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    Survival System

    You skipped step 1, you'll want to put that event into "common events" in your database. Common events can happen anywhere in game, once triggered, they aren't tied to a single map.
  2. halrawk

    Dice-based gameplay

    I just used Google translate to get everything in English. It's not super complicated to use, so even with the broken English it's pretty easy to understand.
  3. halrawk

    [GDS] Ultimate Parallax

    By the look of the script, it seems like your file should be named "8_layer2". I don't actually use the script, so I'm not 100% sure, just looks like that's what the configuration states.
  4. halrawk

    Fantasy Bestiary

    As a general rule, every time you add a new script, start a new game. Often times loading a game with a new script will cause issues/crashes.
  5. Something like this? http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/21740-equipment-usable-as-items/ I've seen a few around, but can't seem to find others.
  6. halrawk

    CSCA Achievements

    Are you trying to earn an achievement? #============================================================================== # ** Script Calls #============================================================================== # earn_achievement(symbol) # # Sets an achievement to earned. The symbol parameter is the achievement's symbol.
  7. halrawk

    BM YEA VK Equip

    Just realized I haven't commented on this thread. I honestly feel like this script is a necessity now, I love the way it looks, the way it's laid out, and the way it's customizable just enough to make characters different, without having to put an extreme amount of work into it. I don't have any questions, just wanted to say, awesome job!
  8. halrawk

    Message Busts

    It's already under. I can actually do it all with switches and condition branches, so it's not super important, it'd just save a bit of time Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. halrawk

    Message Busts

    I know this thread is rather old, but figured I'd check to see. When using Yanfly's Message System, and using the commands \af[x] a bust won't show. My issue is the main character in my game changes, so I'd like to use \af[0] to always have the main characters bust always shown. But when using \af[x] it just shows nothing (face will show if you use the disable switch in the Message Bust script). Thanks for any help!
  10. halrawk

    CSCA Light Effects

    Quick question, I can't seem to figure out. Is there a way to have the Light stick to the character? As if they are holding a torch? I could probably set up a janky way to do it with events and stuff, but if there is a script call that would be much easier.
  11. To answer you second question, here is what all the parameters mean. You can check any time my highlighting the drop down menu in features (in the image, MHP is highlighted). I don't really know about the first question though.
  12. halrawk

    DarkCloud Weapon

    Lionheart_84, the original post was 13 April 2012. The author hasn't been active since Feb 06 2014. There is a good chance he won't be respond for a long time, if at all.
  13. Halrawk posted the photoshop file of the cards - if you cant find it, let me know, I will post it. It makes editing the cards extremely easy I actually only sent that to you. If anyone wants the template I made though: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrzfzhsslqtobao/Triple_Triad_Template_Halrawk.psd?dl=0 I think what Hearts is looking for though, is to have the background and frame added through scripts. So you can just have 1 background image, and it covers them all. So just have <image: background>. I don't think it really save a lot of time though, since you'd still need to make the card graphics.
  14. halrawk

    Battle Challenge

    Awesome fixes, everything works perfect now!
  15. halrawk

    IMR - Item Menu Remake

    Very nice looking re-design. I like how it allows a lot more to be shown in the description box. One thing I think would be a really nice feature is to have items display images instead of only zoomed icons. Maybe with use of notetags (eg. <image: potion>)
  16. You can see my card on the right, all I did was squish the numbers together a bit for all the cards I made. Nothing too fancy. I added a little black bar so you can see more easily
  17. Ya I just changed the formatting of the cards a bit, so the numbers were tighter, it fixed the covered number issue completely I haven't updated the script with any of the add-ons, so I don't know if anything has been changed (like the element script and stuff).
  18. This is awesome, I was having this issue with one of my little projects, but didn't want to change the font (plus I really don't understand how to change fonts scene to scene). This is much nicer, and easier to use
  19. halrawk

    Battle Challenge

    Hey there, I love this script, really adds a lot of fun to a battle, without being overly complex. One issue I keep running into though, is the challenge name is cut off on a bunch of challenges. He's an example image. Seems to happen with a bunch of the challenges, but not all (Perfect get's the 't' cut off, and a few others).
  20. 1. Go to [GTBS] Interface Settings and look for Use_Mini_Battle should be about line 48, change this to false. 2. You can set pass-ability in the tileset as normal. Seems to work for me. This should work for regular maps, and the Layy Meta Engine Isomaps. 3. Not sure on this one, but I'd like to know that too, I'll look around.
  21. Make your game start with 1 party member, then go to your database, under systems tab turn 'Transparency ON' on. When the game launches, it'll look like you have no party, but you really will, then you can just change transparency though an event when needed. That should solve the issue, I also imagine a lot of other scripts might have problems with no party members. Edit: No idea on the hookshot, though
  22. halrawk

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    Is there any way to grow an xstat with an item? I'd like to create a potion that increases str permanently by 1.
  23. halrawk

    May ReStaff: Futuristic & Modern Resources!

    The sprites included in this one are absolutely amazing!
  24. halrawk

    Gambit NoteTagger

    This. Is. Amazing! I'm for sure going to use this for random weapon/armor tags. Will save TONNES of time. Thanks a bunch!
  25. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe you get that error if you don't set a downed graphic on your actors notetags.
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