custom Command. # :shop, # Opens up a shop to pawn items. Custom Command. :save, # Opens up the save menu. Default menu item. :game_end, # Opens up the shutdown menu. Default menu item. ] # Do not remove this. end end class Window_MenuCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: make_command_list #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_command_list for command in YEA::MENU::COMMANDS case command #--- Default Commands --- when :item add_command(Vocab::item, :item, main_commands_enabled) when :skill add_command(Vocab::skill, :skill, main_commands_enabled) when :equip add_command(Vocab::equip, :equip, main_commands_enabled) when :runes add_command(Galv_Shard::MENU_TEXT, :shards, !$game_switches[Galv_Shard::DISABLE_SWITCH]) when :status add_command(Vocab::status, :status, main_commands_enabled) when :formation add_formation_command when :save add_original_commands add_save_command when :game_end add_game_end_command #--- Yanfly Engine Ace Commands --- when :class next unless $imported["YEA-ClassSystem"] add_class_command #--- Imported Commands --- when :sslots next unless $imported["YSA-SlotBattle"] add_sslots_command when :grathnode next unless $imported["KRX-GrathnodeInstall"] process_custom_command(command) when :gogototori next unless $imported["KRX-AlchemicSynthesis"] process_custom_command(command) #--- Imported Commands --- else process_common_event_command(command) process_custom_command(command) end end end end Not tested. But I believe this will work fine.
  4. Scripted effects list?

    You can use the data to get the actual state from $data_states. As an example: $data_states[$game_party.members[0].access_states[array_index]].name This will return the name of the state id registered at array_index. The state array itself is sorted by the priority, I guess. About how to add it to the window, you can check the available command on Window_Base, such as draw_icon, etc to have more tools on designing the window.
  5. Scripted effects list?

    Put this script on your project: class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def access_states return @states end end It will make these code $game_party.members[party_id].access_states returns an array of states id from an actor whose position inside the party is party_id. In your case, the party_id should be 0. Hope this helps.
  6. It's called a lazy fix for a reason. The actual fix needs you to register the command inside the YEA Module, and add a case for the command inside the make_command_list, and there you put the line that I provided above. Or you could just try placing the line somewhere inside the make_command_list until you got the desired effect. It's a bad fix, but easier to do and won't do much harm (if there's any).
  7. You need to add this on Yanfly Menu Script: add_command(Galv_Shard::MENU_TEXT, :shards, !$game_switches[Galv_Shard::DISABLE_SWITCH]) Here's a lazy fix: class Window_MenuCommand < Window_Command alias bla_bla_command make_command_list def make_command_list bla_bla_command add_command(Galv_Shard::MENU_TEXT, :shards, !$game_switches[Galv_Shard::DISABLE_SWITCH]) end end Put it below both scripts.
  8. The scripts you provide gave me too many errors when I tried to open the menu scene inside the game (Yanfly Menu Script (1) fault, basically). Can you set a fresh project that's work with those two scripts installed so we can find a solution for your problem?
  9. Put these below the script: class Scene_Map < Scene_Base def paperdoll @spriteset.paperdoll end end class Spriteset_Map def paperdoll @character_sprites.each {|a| a.layer_bitmaps if a.character.is_a?(Game_Player)} end end class Game_Actor < Game_Battler alias c_e_b_id change_equip_by_id def change_equip_by_id(slot_id, item_id) c_e_b_id(slot_id, item_id) SceneManager.scene.paperdoll if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) end end Hope this helps.
  10. Can you set a demo or something? It's a bit hard to imagine what you already achieve with these 3 script by words alone.
  11. Fast Travel Script

    @Yung_Walrus I'm sorry that your post left unanswered for almost 5 month. A lot of IRL stuff are happening and I got busy this years. Not to mention that I rarely visit this forum. Anyway, for your problem, it's actually simple. You have 26 places but you only assign 25 switches. Thus the error occurred. I tried adding one switch on the switch list and it works fine. P.S As you already see, I rarely visit this forum. So if there's another problem occurs, you can tell me on my Wordpress and I'll visit this place again to solve it. My Wordpress: Trail of A Developer
  12. Fast Travel Script

    The main post has been updated with the new version of the script, with this feature included. Also, I put a new video and demo. Version 1.1 (13 May 2017) – Bugfix for select location window position. – Add dispose method to the script to prevent memory leaks. – Add customized BGM & SFX for the map. – Add customized location color feature. – Add location name window. – Add location description window. – Add location thumbnail feature. – Add available quest window for location. – Add current party window feature. – Add animated location icon feature.
  13. Fast Travel Script

    Whoa, sorry for my misunderstanding. Actually, I planned to add Location information window on the script in the future. I'll put an option for the thumbnail inside
  14. Fast Travel Script

    Something like this, right? If that's what you want, it's there actually. Explanations for it are placed on FAQ. I'll continue from there. The Picture needs to be named the same as the location name and placed inside Graphics/System folder. So, if you set the location name as "Australia", then the picture name would be "Australia". I'm aware that my instructions for this are a bit vague. You're welcome to ask questions regarding these matters. P.S The FAQ is updated with the explanation from this post.
  15. Fast Travel Script

    Fast Travel Script 1.0 by Black Mage​ Introduction Fast travel is a concept where you have several locations in a map (Usually this map is called an overworld map) and by selecting one of those locations, you’re transported to their respective location. That's this script's main function. Features 1. Allow you to fast travel between location. 2. You can use big map for your overworld. 3. Customizable BGM & SFX for the map. 4. Several additional windows for the map. 5. Animated location icon. Screenshots I'll put a video instead. It's showing how the map selection works. Youtube P.S Anyone know how to embed youtube video? How to Use 1. Put the script on your game. 2. Put the map graphic inside Graphics/System folder. Make sure you named the graphics “Map_Selectâ€. 3. Put the location selection window graphic inside Graphics/System folder. Make sure you named the graphic “Window_Mapâ€. 4. Put an empty graphic named “Emptyâ€. This graphic is needed to run the script, mostly as a placeholder. 5. Put the locations on the script. 6. Customize where each location will transfer the player when they're selected. 7. Customize a lot of other variables found within the script. 8. Call the map using this script call: SceneManager.call(Scene_Map_Select) Demo Demo using Script V-1.0 (Mediafire) Demo using Script V-1.1 (Mediafire) Script FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks Black Mage. Thanks to Sixth from RMW for reminding me that I forgot to put the dispose method inside the script. Also for several other contributions. Author's Note If you having trouble on using this script, and it seems that I rarely appeared here, you can go directly to my wordpress, and ask something there. I mostly roaming around there so there's no need to worry that your question will be left unanswered. Here's a link to the pages of this script in my wordpress. Fast Travel Script