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  1. Jennestia

    Crafting System

    Same error as squallstorm - It appears on line 464 when you select a weapon: draw_icon(ing[0].icon_index,0,line_height*i) At first I thought it may have been a yanfly script conflicting, but it's just an..odd error. Everything but Weapons seem to work correctly.
  2. Jennestia

    CSCA Crafting

    Awesome script~ I appear to have an issue that points to 511: alias :csca_craft_refresh :refresh It appears to happen right as I load the game - granted it has been a year or two since I've been able to do anything RPG related so I made sure everything is as up to date as possible but I may simply be missing something obvious haha. Edit: Removed script list, it appears to have been one of my custom scripts I wrote recently that regards summoning ^^. Got the issue resolved!
  3. Jennestia


    Do you possibly have a controller connected to your PC and one of the analog sticks are obstructed causing them to be moved somewhere?
  4. Ah, ok thank you, I'll give it a go
  5. Sorry if I've missed it and am missing something extremely obvious in this regard -- I recall being able to write custom EXP curves through a script in RMVX but I can't recall if it was a custom script or default script; Is this possible in VX ACE scripts by default (I do my best to avoid playing with default scripts ><)? I know you can generate it through actors, however I like a fair bit more control over it.
  6. Jennestia

    Left-Side Currency Symbol/Icon

    Ah ok, yeah the script is better since it does add more options to do it a certain way ^^
  7. Jennestia

    Left-Side Currency Symbol/Icon

    Ah, thanks for the script, going to see if it works better than the method I did (though I've encountered no issues with the way I do it, but I usually stray from editing core scripts since if I recall you're not supposed to lol ><) This is what I do for example: Was that what you meant by instead of "default right size (the typical 'G' vocab)"?
  8. Jennestia


    Seems interesting though it's in a language I have no idea what it is.
  9. Jennestia

    VE - Character Control

    Very nice, will try it out soon though I must say..seeing Alundra sprite brings back bad memories haha.
  10. Thinking of how I'm going to "port" my game to VX Ace -- And if I'll finish my VX project translation.

  11. Jennestia

    Blue Magic

    I remember using your RPG Maker XP/VX one (if I'm remembering the author name correctly!) Thank you for this
  12. Jennestia

    Hello, all!

  13. Jennestia

    Hello, all!

    It's a difficult language to learn but worth it when you do, especially if you're at all interested in Manga/Anime.
  14. Jennestia

    Hello, all!

    Hey everyone~ I'm generally known as Jennestia or Razzalyn and have been active in pretty much all of the RMVX communities for a few years now ^^. I've been working on RPGs since even the SNES days and I consider myself more of a designer if anything, I do have talent with music composition as well but I generally remaster/edit music when it comes to RPG projects. I'm not that known in this scene but It's always nice to join a fresh community and meet a lot of new people, so I hope to get along well with you all ^^ I think personally for me I enjoy making RPGs because sometimes when you're playing an RPG you may get a thought "Oh they should have done it this way" or "They could have chosen this particular song for this situation rather than what they used it for" etc, so I found RPG Makers as a good way to get your ideas out in physical form with a set of tools provided for you, it's what personally drives me to make them. I also like working with people though sometimes it feels they'll abandon you quite quickly when it comes to recruitment on a project I also apologize for my English as I'm native Japanese, so forgive any grammatical errors, though I hope it's understandable enough as I work in English localization (from Japanese) so I hope it gets the point across well enough xD!
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