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    Music Loops & BGM Collection - Free Commercial Use

    This really amazing, i am planing to start new Game and i think i just find the best music that fit the story..... can you tell me how to download from soundcloud i would like to download all of your music but i dont know how to do it all at the same time .... thanks looking forward to see your next work
  2. OffeNDer

    file extension, online image host

    Thanks, it worked... i did this > i change the extension after i add them in-game... and it still work without any problem... thanks =D
  3. OffeNDer

    learning ruby.. Looking for advice

    i am planing to start with creating CORE which i think i am not ready for it. so gonna start with the easiest one... HUD than start with menu and core
  4. OffeNDer

    Easy Scripts Ace

    now i am learning Ruby, if i used this will i be able to make my own script more easier ..? Thanks, looking forward more of your work
  5. OffeNDer

    MOG - Monogatari - menu command

    Thanks worked perfectly.
  6. OffeNDer

    MOG - Monogatari - menu command

    Thanks, Achievements work 100% but when i try quest i get this here the quest script...
  7. i know mysql, (not too much), i can learn PHP from tutorials... my last question.... in my game i have party, ( total 4 in-party with the new player ) player 1 is the main, so when i update the data to the database... i log in again and the main character still have the same level 4, but the other start again from 1, can you help me with that.... Thanks
  8. well, i managed to put the scripts, and everything work, but some scripts don't work with Online database like achievement system http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/5554-csca-achievements/ and also about logdate in the database it show as 1388097084 and i have question about Nickname, will the nickname effect the character name or it's just the nickname that will be used in online ranking or other system, because when i played the demo the name of the character changed, i am not sure if it's because of character creation, but i have removed character creation from the game. also, about editing the database, how the player new information update into the database? because when i tried it in my game, i get 40k Gold but it's not updated in the databse, also when i get exp it's also not updated in the database. also the level, hp, mp, item, skill and steps not updated, do i add the VARIABLE to Game Infos & Datas in scripts like the other ? also if i want to add new field in the database do i need to add new custom script ? and here a better way to login and register, if you can manage to add this to your script http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/6803-perfect-password-protection-title-screen/ i think this better because it's easy to use. when player start the game he dont need to see New Game, exit all he need to see is the Login and Register and forget password button which will ask him to input the email he added when he register. well, you need to add one more thing when player register... currently it's username, password, nickname. i think you should add email so he can restore his password easily by clicking forget password, than enter his email and he will see his password in the screen. with message like " your password is ******** which was registered with this email ********** " < something like that if the email is not used " this email is not used". Thanks waiting for your reply
  9. Thanks gonna test it soon...
  10. Thanks for the script, i would like to ask, is it possible to make an npc that show Top 100 player, and the player able to sort the ranking by playing Time or highest level or Achievement score ? and is it possible to make the game auto update the data every 30 min...? or the player must go and talk to npc that will update his data to the database to view them in the ranking NPC, Thanks.
  11. Can't Find the game, download link is broken
  12. OffeNDer

    [Request]Editing MOG - Ougi Animation

    Thanks, now i can resume my project ... Thanks a lot, Really helpful ^.^, i will send you the link of the game when i release the first demo
  13. OffeNDer

    [Request]Editing MOG - Ougi Animation

    work perfectly, thanks i tried to do this <Ougi Animation> <ographic1: TKEric1> <ographic2: TKEric2> <ographic1: TKTest1> <ographic2: TKTest2> which mean i was trying to make 1 skill for 2 actors but it's only work for the first Actor (Eric) but thanks, i will make each skills for each actor, but if you add that two actor can share the same skill with different ougi ^ like above, it will also be great thanks again.... gonna write your name in my game as script editor\maker
  14. OffeNDer

    [Request]Editing MOG - Ougi Animation

    Thanks, work 100%, Take your Time, i will be waiting .... Thanks a lot.
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