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  1. Working on some more pixel art battlers, I love working on monsters so if you got any suggestions let me know!

  2. Thebigzumawinz

    commissions Inazuma's omega Pixel battlers, icons, and tile shop!

    just finished a few more pixels! Ayyye!
  3. Thebigzumawinz

    commissions Inazuma's omega Pixel battlers, icons, and tile shop!

    Did some more battlers for people.
  4. Thebigzumawinz

    'Splain Your Username

    Inazuma means lightning, my name is a pun "Lightning, the lightning."
  5. Ayyyye people, you ever wish you too could have amazing side battle monsters? Tired of the default? Drowning in over used art? if you answered yes to any and all questions then I Inazuma the lightning may have something for you! Here on the Zuma farms, we take care of our pixels raising them from the time they were small until they are big enough to leave home and start adventuring in your game! Need a harpy? No problem! How about different kinds of slimes? order and your wish is my command! how about a seven head fire, ice, and poison breathing hydra that is every colour of the rainbow? Sure but that is going to cost you! come on down to my neck of the woods and see what I can do for you!
  6. Thebigzumawinz

    commissions Amy's Pixel Place

    AH! the chance to bend the Amy's skills to I the Zuma's will! Perfect!
  7. Thebigzumawinz

    Indie in a Week 2!

    I'm a few hours off but me and my partner would like to sign up
  8. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Thebigzumawinz

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome to the forums and nice to meet cha!!
  10. Thebigzumawinz

    Should violent games be banned?

    There have been numerous of studies done that have said that violent video games makes kids violent in fact the studies reveled that violent video games revealed stress and make them have an alternate source of getting rid of frustration. Personally I do not believe that violent video games make people a bad person or anything because as a kid I played halo as a kid along with a lot of other shooters that was raited M and nothing happoned to me. I feel that the whole violent video games thing is being blown out of proportion with bad apples "oh he played call of duty and then he killed 11 people it must be the games fault because he clearly wasn't INSANE or anything."
  11. Thebigzumawinz

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    Man i should of done an actual pixel art instead of a side view battler like Dainiri lol
  12. Thebigzumawinz

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    Step aside scrubs it is time for I inazuma to step up to the plate. nah jk this is my entry to the contest.
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