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  1. VanillaCube

    Is RTP bad?

    I am probably in the minority but, when deciding what games to play I tend to gravitate towards games with MORE RTP rather than less. I think it has to do with the consistency of the graphics and the general good look that RTP provides. There are a few parts of RTP that I don't like such as the battlers (mostly cause its so limited) and the difference between create a face and the stock faces. (seriously they couldn't make a face editor that looks to the side?)
  2. I'll try and think of a few Archer skills William Tell = archer is so confident that he/she puts on a blindfold and shoots randomly. It has a chance to hit anyone ally or enemy, does half damage when it hits an ally and 3x damage when it hits an enemy, also if the enemy is a plant type they will be killed immediately. Arrow Stab = Instead of shooting the arrow the archer instead decides to take matters into his/her own hands and stabs the foe directly, 100% hit rate. Wiff shot = Fires the bow at an enemy without an arrow being socketed due to this odd psyche out the enemy is now more focused on the archer and thus less focused on your other party member who now enjoys a higher hit rate and greater damage. Self shot = Some people take archery a little too far, this is one example, instead of shooting an arrow the archer literally climbs into his own bow and shoots him/herself at the enemy. damage is based off of current HP.
  3. It should be long enough to get the Idea, point, story, or reason for the cutscene across. And short enough to keep me (the player)from saying "I DON'T CARE... LET ME PLAY THE GAME ALREADY". That said... it depends on the game, how vested I am in the story, what is occurring in the cutscene, how well its done, where it is in the game...
  4. I usually try and add two things a quick description of what it does and a bad joke, pun or reference. like for the above Item I might go with this. Atk is increased by 13 but you can't evade enemies. They say that with great power comes great stupidity. or for an antidote in my game I went with this... Cures Poison. You will never find the antidote... wait you already have it? or for say an Ice Spell. Throws a ball of Ice at the foe. Ever put a snowball in the freezer? same thing.
  5. VanillaCube

    Sprite edits.

    For reference there names are Shaun, Zetta, Grimlock, and and the first view of Demon Lord. The Demonlord is going to remove his mask and cut off his wings for story reasons later so no extra animations were needed for him, and Grimlock only needed a death animation. For shaun it might not quite look it... but on his third unique animation he is hopping to the left and right, Zetta's unique is just a stare and blink animation.
  6. VanillaCube

    Sprite edits.

    This is my first attempt at editing sprites. from left to right there names are (for refrence) Mag, Billy, Ken, Lulu the first row I tried to make downed sprites... I found a good template and I think they came out pretty good. this is where I got my down sprite template from http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17377-jonnaz-resources/ the second row I decided to make a surprise pose (kinda like Final Fantasy 3/6) that row was surprisingly easy. (pun intended) the third row I decided to make a shaking head no animation, that one was much harder than expected the forth row looked empty so I decided to add in a character unique specific animation, like mag yelling, billy flexing, Ken catering to bird watchers, and lulu crying. the last four rows are just your standard premade walking animation. I'm open to any suggestions, and I'll add in my other char's sprites when I get them made. thank you
  7. VanillaCube

    Whimsy Heroes

    I'll get the few bad points out of the way first. 1. I encountered a game breaking bug where after I went into the sewers for no particular reason (just a re-exploring excavation I guess) I was thrown back into the zombie scenario but this time all the events were used up and there was no way for me to leave it. 2. when being bit by the monsters in the dark mansion area if got pushed into a wall during the bite my char would have no where to go and it would freeze up the game. 3. In the Snow Cliffs area there was one treasure chest that was sitting on the top off a wall and would fall when a blue button was pushed by one of those creatures but I left the area because the timing on that area was so tight and the chest never fell a second time. 4. the battle with that one guy that took Viera almost made me quit the game due to his sudden spike in difficulty where he relies on that mass berserk spell which would automatically serve as death to the party until I went back in the game and found a ribbon that I didn't have before, I shouldn't have to either rely on and Item I got in a side quest or extreme luck that he doesn't do that move at all. other than the above I really liked the game, I definitely caught a lot of adventure time references in there so all in all this game is Math. and I would recommend it.
  8. VanillaCube

    Dual Perspective Storytelling

    Suikoden III is a game that did a great job in telling a story from multiple perspectives. without going into the actual story. There are 3 main char's perspectives in the game, one from each side of the "war" and one outside observer. A forth side char's perspective that ties the 3 parties together in a home base. and if you manage to collect all 108 stars (char's) then there is a fifth perspective after the end of the game of the supposedly evil party, who you find out that they are really working for the greater good in there own way.
  9. I say keep the ceiling, you could even use the same ceiling type from the side as secret passages.
  10. I am trying to collect Ideas for Monster party members in my new game to have different ways to heal themselves that don't Include Items (I am completely removing healing Items from the game) So far what I have is this. A fire demon who heals by either casting fire spells on himself or interacting with fire outside of battle. (this will be the main char who starts off the game) I have an undead skeleton who uses his own HPs to attack and once he dies, he is dead for 5 turns or until the battle is over, and then comes back to life with full HP again. I have a Troll who always has HP regain, in and out of battle. (if he dies IN battle he comes back to life after the battle with 1 HP) I am thinking of maybe using a succubus that will heal for 25% of an enemy's HP each time they die. perhaps a Vampire that must suck HP from living creatures. Maybe a Plant Monster that must store water (can only store so much) and then can heal when in the sun so anyone else have any Ideas?
  11. VanillaCube

    What`s your most Frightening Nightmare?

    Like an above post this occurred within a Sleep Paralysis episode, I woke up, or thought I did, couldn't move, out of the corner of my eye I saw this mist like shadow slowly steaming into the room as I watched it, the mist begun to take the form of a person that eventually came up to the foot of my bed and was looking at me dead in the eyes, even though I looked him in the eyes I couldn't make out his face, he had black hat on, eventually he started speaking to me. He Introduced himself as the hand of fate and pulled out the coolest looking shotgun I have ever seen, It was like a double barrel with a large revolver attachment, He put in one shell. Spun the Revolver Pointed it at me. Click... he then smiled a half cocky grin and said "Fate is a fickle thing, see ya' next time kid" and dissolved away out the other side of the room. a little after that I was able to fully wake up.
  12. VanillaCube

    Orange Shaker

    GRIPES/COMPLAINTS * the word right is misspelled over and over again (rite means something different, you want right and alright) * Some parts of the house are too big and empty try condensing the size of those maps a bit and adding more details. * I selected the basement key from the inventory and it got used up and disappeared (thank god I already got in the basement earlier) * I see the word MISS way too often, a better hit rate would be advisable. (I seem to be missing about half the time, since it takes 2 hits to kill most foes at this time and there seem to be an average of 3 foes per battle I am spending 6 turns to kill what should be dead in 3 turns, 4 turns with bad luck. * After I got Suko I investigated behind the gold piles and got stuck because Suko followed me and I couldn't get around her. (when Suko is following you should either tick through on for her event or put her event below char's) * With no skills, weapons, or armor, the beginning battles are a bland mix up of attack, followed by attack, and every now and again I'll throw in an attack. * it should be can too instead of can to. * This is just a one dungeon long demo, being in Masterpiece theater I was led to believe it was a completed game. PRAISES/THINGS I LIKED * Item intractability, Its always nice to get comments, items, or even just plain nonsense from Investigating your surroundings. (that's one of the things I always look for that shows to the player that the creator actually cares about the game they have put out) * It seems most status effects go away after a while or are not permanent, that is a definite plus, on my third battle in, both char's got hit with bleed and it was still there after battle, and I had no Items that could cure it, I panicked cause in most games that would be a game breaking death penalty * The enemy's are Interesting and the battle visuals are good. * you make good use of the enemy battlers with weakened states and what not.
  13. VanillaCube

    Shattered Hourglass

    I am enjoying the game so far. Iv'e run into a minor problem, Juliet can't use some skills as an Auradion or a Regenator, because without any skills that use MPs alone, her magic points don't register leaving only tactic points, I had to give her an Item that makes her have White Magic before her magic points even showed up.
  14. VanillaCube

    "Hard" Mode

    For the difficulty mode what I would like to see personally is different found Items like for example say you are going though a fire dungeon, Easy mode = you find a water sword, fire armor and a high potion. Normal mode = you find a fire sword, fire armor and a potion Hard mode = you find the same basic sword sold in town, a potion and get attacked by a Mimic. you could even make statuses work differently, for example Easy Mode = Poison deals you 3% damage and enemies 6% damage and ends at the end of battle Normal Mode = Poison deals you 5% damage and foes 5% damage and ends at the end of battle Hard Mode = Poison deals you 7% damage and foes 3% damage and does not end at the end of battle or Easy Mode = Enemies elemental weaknesses are at 200% damage, Resists are at 75% damage Normal Mode = Enemies elemental weaknesses are at 175% damage, Resists are at 50% damage Hard Mode = Enemies elemental weaknesses are at 150% damage, Resists are at 25% damage I also like the Idea of being able to self impose hard mode though choices in the game, some examples >You are breaking into a castle do you sneak in though the sewers fighting the weaker enemies or do you charge though the front gate fighting half castle guards >Many old games you choose a party of classes that stay the same though the entire game and then that changes the entire difficulty of the game (ever try a party of four thieves without upgrading in Final Fantasy 1?, brutal) >Star Ocean the second Story was a game that though certain choices you could remove the limiter from the final boss making him much Much MUCH harder. (I can't say I have ever beaten him with the limiter off) anyway the one thing I have always hated for hard mode is enemy stat changes, all it usually does is only make me grind more and add to the (what I like to call) annoyance factor in the game.
  15. VanillaCube

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    I like the concept, that used up a few good hours, and fun. 1.the event where you get Sandra/sunny doesn't disappear making it impossible to leave that cave from where you came 2. The lack of any background music is kinda maddening, I dropped Scene 6 in the beginning map with 50% pitch, it seemed to work well as a place holder
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