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  1. So one of the things I've been thinking of doing for one specific character (who is solo in his whole part of the game) is to give him a group of skills that can only be used when he has a specific buff on him. So essentially, Mist of Clarity Rushing Rapids Deluge Judgement Are all sealed skills until "Pursuit of Justice" is activated. Activating the buff will cause the skill that turns it on to be on cool down for 5 turns. If one of the skills that it is tied to the buff is used it adds 3 more turns to the cool down on the skill to activate the buff. The buff will last for 5 turns, if a sealed skill is used within the duration the buff is removed. There may also be supplement talents that will add the buff after a certain skill is used or a combo is completed or something to that effect. However I'm not sure what the easiest way to handle it would be. I'm using YEP Plugins and have quite a few but is there anyone familiar with any of these Plugins that could tell me of an easy way to handle this skill/buff situation?
  2. Tharis

    Outside_D Tileset (WIP)

    New Update to this thread.
  3. There are some interesting ideas here and as we have seen, a lot of people tend to fall on the side of morally ambiguous protagonists and antagonists. This I kind of feel is more of a Zeitgeist than an evolution of how people want to view their antagonists. Whether you write an antagonist to be 100% evil or only 12% but with questionable tactics of achieving his/her goals one thing to remember is how it's framed. I think the problem with the Black / White, Hero / Villain isn't so much they are predictable it's that people don't really understand what makes a megalomaniac tic, and why anyone chooses to follow them. Personally I like to have my antagonists be in stark contrast to my protagonists (for the most part) I think some people fear to reach down into the deepest parts of evil and display that, even in a character they have to write. With good reason, look at what happened to Heath Ledger, no one can say that his Joker wasn't purely evil, and I don't know many who didn't find that utterly appealing in an antagonist. So really the audience is going to be attracted to your antagonist in much the same way as your protagonist. One last thing, as I mentioned above about people who are obsessed with ruling the world (or having all of the power, as it were) and this can be VERY difficult to write is that they are often extremely charismatic. That can be difficult because we often have to frame our characters from ourselves and not everyone is charismatic. Well that's just my two bits.
  4. Tharis

    Outside_D Tileset (WIP)

    Just posting this here to possibly inspire more people to work with the pixels they have available to them, also to share what i have. So this stuff is taken and manipulated from RTP graphics (except for the flowers those are miniaturized photos of real flowers) from MV's RTP and can give a little more life to what we already have. Enjoy! So I've dome some more with this just some recolors as well as some flag mounts and recolors of different flags nothing super special. I've edited some more of the RTP this time some of the Over Land tiles and one map of the world. I am currently using this as a way to set up strategy boards in a war council room you can use it for whatever you want. Some of the flags are a little grainy but the general idea is had, it's a nice effect in the game to see something like this.
  5. Tharis

    Wing Helm Parts

    Yeah it's nice to be able to add stuff on the click of a button but with this file it currently can't be added that way. I actually have the real helm to add to the walking sprites tonight when I get home from work. the one I put in this file was actually a work around I had used before on an ACE character. But I went and got the helm that will actually work with the face file image.
  6. Tharis

    Wing Helm Parts

    So I saw one of the characters in the trailer had a winged helmet, and I absolutely loved it. I thought for sure such an awesome part would be available to the character generator... and much to my chagrin, it was not. So i made an easy fix for anyone who wants to use it for a faceset SV_battler and Walking Sprite. To use the the battler helm you'll need to export the character you want to place them on, open up the rear wing then layer the character over the top of that image then layer the helm and wing over that and it should fit over them Enjoy! Also please do not move these from this site, as eventually the credit will be lost as to who made them.
  7. Loving MV, really wish it had better musical choices... only keeping 4 songs of the dozens offered... sad. Still fun though Loving the new SV sprites and character generator!

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    2. Nekotori


      electric guitars~ and Yanfly theme for Battle8 is so nice~

    3. Tharis


      I suppose if you are making a game where electric guitars would compliment the feel of the story then yeah this stuff would work, mostly the battle music. That's what sucks for me is that Guitars don't really work with my theme... unfortunate for me, but I'm glad you like them =)

    4. EraYachi


      Tharis, did you pre-order MV? If yes, go to the DLC folder in the MV section of your Steam Apps (make sure you activate it in Steam if you got it on the vendor's site) there's a folder in it called Basic Resources. TONS of music in there (almost 100 tracks)

  8. Tharis

    1 DAY BEFORE RPG MV's release!

    I just want to say how glad I am that enterbrain finally made an engine that will fit with my development regardless of what plugins will be available later. I should be able to go from start to finish with just what the engine provides and not have to worry about having conversations with scripters and coders about how things need to work to make my game! not that i don't love the scripters and everything they do, I would just rather do everything on my own.
  9. Not exactly an answer to your question but there is a larger sprited character (looks like 3 tiles wide an 3 tiles tall) in the trailer at 0:31 the likes of which are reminiscent of the larger monster sprites in VX and VXAce. Again, this isn't a definitive answer but it certainly lends itself well to the idea that it is possible.
  10. Tharis

    Style and Parallaxing Process?

    This looks good over all however the one tree that stands over the house near the middle left side of the map as a very odd shadow. The shadow looks like its directly under the tree or where the tree would be as if the ground under it was flat... however there is a house there that's roof actually eclipses the branches this gives it a very 2D feel. What you could do is take the very top of the shadow of that tree and put it over the top of the house at about a 1.25 magnification and stretch the part of the shadow that will connect to the ground to fit with where the ground is flat at no magnification and then cut the rest of the shadow that would appear on the house off this will help to give the correct spacing with the building and the tree.
  11. Tharis

    Town Maps Feedback

    I'm more inclined to see an implied story at a glance. Think about when you approach a building in Skyrim, even if it's a broken down house in the middle of nowhere you can automatically see that there is some kind of story there. The easiest way when making a house or town, to pull this off is to think of it in terms of "Who lives here? What kind of lives do they lead? What supplies are they going to need? Is it a major city, medium town, small hovel? Will items and goods stored outside become damaged (even if you don't have the resources to show this) or attract rodents? One thing I like to do is add fauna to my maps as well it's a nice way to get some life in the scene without having to add any dialog or work really. I tend to actually like larger single maps for smaller towns with some space between each of the houses (just make sure to fill in the space with some kind of detail like trees or other brush) and many smaller maps for larger cities with houses cramped together more, it helps both create the illusion that their respective sizes imply.
  12. Phil-S This is looking like a good start, you may want to add a few more "clutter" details such as boxes, crates, barrels carts or something that adds a bit of life and implied story to the town. I realize this is a work in progress but then again this thread is for feed back haha. still its a great start. Additionally if you do the 2 tiered buildings Hold the Shift key around the base of the second floor wall to help remove those spacing lines it helps to alleviate the building of feeling flat, or that the second floor is indented into the first.
  13. Tharis

    Is RTP bad?

    RTP isn't bad, in the sense that the graphics are ugly or are hard to work with. But remember you are talking to a group of individuals who have been looking at RTP (and even more importantly, beautifully made custom) RPG maker graphics for a lot of years. So the reaction you are going to get from this crowd is "been there seen that". So try branching out and asking people not on the forums or within the RPG maker community what they think. In the end though, you have to make your game's story, gameplay, or characters compelling enough to make people want to play it. I've seen RTP used brilliantly and I've seen it fumbled horribly so it's going to boil down to how confident are you that your game is good enough to play. If it's a great game those people who don't care about RTP will spread the word on how good it is. If it's not anything special no one will take a second look. So gauge where you think you are on that scale and proceed.
  14. Well, even though I've been starting my own business, changing day jobs, and planning a wedding I'm actually still finding time to make updates to Liphidian. I'm not quite ready to reopen the thread for it but that should be coming soon.

  15. All of these are great additions to the conversation though I guess what I mean by scenes of a wholly humorous nature is that they may be out of place in an overall dramatic game. My apologies if I was misinterpreted and that melodrama and melancholy may have gotten mixed up here (no one wants a cast of Eeyores).
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