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  1. I believe it should be class Game_Battler Fix that and see if it solves the error. :)
  2. Black Mage

    Trying to smash a bug in one of my old scripts...

    Try add this: class Window_MenuStatus < Window_Selectable def select_last select(0) end end Hope this help :)
  3. I believe Casper mistype the instruction there. This is the correct command: discover_currency(:s, boolean) Change boolean to either true or false. This is also work, I believe. discover_currency(:s)
  4. Black Mage

    Skill Trees

    Link Tsukihime's site is still up and the script is still there.
  5. Black Mage

    I feel that this is appropriate

    Welcome Bach!
  6. Black Mage

    ILurota's XP to VX Ace characters

    I believe you can't use them without owning an XP license, as this is not a remade from scratch.
  7. Black Mage

    Level up & Enemy drops in battle

    You can get enemy drop list by using drop_items command.
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    Hello There~

    Welcome to the club!
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    Level up & Enemy drops in battle

    I believe the only way to do that is through scripting, the same with item drop on death mid battle. Both is processed after battle.
  10. Black Mage

    Creating a one shot spell

    Let's say that the spell requires "several condition" before it can be used. Modify the condition into "several condition" and "switch X is false", is required. Set that the spell will trigger a common event when used, that it turns the switch X into true. (Basically, this is the general idea. I do aware that checking "switch X is false" for skill requirement is not there by default) When the modified requirement is met, the boss will cast the spell. After that, the common event will run, turning switch X into true in the process. Since we didn't have any condition that can turns switch X into false, we shall never met the modified requirement again. Hence the skill will be used only once.
  11. There's still an issue with the script even after I edit it. Since I was having a time constrain, I had to remove the script form my project. So yeah, the edit is kinda lost now.
  12. Just use a bigger canvas, lol. The girl in the video is the game player.
  13. Bigger Sprites. I'm confused. Can you elaborate this using pictures? Sprite Animations. Eventing is enough to do that. As a matter of fact, every sprite animation from this video is done through eventing (Though you need to make the animation frame by frame). Although the ability to use .gif sprite set would be nice.
  14. Black Mage

    Permanent Death Mod?

    You can use persistent data script for this. I made one for XP, and I'm sure one for VXA existed as well. The idea on "how the script is used" is like this: When someone dies, a Boolean variable turns true (let say the variable name is 'hero_n', and this variable is set to be persistent), and save the variable via script call (usually provided by the persistent data script itself). Upon load completed, check those 'hero_n' variables (they're exist and have updated values from previous gameplay because they're persistent). If they're true, kill the hero tied to the variable. That's it. You can turn the Boolean variable for main hero to false in the beginning of the game so that when the main hero dies, player need to restart the game from beginning, and then they can reload. Sorry for my lack of references. Gotta go fast. XP
  15. Black Mage

    Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls compatibility

    Indeed. Paper Dolls only change the sprite on map and menus. I've work on Vlue's Paper Dolls before, and his method is simple. I believe it's easy to replicate his method on Battle Engine Symphony, assuming the battle engine shows the sprite the same way Paper Doll does. I regretly say that I currently can't help you because my works piled up. So I'll leave the other to help you out. I do will check this thread if my work is finished and if I remember.
  16. Black Mage

    hola a todos, hello everyone

    Welcome to the club! XD
  17. @Quack Somehow I can't save the game when using this script. Tested on a fresh project, only Yami Chatter Box and this script installed. EDIT: Turns out I found that @quack_msgs and @qmsg_windows can't be marshalled. I managed to fix this by turn both of them into an empty array before saving, and redefine them after saving or loading is successful.
  18. Black Mage

    Game Log Script

    Game Log Script by Black Mage Introduction There’s a time when you can’t continue playing a game due to some reasons. And after several weeks or months, you finally got some spare time to play it again. However, when you play the game, you forgot what’s the last task you’ve been doing. This script serves as a record of what’s happening when you last playing the game. It can stores some string as a game log and able to display it on screen. Though the intended function of this script is to show a game log, it can be used for many other purposes. Features 1. Let you save a string(s) in a named array. 2. Return the named array using it's name. 3. Show the array's contents inside a window. Screenshots How to Use The setup is simple. Just put the script above the main script, as always. Use this script call: save_log(key, text) to save the text on desired key. The new text added will be placed in the bottom of the log corresponds to the key. Use this script call: get_log(key) to return an array of log corresponds to the key. Use this script call: view_log(key, title) to view the log corresponds to the key given. The title will be displayed on top of the log window. Script FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks Black Mage. Author's Note If you having trouble on using this script, and it seems that I rarely appeared here, you can go directly to my wordpress, and ask something there. I mostly roaming around there so there's no need to worry that your question will be left unanswered. Here's a link to the pages of this script in my wordpress. Game Log Script Although it's stated that the script is completed, I do aware that it's just the basic of the script, and the utility still can be expanded more. Feel free to add your suggestion regarding the script and I'll try my best to accommodate your needs. Have a great day!
  19. Black Mage

    Where Are PM?

    Alternative: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/messenger/
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the club! Enjoy your stay. :)
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    Greetings, I'm Jishaku Man!

    Welcome to the club, Jishaku Man!
  22. Black Mage

    My crafting script is not working... help pls

    Based on error, and looking at the script, I believe you did something wrong on the Disciplines hash on the module, or you're trying to access an undefined/unregistered Discipline. However this is just a mere speculation. You might want to put a demo where the error can be replicated so it can be investigated further.
  23. Black Mage

    Taiwan New Comer Here !

    Welcome to the club!
  24. Black Mage

    Text Reader

    What do you meant with loading file problem over specific size? If it's about the delay, I believe it's caused by the amount of the lines instead of the file size. It's true that more lines you have means more size; However, two files with same line but different size should have the same loading time, as most file reader reads the file line by line. Because this is an engine limitation oh how fast they can run a large number of loop, there's no way to improve this unless we're changing (to be exact, "improving") the algorithm on how we read the files. As far as I know, I haven't seen/heard anyone attempt to do this yet. For your information, I have a file such that each lines fit about more than half of the width of the game window. The size is 259KB and there's over 8K lines inside the file. It took the game about 3 to 7 seconds to load all those lines. I doubt there's a lot of game that'll need an information of 8K lines presented in a single window (Imagine how long it'll take to scroll them all up). Edit: I'm using my own text reader thought. It can load more than 1K lines under 1 second. EST Notebook scripts might have longer delay due to it have more customization (so it needs to run more script lines for a single text line) compared to what mine's have (almost no customization/options). I believe you could disable all those option on EST Notebook to make the loading faster.
  25. Falcao's website didn't have a direct source for the code either. https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/category/pearl-abs-liquid/ I believe you need to take it directly from the demo.