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  1. So one of the things I've been thinking of doing for one specific character (who is solo in his whole part of the game) is to give him a group of skills that can only be used when he has a specific buff on him. So essentially, Mist of Clarity Rushing Rapids Deluge Judgement Are all sealed skills until "Pursuit of Justice" is activated. Activating the buff will cause the skill that turns it on to be on cool down for 5 turns. If one of the skills that it is tied to the buff is used it adds 3 more turns to the cool down on the skill to activate the buff. The buff will last for 5 turns, if a sealed skill is used within the duration the buff is removed. There may also be supplement talents that will add the buff after a certain skill is used or a combo is completed or something to that effect. However I'm not sure what the easiest way to handle it would be. I'm using YEP Plugins and have quite a few but is there anyone familiar with any of these Plugins that could tell me of an easy way to handle this skill/buff situation?
  2. Tharis

    Outside_D Tileset (WIP)

    New Update to this thread.
  3. Tharis

    Outside_D Tileset (WIP)

    Just posting this here to possibly inspire more people to work with the pixels they have available to them, also to share what i have. So this stuff is taken and manipulated from RTP graphics (except for the flowers those are miniaturized photos of real flowers) from MV's RTP and can give a little more life to what we already have. Enjoy! So I've dome some more with this just some recolors as well as some flag mounts and recolors of different flags nothing super special. I've edited some more of the RTP this time some of the Over Land tiles and one map of the world. I am currently using this as a way to set up strategy boards in a war council room you can use it for whatever you want. Some of the flags are a little grainy but the general idea is had, it's a nice effect in the game to see something like this.
  4. Tharis

    Wing Helm Parts

    So I saw one of the characters in the trailer had a winged helmet, and I absolutely loved it. I thought for sure such an awesome part would be available to the character generator... and much to my chagrin, it was not. So i made an easy fix for anyone who wants to use it for a faceset SV_battler and Walking Sprite. To use the the battler helm you'll need to export the character you want to place them on, open up the rear wing then layer the character over the top of that image then layer the helm and wing over that and it should fit over them Enjoy! Also please do not move these from this site, as eventually the credit will be lost as to who made them.
  5. There are some interesting ideas here and as we have seen, a lot of people tend to fall on the side of morally ambiguous protagonists and antagonists. This I kind of feel is more of a Zeitgeist than an evolution of how people want to view their antagonists. Whether you write an antagonist to be 100% evil or only 12% but with questionable tactics of achieving his/her goals one thing to remember is how it's framed. I think the problem with the Black / White, Hero / Villain isn't so much they are predictable it's that people don't really understand what makes a megalomaniac tic, and why anyone chooses to follow them. Personally I like to have my antagonists be in stark contrast to my protagonists (for the most part) I think some people fear to reach down into the deepest parts of evil and display that, even in a character they have to write. With good reason, look at what happened to Heath Ledger, no one can say that his Joker wasn't purely evil, and I don't know many who didn't find that utterly appealing in an antagonist. So really the audience is going to be attracted to your antagonist in much the same way as your protagonist. One last thing, as I mentioned above about people who are obsessed with ruling the world (or having all of the power, as it were) and this can be VERY difficult to write is that they are often extremely charismatic. That can be difficult because we often have to frame our characters from ourselves and not everyone is charismatic. Well that's just my two bits.
  6. Tharis

    Wing Helm Parts

    Yeah it's nice to be able to add stuff on the click of a button but with this file it currently can't be added that way. I actually have the real helm to add to the walking sprites tonight when I get home from work. the one I put in this file was actually a work around I had used before on an ACE character. But I went and got the helm that will actually work with the face file image.
  7. Loving MV, really wish it had better musical choices... only keeping 4 songs of the dozens offered... sad. Still fun though Loving the new SV sprites and character generator!

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    2. Nekotori


      electric guitars~ and Yanfly theme for Battle8 is so nice~

    3. Tharis


      I suppose if you are making a game where electric guitars would compliment the feel of the story then yeah this stuff would work, mostly the battle music. That's what sucks for me is that Guitars don't really work with my theme... unfortunate for me, but I'm glad you like them =)

    4. EraYachi


      Tharis, did you pre-order MV? If yes, go to the DLC folder in the MV section of your Steam Apps (make sure you activate it in Steam if you got it on the vendor's site) there's a folder in it called Basic Resources. TONS of music in there (almost 100 tracks)

  8. Tharis

    1 DAY BEFORE RPG MV's release!

    I just want to say how glad I am that enterbrain finally made an engine that will fit with my development regardless of what plugins will be available later. I should be able to go from start to finish with just what the engine provides and not have to worry about having conversations with scripters and coders about how things need to work to make my game! not that i don't love the scripters and everything they do, I would just rather do everything on my own.
  9. Not exactly an answer to your question but there is a larger sprited character (looks like 3 tiles wide an 3 tiles tall) in the trailer at 0:31 the likes of which are reminiscent of the larger monster sprites in VX and VXAce. Again, this isn't a definitive answer but it certainly lends itself well to the idea that it is possible.
  10. Tharis

    Style and Parallaxing Process?

    This looks good over all however the one tree that stands over the house near the middle left side of the map as a very odd shadow. The shadow looks like its directly under the tree or where the tree would be as if the ground under it was flat... however there is a house there that's roof actually eclipses the branches this gives it a very 2D feel. What you could do is take the very top of the shadow of that tree and put it over the top of the house at about a 1.25 magnification and stretch the part of the shadow that will connect to the ground to fit with where the ground is flat at no magnification and then cut the rest of the shadow that would appear on the house off this will help to give the correct spacing with the building and the tree.
  11. Tharis

    Town Maps Feedback

    I'm more inclined to see an implied story at a glance. Think about when you approach a building in Skyrim, even if it's a broken down house in the middle of nowhere you can automatically see that there is some kind of story there. The easiest way when making a house or town, to pull this off is to think of it in terms of "Who lives here? What kind of lives do they lead? What supplies are they going to need? Is it a major city, medium town, small hovel? Will items and goods stored outside become damaged (even if you don't have the resources to show this) or attract rodents? One thing I like to do is add fauna to my maps as well it's a nice way to get some life in the scene without having to add any dialog or work really. I tend to actually like larger single maps for smaller towns with some space between each of the houses (just make sure to fill in the space with some kind of detail like trees or other brush) and many smaller maps for larger cities with houses cramped together more, it helps both create the illusion that their respective sizes imply.
  12. Phil-S This is looking like a good start, you may want to add a few more "clutter" details such as boxes, crates, barrels carts or something that adds a bit of life and implied story to the town. I realize this is a work in progress but then again this thread is for feed back haha. still its a great start. Additionally if you do the 2 tiered buildings Hold the Shift key around the base of the second floor wall to help remove those spacing lines it helps to alleviate the building of feeling flat, or that the second floor is indented into the first.
  13. Tharis

    Is RTP bad?

    RTP isn't bad, in the sense that the graphics are ugly or are hard to work with. But remember you are talking to a group of individuals who have been looking at RTP (and even more importantly, beautifully made custom) RPG maker graphics for a lot of years. So the reaction you are going to get from this crowd is "been there seen that". So try branching out and asking people not on the forums or within the RPG maker community what they think. In the end though, you have to make your game's story, gameplay, or characters compelling enough to make people want to play it. I've seen RTP used brilliantly and I've seen it fumbled horribly so it's going to boil down to how confident are you that your game is good enough to play. If it's a great game those people who don't care about RTP will spread the word on how good it is. If it's not anything special no one will take a second look. So gauge where you think you are on that scale and proceed.
  14. Well, even though I've been starting my own business, changing day jobs, and planning a wedding I'm actually still finding time to make updates to Liphidian. I'm not quite ready to reopen the thread for it but that should be coming soon.

  15. So I have been thinking about some of the things I want to do to add a little bit of personality to my characters and give a little bit of a break from the melodrama that will otherwise accompany their conversations. However, most of the ways I've been contemplating doing this require more depth than just a few humorous lines, to lighten the mood, spoken between the protagonists. Like for instance on occasion resting at an inn may cause a quick scene where the characters play a harmless prank on each other or something to this degree. Now most everyone is going to think of this in the way that the witty banter is in movies like the original Star Wars films (IV,V,VI) (< that is not intended to look like a crown). But think about the effect it might have if an entire scene was devoted to just having a little fun even if at the expense of one of the other characters. Does this take away from the drama? So I'm wondering what people's responses will be.
  16. All of these are great additions to the conversation though I guess what I mean by scenes of a wholly humorous nature is that they may be out of place in an overall dramatic game. My apologies if I was misinterpreted and that melodrama and melancholy may have gotten mixed up here (no one wants a cast of Eeyores).
  17. Tharis

    Battle Symphony - Making Sense of Tags

    Ok, that makes sense I'll see if that works. Logically it makes sense what you are saying, I just wish the description for how those tags are intended to be used was a bit clearer as to how they actually worked.
  18. Tharis

    Battle Symphony - Making Sense of Tags

    Bump: Still have not found a solution to this issue.
  19. Tharis


    The flutes are hardly your fault. I just really love his music if not for those seemingly out of place high pitched flutes.
  20. Tharis


    This was a good game, Flarify! I enjoyed many aspects of if (though the music in some cases wasn't my favorite, it was well chosen for the mood you were trying to convey... those damned flutes!) not the least of which was your mapping, I have always enjoyed your ability and respect the effort you put into it. Maybe I made some wrong choices but I'm not sure exactly what was going on toward the end of the story... it was very vague, but all in all it's nice to play a game that has well written dialogue and compelling characters. Great job!
  21. Tharis

    Battle Symphony - Making Sense of Tags

    Ok it is set up as: <setup action> immortal: targets, true stance: user, magic hide nonfocus </setup action> <whole action> stance: user, march move main: enemies living ani wait: 9 stance: user, skill forward, x: 200 animation 007: enemies living ani wait: 17 wait for animation origin: user </whole action> However, the only change that occurred was that now all of the single animations play simultaneously (as they should and did before only this time just the once) but now the user of the skill still does not jump to the intended spot instead he jumps to each enemy individually and executes an attack (which is what the skill would do if I left it blank).
  22. Opinions: Would people rather have secrets in games be Super hard to find or "Brick to the head" obvious?

    1. Knighterius


      Can we have a middle where they aren't too obvious but nicely placed so that it is possible to find them. Although you can have some as a challenge as well.

    2. Tharis


      I'm sure there will be some of each kind (and some in the middle) =)

    3. Chaosian


      The harder the are to find, the more rewarding they are when they do get uncovered. Ever heard of Tokata's Song? That said, I bet From Software was kicking themselves in the balls for months waiting for someone to find Ash Lake in Dark Souls.

  23. So glad to have made progress. It feels good.

  24. Ok, I've been working on setting up the main and side quest timelines for Chapter one. I have actually made a LOT of progress despite just having started back up again. I'm not sure how long it will take me to have the demo ready but if i can keep going at this pace (knock on wood) it should be a few weeks before I start asking for testers.
  25. DEMO AVAILABLE! NOW WITH ARTWORK BY RONINDUDE! Game Overview: Several eons after the "Aurora", the event that caused the first rays of light to shine out into the black abyss, darkness seeks to return to it's peaceful serenity. One by one the bastions of light have fallen, the line of Gods is at an end. The Final God of Light, Talinious, has been imprisoned, none of his progenitors remain to send aid. If this, the final bastion of light falls, all the universe will become darkness again. There is but one hope to stop the darkness from destroying everything, free Talinious and restore the line of the Gods. There is but one key to unlocking the void, the mortal to do so must be pure of heart. For if they falter, the gateway to the greater enemy will be open. At present, tensions between the nations of Forvania and Mogard are again rising. These former allies now vie for power and control of the political factions within their borders. However a more nefarious power works to manipulate both sides of the conflict to move about it's business unseen. Tharis has been tasked with the mission his Father cannot fulfill, to restore the God of Light to is former place. And at every turn, the world will seek to tempt him from his path, yet remaining vigilant is the only option if he hopes to succeed. Genre: This is a High Fantasy/SNES style J-RPG Game Progression: The game's development has been hankered a few times, however most of these hiccups are due to getting and listening to feedback by the community. In the end the game experience and story progression will benefit from the extended development time. Gameplay: A Quick note on the gameplay of this RPG. I am designing this to be as tactical as I can, which means that you will want to read the descriptions of each of your character's abilities, weapons, and armor so that you know when and how to use them. This will not be a game where spamming the attack button will win the day, outside of your standard battles (and even some of those will require more thought). I don't want to make this game a tactical nightmare, however I refuse to make it "too easy". That being said if you do read your abilities, weapons, and armor descriptions, and understand when and where to use them this should make for a fun and interesting game. Characters: Many of you will have noticed that The characters' original portraits have been removed. This is because I am currently in the process of commissioning new bust artwork by RoninDude of Deviant art. to give an idea of eventually what the characters will all look like here are some previews. Talinious Astris Tayron Bidden by his Father at a young age to prepare to fight the forces of darkness (and as well the very nature of being mortal). With the duty to provide the key to unlocking the gate at the forefront of his mind, Tharis is often asked to make hard choices for the sake of the existence of everything. Though he bares his burden well, sometimes cracks in the façade begin to form. This, is where his enemies will strike at him the hardest at his very heart and soul. Class - Paladin: These are the blessed warriors of Talinious, lost long ago after the God of Light fell into darkness and obscurity. Paladins engage foes head on, prefering to stay ahead of the damage and protecting their allys with a number of heavenly skills. They were originally trained by the God of Valor to fight with no fear, as such they are far less vulnerable to mind effecting spells. Effective Roles: Main Tank, Ally Buffs Strengths: High Defense, High Willpower, High Spirit, High Health Skills/Functions: Battle skills dealing primarily physical damage, also has limited acess to miracles which heal and buff defensive and offensive statistics. Weaknesses: Low Agility, Low Attack, Low Mana. Tharis is susceptible to Area of effect attacks due to his low agility, also skills and attacks that target agility as the defensive mitigation will be particularly effective against him. As we first meet Arysana we catch a glimpse of a girl who would like to lead a normal life, however we quickly find out that she is anything but normal. Born with the ability to manipulate the elements of the world around her, she often has no clue how to control her gift. This causes some issues with the Townsfolk of Bayle as they fear her power to destroy. Frequently a point of ridicule for the poor girl, her abilities have branded her a freak, and as such she has learned to be very fiery in her own defense. Despite the fact that she gets heated she is also quick to forgive. Arysana's gifts are not only rare, but actually unheard of, in all the study of magic (which in Liphidain is not extensive by any means) no one has ever been able to do what she does. This fact, combined with the stigma that most mages feel outside the big cities, make Bayle a very awkward place for Arysana to grow up. Class - Scion: The Scion is a gift from the heavens. Using magic in ways not seen by other mages, the scion is theorized to be decended from a celestial lineage, and thus granted access to the powers of creation and destruction, as are all celestials. Effective Roles: High Damage, Battle Control Strengths: High Willpower, High Spirit, High Agility, High Mana Skills/Functions: Arysana primarily deals damage and is effective against both large groups and single targets, she has limited access to debuffing and debilitating skills but most of these will effect whole groups rather than a single target. Weaknesses: Low Defense, Low Health Arysana is highly ;vulnerable to stunning effects, due to light armor. Her evasion is much higher than that of Tharis or Balidor, but if struck with a stun she will likely not resist. Balidor is the often underappreciated younger brother of Bayle's local hero, Fadar. He is driven by motivations of proving himself beyond his brother's notoriety. He wants to be able to step out from behind Fadar who seems to have eclipsed him since birth. Balidor is Loyal, and as many young teenagers quick to anger. His distain for his brother has become quite potent recently to the point of being unhealthy for their relationship as family. Class - Champion: These fighters are often found in the frontlines of the battlefield, because of this, they are effective at engaging multiple foes all at the same time. Effective with their chosen weapon to the point of deadly precision, Champions rarely miss their targets. Effective Roles: Secondary Tank, Area Damage Strengths: High Attack. High Agility, High Defense Skills/Functions: Balidor operates best when engaging multiple targets at once. Many of his skills have a modifier for defense. As such, High Defense will actually raise Balidor's damage as well. Weaknesses: Low Spirit, Low Willpower, Low Luck Balidor will not be able to withstand many magical attacks, because of this penchant for using metal armors and weapons he is particularly vulnerable to fire and lightning. Skills that use a target's defense against itself will be particularly effective against Balidor as well. Edwin is the younger brother of Arysana, he is obsessed with becoming an adventurer. He would do anything for his older sister. He often sympathizes with her as she is rejected by the entire town. He does on occasion tease her about her 'gifts' but usually at the wrong time, as is the case with most younger brothers. He looks up to Tharis, and enjoys his company as he seems to be of like mind. Class - Rogue: This profession is often entangled with illegal activity. Swooping in and taking that which is not theirs and leaving undetected is a skill many would not consider learning, but for those that do it can be quite profitable. When stuck in a jam, rather than wasting time slowly killing their foes one blow after another, rogues prefer to weaken enemies and be as efficient as possible, ending battles before having the opportunity to loose too much blood, or gold. Effective Roles: Debuffs, Damage Strengths: High Agility, High Evasion, High Luck Skills/Functions: Edwin's skills are primarily based on agility. Often Edwin lowers the effectiveness of an enemy's defensive statistics, this opens an opportunity to use another skill that takes advantage of that weakness and debilitates yet a new statistic. This being the case Edwin's major strength, when fighting, is to open opportunities to gain an advantage over the enemy during battle and turning an enemy's strength into their biggest weakness. In this Edwin is effective in controlling the flow of battle and turning the tide for the party. Weaknesses: Low Defense, Low Health, Low Attack, slow to gain TP to use for combo skills Because Edwin's attack is low, using his standard attack is not very effective and thus a lack of TP can be a point of frustration to his combination attacks. Also the player must know which attacks to use in combination with others for his damage to be effective, this can slow the battle down when first learning to use this character. Also Edwin is easily damaged by earth and wind based attacks due to his use of light cloth armors. Aylindra is part of an Honorguard called the Astril. They are crusaders that protect the Astrialus, the gateway to the crystal palace of Astris, Goddess of Love. She is passionate and driven. When confronted with the idea that the Goddess, may have had something to do with the down fall of another God, not only does she disbelive it, she actively tries to disprove such blasphemy. She joins Tharis, not only to protect Lynnessa (a priestess of Astris), but to show him the error of his ways. What she will find will open her eyes forever. Class - Astril: The Honorguard of Lady Astris, Goddess of Love. The Order of the Astrialus was created after Humanity was nearly wiped out, following the great celestial war. Forvan, the Hero that rallied the humans behind the banner of hope, established these warriors as a replacement for the lost paladins. Over time, as changes were made to the order, only women were allowed to join. These fighters employ great passion on the battlefield and are relentless and focused. They target one opponent at a time either using the enemy's strength's against themselves or simply overpowering them, they take battles one fight at a time. Effective Roles: Secondary Tank, Single Target Damage Strengths: High Agility, High Attack, High Spirit, High Willpower Skills/Functions: Aylindra's skills are (like Edwin's) Primarily agility based. Her damage is focused on one single target at a time, with very few skills that hit more than one enemy. She does not debilitate her foes but does use some of their strengths against them making her and Ediwn a very effective pair in battle. Weaknesses: Low Defense, Low Health Aylindra is not effective against swarms of enemies, because of her low defense, being hit multiple times in succession can be a point of detriment to her. Use of metal armors makes her weaker to Fire and Lightning. Lynnessa is the cousin to Arysana she has wanted to be a priestess her whole life. Most of the clergy of Astris are male despite the fact that the Diety is not. However some of the most influential of Astris' Acolytes are Female. Lynnessa has no ambition for power, or fame, she simply wants to serve the Goddess. One of the tenets of the religion is to fall deeply in love, and even though she has not admitted openly, this is secretly why she wants to be a priestess. When Tharis comes to Forvania to find Arysana, and brings news of potential treachery on the part of the Goddess, she feels it is her duty to get to the bottom of the accusation. Class - Priestess: After the fall of Talinious, most all of the major cities were decimated, in every case the first targets were the chapels and churches, as the large demonic horde washed over Liphidain like a wave of filth. After the war was ended, Astris herself appeared to the humans that were left. She promised her protection, and from this point forward no one remembered the other gods. Astris' priests are given acess to the goddess's ability to heal and and protect as part of the fulfillment of that promise. Some of the more trusted clergy are given acess to the offensive abilities the Goddess harbours, but only in limited amounts. Effective Roles: Healer, Ally Buffs Strength: High Willpower, High Spirit, High Luck Skills/Functions: Lynnessa's primary function is to buff and keep the party alive. Her healing skills often have multiple effects beyond restoring health. The temporary buffs of these healing abilities are to prevent frequent repeats of the same spells over the course of a battle. Leaving more time for Lynnessa to apply more effective, offensive buffs to the group. Weaknesses: Low Mana, Low Health, Low Defense Lynnessa's mana pool will prove to be a detriment to the priestess, she has a wide array of skills but a very low pool of resources to use these skills from. She will often need to recharge her mana mid-battle in order to maintain effective coverage of the team's health. She will have skills that will help to alleviate this problem but they are not immediately effective and must be planned, in order for Lynnessa to maintain adequate mana.             Main Credits: Lead Designer .............................. Tharis First Director ................................. Tharis Art Direction .................................. Tharis Lead Artist...................................... RoninDude Lead Writer ................................... Tharis Lead Alpha Tester ........................ Tharis Lead Music Contribution ............... Jonnie91 Testing and Feedback .................. Ocedic Eventing Consultant ..................... Obrusnine Design Consultant ........................ Ocedic Editor Design ................................ Enterbrain Artistic Credits: Major Contribution ....................... Enterbrain Title Screen ................................. Rgangsta (Booker Dewitt) Character Design ........................ Linni Character Design ........................ Holder Character Design ........................ Archeia Nessiah Character Design ........................ Scinaya Character Design ........................ Lunara Character Design ........................ Momope Character Design ........................ Earth587 Character Design ........................ Vibrato Character Design ........................ Pandamaru Character Design......................... Vee Character Design ........................ Closet Character Design ........................ Zanara Character Design ........................ Khobrah Character Design ........................ Loose Leaf (Mack) Character Design ........................ Charlesthehurst Landscape .................................. Enterbrain Landscape .................................. Celianna Landscape .................................. Tharis         Music and Sound: Sound Track ............................... Enterbrain Original Song ............................. Jonnie91 Digital Arrangment ..................... DjDarkX Sound Contribution .................... Milo (freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Stk13 (Freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Robinhood76 (Freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Argitoth (Freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Nextmaking (Freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Audione (Freesound.org) Sound Contribution .................... Tharis Game Flow and Programing: Major Scripting .......................... Victor Sant Major Scripting .......................... Yanfly Scripting Contribution ................ Modern Algebra Scripting Contribution ................ Kal Game Design .............................Tharis A Special Thanks to all community members! Thank you all for playing and giving feedback and help where needed. (Please if you happen to see some of your graphics, hear a sound or song you made, feel free to message me and I will add you to the credits. Some of these resources I found on sites that did not give credit, so if I missed you please feel free to let me know.) NEW Screenshots: Current Features: Quest journal: To help keep the player organized and maintain their direction. 2.5 hours of gameplay (roughly)   Features to be released: Crafting: Including, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Smelting, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting/enchanting (possibly more as I get into the databasing phase)! The crafting in the game will feature additional effects the player may add to their crafted items. This means enhancing things like potions to add additional effects, or to increase the potency of weaponry, perhaps raise the weak points of defense in a piece of armor. These effects will help to make the game more tactically engaging and fun. New extended, retooled storyline, to give more depth to some of the main characters and world of the game. New Graphical direction to add a bit of uniqueness to the look and feel of the World of Liphidain. New and more places to explore, previously small areas have been increased to allow for greater exploration, and all new areas have been added! New optional quests have been added allowing the player to connect with the world in some standard, and some more interesting ways. Lots of animated sprites filling the world with motion and life. The current Demo is available! Feel free to post any problems you find in the current demo here on the page. (NOTE: This currently does not contain the Features to be released) https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1wib0hqchtvsxw/Dragon.exe Liphidain: Dissonance of Darkness Demo v1.2 Available Now! Support this Game (Made by Chalesthehurst, what a stud)
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