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    How to remove the RTP?

    What I did was go into the windows 'program files - common files - enterbrain - rpgmaker etc...' and copy the entire resource (rtp) folder to another location and then went back into the originals and simply highlighted and deleted all aspects of the RTP including tilesets, audio... Then the rpg maker would open with a completely clean slate. Simply import each file as needed from the folder you saved of the RTP copy. It is important to first go to the 'System' tab in the open rpg maker and remove ALL of the preset sounds and music from the windws (ie Battles Start, Cancel, Game Start), as the game will try to 'pull' these from the original folders on your c drive. I am 3 months into my second project (scraped the 1st one years ago due to a pc crash) and hopefully have a beta version out soon. Most testing has gone well and I've almost configured everything to suit the western style high fantasy bundle from PV Games. http://johntherabid.wordpress.com/