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  1. FubarCharged

    Skill Ideas you can do with Custom Formula

    Do you know if it'd be possible using the custom formula's hide/appear to replace an actor with another? Like say a substitution or transformation? I'm not too up on Custom formula but want to experiment.
  2. FubarCharged

    Crystal Engine - Traitor

    Like this idea a lot. A bit of a shame it's not compatible with custom battle scenes, but it's a really neat ability regardless.
  3. FubarCharged

    Tutorial request topic/Victors states help

    Thanks a lot Obrusnine. I'll go post over there too.
  4. Hey guys! My name is FubarCharged(okay it's not really; it's a pseudonym if you're being pedantic) and I'm obviously new to this forum. I'm currently getting to grips with the RPG Maker VX Ace, I got off of Steam, and am a hobbyist spriter and illustrator. I'd dabbled with XP a few years back but after losing all the data on my PC I forgot about the program for a while. When it popped back up on Steam it was instantly number one on my christmas list and thankfully for me the winter sale knocked it down to a price even a struggling freelance creative could afford. Glad to finally be a part of this forum and sorry for the rambling. I do that. -FubarCharged