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  1. geminidrake

    anime ~The Anime Sprite Resource Well~

    These look pretty awesome! From one sprite crafter to another, keep up the awesome work!
  2. geminidrake

    Jet's Side-view Battle System assistance (SOLVED)

    Oh, guess I missed that. Whoops. Thanks for telling me about it. Consider this solved.
  3. geminidrake

    Mother 3 Battle Script error

    Okay, now I'm really confused. I did just that, started a new project and input one script at a time. It seems the only time it screws up is if the caster itself is teleported out of battle. Other than that, I don't seem to have any other problems in the testing project other than that. EDIT: After much frustration, I'm giving up on the Mother 3 battle system. It obviously doesn't seem to want to cooperate with what is I'm working with. No matter how many ways I rearrange the scripts or whatever I do, it still freaks out.
  4. geminidrake

    Mother 3 Battle Script error

    It freaks out in both testing and on the maps. Other scripts involved are the Suikoden Rune script, Yanfly's Message and Party System, MOG's event, weather, advanced loading, animated title, anti-lag, animation anti-lag, Falcao's alchemy, a Quest Log script, Victor's MP Level and Basic Module, Yanfly's Steal, Bubble's FF5 Mix and Auto-Life, and finally DP3's Disgaea/Fire Emblem weapon system. How I can put this is this: I was told for the randomize teleporting spells I had to make 3 spells for each one used. 1 for the actual selectable skill, 1 for the successful use, and 1 for the failed. I use a common event where I use a variable of a random number, and depending on what the number falls on unleashes one of the two spells with the success/fail option. But like I said, if an enemy is affected by the teleport and is "warped out"/forced to escape, the game crashes and says it's only the Mother 3 script that's affected.
  5. geminidrake

    Event question

    That was kinda the point. Wow, why didn't I think of this? I'm just a dope. I'll give it a try and report back later. EDIT: Hey, how about that? It worked! Thank you very much for your help, Dinhbat!
  6. geminidrake

    Event question

    Thanks for the tips, but now I've got another situation to write myself out of. I thought by simplying making the status "Teleported" it'd solve my problem. Wrong. Pretty much, the Teleported status kind of counts as an Unconscious status, just that they aren't dead, but at the same time not on the battlefield anymore. The ally returns after the fight, that's not the problem. The problem is getting it where the person affected can't be targeted by enemies or allies at all. As for the enemies, they need to be wiped off the field as though it does count as a death, but at the same time it isn't. Confusing? Yes. I can't find a more appropriate way of wording this mess. More help, please and thanks?
  7. geminidrake

    Hello, peeps

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone
  8. geminidrake

    Hello, peeps

    Wow, I've had this account for the longest time and haven't even really posted yet. I feel like a complete toolbox right now. Aside from that, hello, everyone! I'm Gemini Drake. I've been a part of the RPG Maker community for a while, whether it be the original Playstation game, 2003, or VX/VX Ace. I have edited and franken sprited a lot of sprites over the years, and I am currently working on a project right now. Either than that, I don't think I have anything else to say, so... yeah. Let's all get along, okay?
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