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  1. Wren

    Skill Alchemizer

    Sounds pretty cool. So for instance I could have a fire spell and a light arrow spell, I could fuse them and make a fire arrow? Do I do this during a combat turn or from the menu before battles?
  2. Another more complicated solution would be to set up a common event that is in parallel and has a requirement of a switch 'ghost' being on, if it is on, it changes the actor's graphics to the ghost graphics and then turns itself off. Then you just need to run a conditional and check if your player is already in the ghost state when you add a party member and if so to turn on the switch. That 'should' work.
  3. Wren

    Worldbuilding: NPCs

    In one of my projects I made sure every npc was a different sprite and had their own first and last name, and even made them related to other npc's in town, and then even assigned them their own houses that you could enter and the map name was the last name + 's house. Some of my favorite cliches: The greedy shop owner who basically worships money. The helpful herbalist who gives away good merchandise to the hero for free. The bad apple townie who always blames the player for bad things happening.
  4. Okay, I like both ideas so far and see the logic behind both. Which leaves me still wondering which I should do.
  5. I know how you could make a sword on the ground and when they walk on it it will move and show an animation, but not when they select the menu. That might require a small snippit of script.
  6. Wren

    Template Database Project

    Sounds like an excellent project. Perhaps some others can come up with databases as well and we can build a library to help match the needs of people making quick projects.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Fhizban. I'm leaning that way myself too, but I think I'll let this stew in here and see if anyone has some insight that might make me change my mind.
  8. So I am making a rpgmakervxace based remake of the classic 80's board game Dark Tower. So far I have some of the core mechanics figured out, but I was wondering something: I can make it a straight copy of the board game in most respects, it appears even having up to 4 players, but I was thinking about adding extra RPG elements to extend game play. I was thinking about adding in a system where each human player gets to pick one of 10 Avatars and one of 8 deity's which will provide different stats, attributes, skills and abilities they can use while exploring the temples and ruins in the game. Should I put both types of game in and have the player select vanilla vs expanded, or would it be better if I just made the expanded game and just use the board game as the inspiration?
  9. Okay, I like this idea, and actually makes sense as that is how the original electronic game works, it would show the enemy unit picture and then a number, then your units and a number, then a noise (a happy peppy little sound effect) if you won and it would show the new number of enemy units, or (a sad sound effect) show how many units you had left after a defeat. I guess I can do that, and after each round have the option to flee the battle (so in a losing fight you don't lose all your units). So I have a fight start, then determine how many bad guys there are, compare that to the amount of army units in the player's inventory, show the appropriate picture (created on photoshop by just layering battlers in the right number) and then show the enemy picture and their number, do the battle 1 random check with modifiers at a time and go from there. Again, thanks for your perspective and help here, Arrpeegeemaker, you're the best. I'm going to get you a credit as game design consultant, hah! Okay to close this thread out now mods, thanks a bunch to the community at large for having a place to bounce ideas off of!
  10. I don't understand the problem you are having, Dennis89. The method xoferew explained should take real leader in, move temp leader out, then put temp leader back in as a regular team member, then later allow another person to join and the temp leader now normal member leave the party all together. If you can, please explain using some names and some extra details on what you are needing to happen.
  11. Okay, so now I have a sort of grasp on how to handle the "computer" players now I need help on how to go about using items in combat in this manner: Every "turn" in combat you risk at least 1 army units against the enemy forces. If you are successful, you defeat at least 1 of the enemy forces. Occasionally, you or the enemy forces can score basically a crit and in that case you or the enemy forces loses 2 units. Also, if you or the enemy is out numbered by 30% or more the chances of taking a loss is doubled. If at any time you have 0 army units the game is over. So would I even have to use the battle scene to do this?
  12. So the screen would go dark and it would say "Computing Move" and I'd just do some number crunching behind the scenes and just determine what the computer player did and then just move the player to the place and roll for results then just display the results in a window, such as: "Player 3 traveled to the bazaar and purchased food." "Player 4 battled brigands in the ruins, lost 4 army and won 40 gold!" Like that? That is acceptable to me, and a good idea, thanks a bunch!
  13. Wren

    About Image Extension

    It's better to upload your image to a image site such as imgur or something and then use the button or tags to just display it in your post.
  14. It will be an homage and spiritual remake of the Dark Tower electronic board game from the 80's. The player will have to collect keys in order to unlock a central tower in the middle of the map. The other 3 players will also be attempting to do the same. I can make multiple players using Tsukihime's script to create multiple parties which have their own inventories, but how would the other players be computer controlled? They won't just be pathing towards the player, they would need to go about trying to achieve their goals like the player would. So I guess I'd have to create complicated and intricate common events where I move the player (in this case I would lock the controls and either dim the screen with the text "Calculating Move"...?) because after the actual human players have finished their turns they computer would be the player. Then have it check it's inventory, determine what it highest priority is, and attempt to do that. Sounds sorta fun..?
  15. Hi there helpful and pleasant RPGVXAce community. So, I am working on the project and I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to a few hurdles I have: I'd like to have a player or players to play against computer players in a strategic type of game where a player takes a turn and does things and then ends their turn and then computer players take their turns, but I don't even know where to begin in making such a thing. Is this possible via common events or would I need some serious scripting going on? I want battle to be handled by having a variable that represent army units. During combat you can lose army units, and if you ever run out, your game is over. So they are like hit points, but also you can upgrade the army units with gear so they are harder to kill, so they are also like characters. Any idea how I could accomplish this? I am thinking about making characters for each level of upgrades and somehow adding more than of them to the party? Any thoughts on how I could do either of these things would be awesome, thanks in advance to anyone who has some ideas.
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