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  1. Fomar0153

    Bye guys

    I'm moving on, see you round!
  2. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    I think the only pose with that option is the victory pose. If I remember I'll add it in the next version.
  3. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    No I don't make demos.
  4. Fomar0153

    Multiple Inventories

    Commercial and non-commercial use are fine provided I'm credited.
  5. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    Then the only other thing I can think of is that maybe you've entered her skill id incorrectly.
  6. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    Check that Samantha's battler is actually called "Samantha_battler" that would be my first guess.
  7. Fomar0153

    Multiple Inventories

    Script updated to 1.1, the gold not changing bug has been fixed. @MISTER BIG T: Thanks.
  8. Fomar0153

    Multiple Inventories

    Just occurred to me your script event does look like: $game_party.change_inventory("inv1") right?
  9. Fomar0153

    AP System

    Nope sorry.
  10. Fomar0153

    Basic Side View Battle System

    There are topics with lists of all the scripts, you could look there. I have two sideview scripts, one animated and one non-animated, both on my blog.
  11. Fomar0153

    Multiple Inventories

    You might not be able to load old files I've never checked. It could be a script incompatibility, try it in a new project and if it works it is an incompatibility. If it doesn't work then your setup is wrong.
  12. Fomar0153

    Multiple Inventories

    Did you reload an old save? If not what were you doing when the error occurred.
  13. Fomar0153

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #2

    No custom_formula_fireball exists in both Game_Actor and Game_Enemy whether or not an enemy can use the skill that calls it. a & b are the same as in the custom formula box.
  14. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    If I remember I'll add it in the next version as an option.
  15. Fomar0153

    Animated Battlers

    They should move across the screen, not heard of this before. It could be a script incompatibility but I'm not interested in supporting the current version of this script when I intend to update it soon. Edit the offsets in the script: # Set up Actor Positions X_START = 400 X_OFFSET = 0 Y_START = 0 Y_OFFSET = 60[/code]
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