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  1. @Bhiemeswhjart It looks beautiful, you said that you wanted to avoid the look of most of rpg makers, and you really have done it. I hadn't never thinked that you could do things like this in rpg maker, i mean, everything is hand made and it actually looks good!. I suposse by the look of the screenshots that your game is kinda oriented to a surreal psychological theme, so i am kinda wanting to see what it's all about. Anyway, good luck!
  2. «Skeith»

    More then 1 icon set

    Well i had kinda those problems as well, so i searched and found this script that basically lets you have more iconsets. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/13829-custom-icon-sheets/ You can have 2 or more iconsets, and via note tags you can add the icons of ,for example, "iconset2" to your database. The instructions are pretty straight forward i believe. Hope it helps you in something.
  3. «Skeith»

    What Battle System to use

    I think a tactical battle system will suit it better, like you said, making something like fire emblem of even kinda like final fantasy tactics, were you create or hire your units and then customize them or change their class (or they may have a default class as well) suits the theme of a manager of a guild, BUT, making and managing a tactics battle system i think it's gonna be 100% time harder than a normal battle system, you will need more resources and a bunch of custom scripts, without counting the balancing and all the other tedious stuff. ( and since you are "new" to rpgmaker a normal battle system would be more viable, i suposse...) Anyways, if you wanna try , here is a tactics battle system that its kinda like the one in fire emblem http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/16573-gubids-tactical-battle-system-v24-for-vx-ace/ i have never tried it myself, so i dont know much of the configuration. Anyway, good luck with whatever you have in mind.
  4. «Skeith»

    Question about Parallel Process

    Sorry if i wasn't very clear, i meant the window that opens when you open an event, you know, where you put if it's a paralell process or the switchs and etc. Anyways, can you post the youtube video that you did see, and the screenshot of your event ? the problem must be in there.
  5. «Skeith»

    Question about Parallel Process

    Can you post a picture of the configuration of the event? i think it will be easier that way
  6. @LadyMinerva I have always loved Ro sprites, it makes me remember the time when i played it with my knight. Now i am sad :c The background looks pretty cool too. Also, i can see that you're using one of moghunter's Huds, the only thing that bothers (but it's just a minor thing) are that the faces of the characters are like "blocking" some part of the Hp section in the hud. Aside from that i really like how it's done
  7. @MasterTaffer Looks pretty good to me , Maybe if you add some plants or trees on the cliff that is on the left side in the first picture it will look better, Aside from that i like the castle map, it made me remember the hyrule castle of zelda a link to the past !.
  8. «Skeith»

    Monster Level

    Well this is a pretty nice tutorial a user made years ago, still i think it's pretty useful http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/4933-making-a-balanced-game/ Hope it helps you in something
  9. «Skeith»

    Show Choices in Ruby?

    In the event options, there's a option in the first tab named "show choices". That's pretty much it xD
  10. «Skeith»

    Stats maths.

    Well since you are kinda balancing your game maybe this tutorial will help you a little bit: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/4933-making-a-balanced-game/
  11. «Skeith»

    Putting unfinished game onto flash drive?

    it's actually very simple. What you need to do is compress your game, to do this you just have to click on "compress game data..." section. Once you have made click on this it will open this window. Here you just put the output folder in where you want it to be compressed ( and the file will be created in that folder) and since your friend has rpg maker, then don't mark the "include rtp data". (Rtp are the, you can say, the resources that come with the software, i mean the default grapichs, tilesets , etc, if you don't mark that section then the rtp data will not be included in the compression so the file will have less size, and since your friend has rpg maker, you shouldn't include it.) Besides that, everything is pretty straight forward. Well, for your second question, the files that are "external" are included in the compression, so you don't have to worry.
  12. @Eviei those potted plants don't match the rest of the map, ( the ones to the left and right of the blue torches in front of the house), those plants are actually interior tiles, so i wouldn't use them in the exterior.
  13. «Skeith»

    Opening doors

    I preffer action button, it kinda gives the feel that the character is actually opening the door.
  14. «Skeith»

    Maps for my project (RTP only)

    The map that is made with the world map tiles seems too "geometric", has theo said, try to make it more irregular, and the last picture. the one with that stone like entrace looks very caotic with those mountains from the field map on the right. Just my opinion c:
  15. @SGITC I like the style of the tiles, it gives it a feel of cell shading and stuff, and with the fog it really looks nice!.