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  1. Selchar

    In need of Disgaea 3/ Fire Emblem Style Weapon script

    DP3 happens to have a pastebin account where you can find his scripts, including his FE/Disgaea Weapon System. Pastebin FE/Disgaea Lite FE/Disgaea Full Apply Wtype Limit to Classes Patch
  2. Selchar

    Segmented MP Bar Graphic for VX Ace Request

    I see what Yanfly did now. His overwrite is some minor text position adjustments taking Font size into consideration. Regardless I updated both scripts in my previous post with built in compatibility with his Battle Engine. Sectioned Gauges also has compatibility with his Status Menu(I gave up on it in the Segmented one having that). You probably wouldn't notice a difference if you get the updated script(and placed it below Yanfly's Script), but it's there now.
  3. Selchar

    Segmented MP Bar Graphic for VX Ace Request

    First you need an overwriite of the draw_actor_mp method if you don't want the Mp text or values to be shown. Here's the original method with the text portion commented out. class Window_Base def draw_actor_mp(actor, x, y, width = 124) draw_gauge(x, y, width, actor.mp_rate, mp_gauge_color1, mp_gauge_color2) #change_color(system_color) #draw_text(x, y, 30, line_height, Vocab::mp_a) #draw_current_and_max_values(x, y, width, actor.mp, actor.mmp, # mp_color(actor), normal_color) end end As for Yanfly's MV Segmented Gauges script, it looked easy enough to convert so I did, tho it took me longer than it should have to realize I needed a .to_f somwhere. Yanfly also has a similiar yet slightly different script called Sectioned Gauges, that I went and converted as well. Just choose one of the above, either one is capable of dividing the gauge the way you want. I should mention neither work with Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine at the moment for some reason if you're using that. The difference between Segmented and Sections is that Sections is % based thus appears the same to all actors, while Segmented is constant based, and will look different between actors(assuming different max hp/mp values).
  4. Spent some time going through what games/projects I could find that credit Mr.Bubble. Found his Mix FF5 ver 2.0 script that way. Then I found his Load Notes from Text Files script in Crystal Noel's Pokemon engine demo. That leaves the following currently unaccounted for. Tales of Grace Title System(and premade titles vol 1, 2) 1.02 Arbitrary Records 1.0 Too Much Information Item Scene 1.01 Effect: Void Shift 1.3 Battle Rules Display 1.0 State Descriptions 1.0 And these have more up to date versions somewhere. Blue Magic 1.1 Dismantle Items 1.3 Real Time Cooldowns 1.3 That's as much as I can do in regards to Mr.Bubble's scripts.
  5. Before FailBox *cough* sorry, Dropbox, Mr.Bubble used Pastebin. While it doesn't have his most recent scripts like the ToG Title System, nor does it have the most updated versions of some scripts(The Crafting system posted above for example is newer), it has most everything else which is better than nothing. https://pastebin.com/u/mrbubble
  6. Selchar

    [VXAce]Script upgrade equipments

    It was a random example along with the case/when example to show the use of ruby to generate exp curves. That one translates to. a = 0 : initialize variable a (level+1).times : iterate over the next block of code by the number of levels the equip has + 1(I used tests with equip levels starting at 0) {|i| a += i*2)} : said block of code. i is the iteration count and I'm adding double that to a, storing it for the next iteration. return a after the code is done, which would result in an exp curve like... level -> exp required 0 -> 2 1 -> 4 2 -> 7 3 -> 11 4 -> 16 5 -> 22 6 -> 29 I think there's a better way to do it but I couldn't think of it, Either way it's useful to know a 'little' bit of ruby when dealing with scripts that call for some kind of formula.
  7. Selchar

    [VXAce]Script upgrade equipments

    1: Easy fix. 2: Also easy. module BattleManager def self.gain_exp instance_equip_gain_exp $game_party.battle_members.each do |actor| actor.gain_equip_exp($game_troop.exp_total) unless actor.death_state? end wait_for_message end end Just place the above below my level by exp script or edit it in. Edit: Or just grab the latest script version. 3: The formula for required exp is total, it isn't reset each level. You can also do multi-line formulas within the script to get your desired effect, not just in the notetags. For example: Default_Exp_Curve = 'a = 0 (level+1).times {|i| a += i*2} a' Default_Exp_Curve = 'case level when 0 then 1 when 1 then 3 when 2 then 6 when 3 then 10 when 4 then 15 when 5 then 21 else level*level end' Just keep how it works in mind and adjust your exp curves appropriately
  8. Selchar

    Did VX handle things better than VXAce?

    It's a mixed bag and comes down to preference. Ace is several steps forward, and a few small steps backwards, it is an overall improvement, but to reply to the individual things you pointed out. Actor/Class Parameters - I am totally with you here, I believe each actor should be unique and the class is supposed to be bonus stuff on top. Individual Equipment vs Weapon/Equip Types - This is all about preference, I rather like using Types for this, and it's easy enough to script the missing features and use the notebox. Not sure why they didn't think to have an individual equip allow feature but it's not that big of a deal. Enemy Weaknesses - I gotta give this one to Ace, it's a bit more flexible. VX does look simpler, will give it that.
  9. So you want the following. 1: Close the scene immediately after upgrading/enhancing. 2: Remove Gold Cost and replace it with an Item Cost. 3: Additional/Alternative cost that enhances an item more than one time(example 3x) You are fine with how the scene looks at least so that cuts down on the amount of work needed. I should be able to do the first two easily enough. The 3rd one I'm not too sure about unless I make an alternative identical scene and you just use a show choice event command to select which one the player uses.(Or I can think of something simpler while doing it.) I am out of practice when it comes to scripting but I should be able to manage. Oh another question on the item requirement. Is it: A: A single item for everything. B: A single item for most, but some can have an alternative. C: A combination of items. D: Tiered Item Requirements. Example Levels 1-4 take item a, levels 5-8 take item b, and levells 9-10 take item c. A, B, and D should be easy enough to accomplish, C would take a bit longer. Edit: Just noticed the pm(didn't before I posted). Will take it in consideration. Edit: I Halfway through what I thought what you wanted and I re-read your posts and something clicked. You're using a consumable item to call the scene throughout your game, and only wanted to remove the gold requirement and have the scene close automatically after a single upgrade? That's even easier than what I was trying to do. Try this alternative scene.
  10. Selchar

    Weapon proficiency script?

    For this kind of system I think the term "Weapon Type Mastery System" describes it better. The closest currently existing script would be DP3's Fire Emblem/Disgaea Weapon System
  11. Selchar

    Need script to improve enemy AI

    Enemy Notebox, and it requires the script I posted in post #21. Or you can use Tsukihime's Enemy Action Conditions which she posted earlier here and use her notetag in the same place, only difference as far as I can tell is that the list properly starts at 1 instead of 0, and Tsukihime only allowed the multi-line version of the notetag.
  12. Selchar

    Need script to improve enemy AI

    The skills you give enemies as well as their conditions/ratings under Action Patterns are called actions. It's basically a list, an index is pointing towards a specific point in that list. The very first skill on the list has an index of 0. Using a default monster's skill set, Number 30, the Demon God, he has the following skills/actions. Attack Nuclear Fire Breath Ice Breath Confusion Song Forget Cloud Dark Cloud Picking one at random.. let's say Confusion Song. It's the 5th skill on the list, so since indexes start at 0, that means that skill's index would be 4. Now I want to use the conditions you supplied, an hp condition and a once only condition. You can use the default condition settings to do an hp condition, so that just leaves the extra once only condition. We would be using the notetag <action cond x: y>, where x is the index and y is the condition you wish to add. Remember, 5th on the list meant index 4. <action cond 4: !$game_switches[5]> This adds an extra condition of requiring switch 5 to be off. We can shorten this to... <action cond 4: !s[5]> Now, how to set it so that when you use confusion song, you turn switch 5 on? You go to the skill in question(number 15), and add a damage formula that will do it for us. $game_switches[5] = true;0 The 1st part $game_switches[5] = true makes switch 5 true, the ; represents a "new line of code" to prevent errors, and you can add your own damage formula to the end. I just used 0 itself since the original skill didn't do damage. I hope that gave you enough information to go on. You can also do percentages... sort of by having the following formula. rand <= 0.75 The above will give you a skill that has a 75% chance of being considered, I say considered because it still has to pass through the rating system that's set up.
  13. Selchar

    Need script to improve enemy AI

    More or less, so you do understand how it roughly works. That would explain why for me it initially seemed like every 5th turn, it depends on how you look at it. Anyways this is where a custom action conditions script comes into play. You only want the skill used ONCE, and when hp is below a certain point right? This isn't possible by default, but can be done with scripts. You have some scripts pointed out up above, I went and made my own as well last night. Just use the default condition setting for the hp check, add a switch is off check using the above script(both original and custom conditions are considered), and have the skill, when used, activate the specific switch in it's damage formula. Presto! Just remember my script is using the action's "Index" instead of skill id.(made that choice based on multiple skills with the same id can be added to the action list at the same time), index 0 is the 1st action in the list, etc... I haven't fully tested it, but preliminary tests show that it works. Edit: Bugfix for something that I for some reason didn't run into earlier. Edit: It needs more testing, it works, but at the same time I'm getting an error that shouldn't be there. Edit: Fixed I think, indexes start at 0 now instead of 1 like I wanted it to.
  14. Selchar

    Need script to improve enemy AI

    It depends on what you mean by flawed. There are 2 parts of Enemy AI in Ace. 1: Action Conditions(includes ratings) 2: Targeting I don't understand the 2nd one(at this point of time), but I do for the most part understand the 1st. This is the main part of enemy actions selection. def make_actions super return if @actions.empty? action_list = enemy.actions.select {|a| action_valid?(a) } return if action_list.empty? rating_max = action_list.collect {|a| a.rating }.max rating_zero = rating_max - 3 action_list.reject! {|a| a.rating <= rating_zero } @actions.each do |action| action.set_enemy_action(select_enemy_action(action_list, rating_zero)) end end The following line: action_list = enemy.actions.select {|a| action_valid?(a) }This is the 1st step, it builds a list of USABLE actions. This means both the condition(if any) is true, and it is usable(costs). After that, it gets the highest rating skill among those that passed, and sets it to rating_max, and sets rating_zero to 2 below that. This is an important step as it helps to enforce actions or sets of possible actions that you want played out when their conditions are met 100% of the time. This is shown in the line: action_list.reject! {|a| a.rating <= rating_zero }, which removes skills with lower rating, meaning those high rating skills have "priority" It's all about how you use it. Give skills with conditions higher ratings, and give common skills without conditions lower ratings. Let me give you a quick example of an enemy's skill set. Rating | Skill | Condition 1 |Fire Breath | Always 2 |Ice Breath | Always 3 |Attack | Always 4 |Shock | 80-90% hp 5 |Bodyslam | 70-85% hp 6 |Life Drain | 50-75% hp 7 |Strong Attack | 0-60% hp 10 |Fire | Every 4th turn How do YOU think an enemy with the above configuration will act? I know already since I tested it. I'll be editing in the specifics but I'll let you(or anyone reading at this moment) think it over.
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