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  1. https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/337070


    I submitted a thing. Would love some feedback if you have 15-20 minutes to spare.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Even though I can't give the game a thorough, proper review (my current hardware just doesn't support it enough), I am impressed with the quality overall. I gave it a four-star rating based on that alone.

  2. I thought you would appreciate that in my current project there is a group called F.A.E. The Fairy Aquisition Experts. Which are kind of like a fairy Men in Black.

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    2. Kayzee


      I wonder what the nobles and royalty would pay with though? Gold and other precious metals aren't often valued much by that many fairies, though we do trade it with dwarves a fair bit. I could see the Seelie doing it for political favors, but the Seelie hate getting their hands dirty like that. The Unseelie might do it for slaves or something. Us solitary fairies though, we tend to trade though favors, magical items, interesting stories, or any number of more abstract things. 

    3. RetroExcellent


      They pay in favors, of course.

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, it does sound like a fun job. :3

  3. RetroExcellent

    Hello Everyone!

    Always glad to meet another artist, too few around.
  4. My job has been sooooo slow the past two weeks. I cannot handle this level of boredom!

  5. RetroExcellent

    Player Look directly at event Script Request

    Correct. Using a parallel process and common events that you can call with each event would make this work pretty well. I did something similar with a horror game I made when the event touches the player (or in case of event matches x and y locations) you take damage. This would work very similarly.
  6. RetroExcellent

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    Incorrect, that feather is the greatest thing I have ever seen. EVER.
  7. RetroExcellent

    Games made with RM are 'automatically bad'

    Personally, I browse steam specifically for RPG Maker games, but I feel that I am a harsh judge, if I see RTP graphics up front I am turned off, if I see standard RTP classes and battle system I am stepping back, and if I see a generic storyline I ignore any other potential the game could have. This may just be a result of having been a part of the RM community since the PS1 game and RM2k, but I feel like if you are going to charge money for your game, you should be putting in the extra graphics, music, and story. Everyone has a story they want to tell and that makes RPG maker great, but just like any other easily accessible product, people are going to make 100 million clones of the same thing so they can make a quick buck. This happens in mobile games to an absurd degree, in movies and even in AAA games. This puts off potential players from a hidden gem because they assume, and usually rightly so, that it is the same garbage they have already been bombarded with. So yes, due to greed, this stigma is usually justified.
  8. RetroExcellent

    Saeryen's Art!

    I honestly think the character has a potentially unique design, I'd love to see what colors you have in mind for him,
  9. RetroExcellent

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    I cannot get over your artwork, I like to dabble in pixel-based art myself, and you totally inspire me. I would honestly play any game you put out just for the artwork alone!
  10. Scripts are actually unique to each system as there is a different RGSS for each RPG Maker, but this is something that could be fairly easily accomplished with a global common event call, I don't own XP so I cannot make a tutorial for this, but I feel it would not be too difficult to accomplish.
  11. I am far from an expert in coding, but based on the fact that there is a suikoden duel mod out there, I'm of the strong belief that this could be accomplished, and personally I would love to see this in use.
  12. RetroExcellent

    Fleshport [Horror]

    I am interested, I love horror games, keep up the good work!
  13. RetroExcellent


    Reading through this has really made me want to come up with an economy system for my game, inflation when you spend too much, a limited amount of items that a shop has and limit the way a player can get currency....hmmm... Personally, I'm a grinder, too many old-school RPGs have led me to want to have the best upgrade in the next town. That 3 extra damage per turn can really help,
  14. @Crescent - I love your style it is very retro and reminds me of some of my favorite old-fashioned RPGs. I do have a small critique, the trees come way to close to the castle, like sitting on top of it a bit, even despite that if you had to build a huge stone castle in the middle of the forest you'd have to do some extra clearing out, so the trees would honestly not be that close. I do think it has a lot of promise though. @BornoutofCore - I like your style, it is very simplistic and has a strong MS Paint feel, which is not really a bad thing if you keep consistent. I do think you could use a bit more variation on your maps, if you are doing this via parallax then you have a lot more control than the average map builder if not then perhaps creating a bit more options to use in the map would help you. Also, one major thing I noticed is that you lack shadows, your trees have shadows, and shading, but do not cast shadows which really stands out in my eyes. In fact, the only shadows I do see are the ones that the editor places from walls automatically.
  15. RetroExcellent

    Golem Sprite Request

    I hope that Golem meets your needs, let me know if you have any other requests, I may just find some free time.